Edward Lino: There was no Coup in Juba: Part-3


Let us be sober (PART THREE)

FM: Edward Abyei Lino

To: The People Of South Sudan

To: The Leaders About To Meet In Ethiopia

lino_edwardEdward Lino, former Abyei chief administrator and a leading elite of SPLM, speaking in an electoral meeting held in Khartoum before Sudan’s presidential elections in April 2010.(Nyamilepedia)

February 25, 2014[Nyamilepedia] — So far, two tablets shared at this time of our greatest distress. A fist-full individuals were provoked and took the message with unqualified bitterness. Those who dread to be painted as failures hating those who point at them as failures! So intentionally, the moment they ceased to be rational and truthful, they decided not to understand all the issues raised; because they cannot accept to endorse what shall reduce the quantity of “bread and butter” they earn through previous associations, to the side from which they receive their luck and place their pillows. And as such, divulged an opportunistic killing greed at the expense of our flowing blood and death! On the other side of events, are those who follow whatever happens on the ground through one-narrow-sky window and thus, miss-understood the issues presented; revealing an inherent depth of unfathomable ignorance. Please, let them stay where they are until they grasp our intentions. We only insist to say: “LET TRUTH BE SAID, AS WE FOCUS OUR ATTENTION ON THE FUTURE”! As said earlier, let us not be bothered by what “negatives” think about us, because of the presence of that colour-less monster so-called “fear”, from which they should be liberated! This is the time for our people to stand like they faced oppression for decades and succeeded in a remarkable way. Come, let us unite and act!


Absolutely, that relative quietness in Juba does not indicate stability, when Ugandan troops, as stated by our Minister of Defense are there, being paid for protecting the government of the day while devastating the country. Now a hostage in the swamps hands-full of Dollars, Yuweri stands in anticipation of the international community to intervene militarily to extract Uganda from South Sudan; according to a Ugandan reader. But it seems that awaited intervention, if organized, would come from the countries of IGAD in which Uganda has a leading role. And that would mean “Uganda rescuing Uganda”! The reader did not touch on what Museveni did when he diverted over 350 Million Dollars, which were deposited under cover in a “Block-Account” in Kampala by the Bank of South Sudan! Kaguta admitted that he paid himself and his army unilaterally, by being to the Bank before messengers from Juba arrive! Tell us, how can a President of a Republic like Uganda interfere in person with the accounts of South Sudan! Unless he installed himself to be the President and C-in-C of South Sudan with Salva Kiir as his Governor-General with limited powers! What happened is a case of “raping a nation under age” at noon in the presence of a dump father and uncles and obviously, a case tarnishing the image of a sovereign state. Of course, our people know Uganda as a country to which they are bound in many, many positive ways. To every South Sudanese, Uganda, land and people, have always been dear! (…)

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