Kiir Must Step Down or Face Full Scale War

salvakiir2014_20Salva Kiir Mayardiit (Photo: Reuters)

March 22, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — I’m Mr. Oyet Nathaniel Pierino; Member of SPLM Party, Political and strategic Analyst; Former Lecturer and Head of Department of Political Science, University of Juba, on behalf of my colleagues, I would like to inform all members of press fraternity and the world that we are renouncing our loyalty to the government of South Sudan.

We call for its immediate removal to save lives and property in the country.

President Kiir has lost support of SPLA army and the masses of South Sudan.

The president is using violence and mercenaries to impose his will and kill our people and destroy their property.

He has turned South Sudan into a fascist state by opening torture chambers; detention and extermination camps throughout the country.

Today we denounce the leadership of President Kiir that promoted tribalism, ethnicity, regionalism, and corruption.

He stifled development of vital institutions such as independence of judiciary, free and functional parliament.

He doctored the transitional constitution to suit his political ego and power greed.

We denounced the exercise of excessive and unlimited powers acquired from the lopsided pigeon hole constitution.

President Kiir has been arbitrary over 4000 times when he issued decrees.

The number of his decrees is now more than the number of articles of the South Sudan constitution and Acts of Parliament combined.

He even lately decreed reshuffle and dismissals of academics from public universities.

Universities are professional institutions whose management and functions cannot be subjected to infamous presidential decrees.

This is a display of utter and complete ignorance.

We condemn in strongest term possible dismissal of professors and lecturers by decrees from universities and replacing them with civil servants from ministries.

This is an attempt to compromise the quality of learning institutions and unwittingly turning them into political institutions.

In a matter of nine years, Kiir has led already seven governments through endless and frequent reshuffles.

This political intrigue is despotic and fascist. He conspired against the SPLM party by developing leadership cult and coercing others to adore him.

When he failed to achieve this he opted to dissolve the historical party which was conceived and formed in the bushes of South Sudan.

SPLM/A fought tooth and nail to defend justice, equality and removal of all socio political and economic disparities in society.

It was imperative that the president should have worked towards constructing an inclusive, good, viable and a strong state in the heartland of Africa.

The president forgot the fundamental reality of our liberation and independence but replaced it with cheap politics of divide and rule, favouritism, tribalism, regionalism, and ethnic hatred.

In doing so he effectively plunged the country into the ongoing genocide.

Kiir effectively forfeited his presidency when he started his ill-fated “big project” of training private army of Dinka Bar el Gazal particularly from Warap and Northern Bar el Gazal States in Luri boma of Juba County.

In the evening of 15 December, 2013, he planned to assassinate his colleagues from the SPLM and SPLA and started by systematically disarming his body guards who were of Nuer ethnicity.

This provoked natural resistance and war in his barracks.

He unleashed his militias on unarmed civilians leading to widespread rape, torture and murder and killing of over 20,000 Nuer mostly women and children in cold blood.

He has now lost control of one out of three regions of South Sudan.

We call on president Kiir to quickly step aside failure to do so will invoke general uprising and full scale war from all corners of South Sudan that will force him out of power.

We hold him responsible for all the atrocities and genocide committed in our country.

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