Comment: SPLM Nebraska chapter support UNMISS but reject IGAD infringement in South Sudan internal conflict.

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South Sudanese in Calgary, Canadan demonstrating against the government of Salva Kiir and Museveni’s involvement in South Sudan conflict while showing support for the UN and UMISS operations in South Sudan (Photo: supplied)

April 10, 2014 (Nyamilepedia) — The people of South Sudan truly appreciated IGAD good will effort its has adhered in trying to find justifiable solution to the current crises in our country; however that effort would not be at the expense of our ordinary civilian call for democracy, freedom, justice and peace in South Sudan. In the last few days IGAD has call for deployment of  proxy force with the intention to protect oil installations and other vital asset to the totalitarian regime in Juba. This development has call in to question the motive behind IGAD with regard to its standing as well respected institution in Africa. In light of this matter its seem IGAD is overstepping it mandated which is only to mediate between the two warring party and nothings more. IGAD has no moral authority to unilateral decide to deploy troop in to South Sudan because doing so would mean taking side to the conflict and will only escalate the already volatile situation.

We the SPLM Nebraska chapter and all South Sudanese in Diaspora would like to urge IGAD mediator countries to reconsider their position pertaining to this matter because not doing so would have a far higher consequences for the region as a whole. Allowing for deployment of such a force would constitute a violation of South Sudan sovereignty and nothings more just like what Uganda has already done. We do not see the need for deployment of another proxy force when there is UNMISS force already present on ground in South Sudan. We would like to acknowledges the tremendous job UNMISS force as been doing on ground since days one and on daily basis in South Sudan; despite the contrary mirage of propaganda being level against them by some out of touch element with in South Sudan government. We the South Sudanese in Diaspora would like to reiterate our full support for the work UNMISS personals has been doing in South Sudan. the have executed their job diligently and in a very professional manner having gone up above and beyond their call of duty. the deserve an unfetter access in their quest to assist the vulnerable internal displace personal. No legitimate authority in their right state of mind would dare block a cheer humanitarian effort whose intent is to assist civilian. This kind of lunatic behaviors is unacceptable an deserve to be condemn and punished within full length of law.

We the SPLM Nebraska chapter and all South Sudanese in Diaspora has condemn in the strongest term possible the continual present of Uganda People Defense Force on territorial integrity of South Sudan because their continual present will not and can not bring sustainable peace in South Sudan. Uganda which is a members country of the IGAD has been fighting along side the forces of Juba dictatorship government starting from day one. Ever since the started of the conflict the entire civil population of South Sudan has been calling for their unconditional withdraw from territorial integrity of South Sudan; hence its seem this sincere call has fallen on deaf ear. We urge IGAD to hints on the voice of the masses and of reason by calling on Uganda to completely withdraw its troops from South Sudan. In this juncture of history this esteem institution can not afford to go against people wish on this critical issue of South Sudan sovereignty being violated by one of its members states.

If the IGAD mediator countries good will effort whose sole intention is to find justifiable solution to this unfortunate turmoil are indeed serious about this peace process. They first must work hard on pushing both warring parties to live up to their commitment on the first sign agreement implementing it in its entirety or other why this peace process is a waste of time and resource. Currently the war is still raging on without any end insight and our civil populous suffering is still on going.

Makuel Wie, the acting chairman of SPLM Nebraska Chapter can be reached at alruva21th@yahoo.com

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