Mao: Withdraw Ugandans Army(UPDF) from S.Sudan.

The Democratic Party (DP) President, Norbert Mao, has called upon the government of Uganda to withdraw UPDF from the war-torn South Sudan capital Juba.

Written by Nixon Segawa

 UPDF armored convoy on South Sudan soil, reenforcing the Ugandan troops in the country.
Photo credit; CR!

January 7, 2004[Kampala] — A UPDF armoured convoy has just entered Juba this afternoon to reinforce the existing troops in the capital

“UPDF’s presence in South Sudan is counterproductive and creates resentment to Ugandans,” Mao told the press today, Tuesday, while speaking at the party headquarters at City House.

Mao revealed that it is very unfortunate that the Government’s “great lie” over the existence of UPDF in the war-torn South Sudan has been uncovered and this has caused the country to lose its credibility before the people of South Sudan and the International community causing insecurity upon Ugandans who are still living in the country.

“The Government of Uganda announced that they had sent the UPDF to protect, rescue and repatriate Ugandan citizens but it has now been proved that the UPDF is deployed to prop up the Salva Kiir regime,” said President Mao in his beginning of year message to the media.

Mao stated that the Uganda Government has been seen to have taken sides hence losing the moral authority to mediate talks between the conflicting parties.

Mao said the evidence of the loss of credibility is the demand by the delegation representing those opposing the Juba Government that UPDF must first pull out of the country for talks to yield results.

“That means we are not trusted any more by one of the parties and now the Khartoum Government which was thought not to play a constructive role, has turned out to be having a more constructive role in resolving the conflict.”

Yesterday, President Bashir visited Juba and the government was convinced that he seems to play a positive role which is evidenced by a decision taken by both governments to deploy a joint force to protect the oil fields in the country.

“Uganda is being condemned roundly by the people gathered in Addis Ababa for peace talks,” Mao added.

We call the government and President Museveni to be impartial and urge him that without impartiality, we are losing credibility.

Mao further stated that it is the responsibility of S. Sudan to be at the fore front of resolving the conflicts and that if UPDF is to be involved militarily in S. Sudan, then it should be under the umbrella of African Union (AU) or the United Nations (UN).

Mao has on the other hand, called upon the Government under the ministry of Relief and Disaster Preparedness to set up a refugee facility at the border in order to vet those who are running from South Sudan as a move to avoid hiding criminals who may have committed crimes in their country.

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