BRIBERY, The New Peace Talk Mechanism That The Juba Government Has To Try

By Noah Khor and Bravo Chali.

Majok-Mony-Nyadak2014-04-02 at 7.19.06 PM
the Deputy Minister for Information and Broadcasting Rachel Nyadak Paul, the Ambassador of South Sudan to Kenya Majok Guandong leading a delegation to Nairobi to earn loyalty of Nuer youth to carry out government campaigns in Nuerland, March/April 2014

April 02, 2014(Nairobi) — The leadership of Salva Kiir Mayardiit has dispatched the Nuer politicians to the neighboring countries on an extended coup-education campaign. The targeted countries include Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia, where thousands of Nuers are seeking refuge. These groups are tasked to bribe the loyalty of the young Nuer members in the region to carry out an extended defamatory government campaign against Dr Machar and the white army in the Nuer territories.

The group led by the Deputy Minister for Information and Broadcasting Rachel Nyadak Paul, the Ambassador of South Sudan to Kenya Majok Guandong,  Gen. Gony Beliu and Majiok Gatluak convened a meeting, which targeted mostly Nuer youth, in Nairobi to preach the government-endorsed campaign.

Begin the report:

Nyadak Paul began her speech by acknowledging that the Nuer IDPs are in a desperate situation in the UNMISS camps in Juba. The IDPs, who have lost almost everything, are sheltering in dirty water after heavy rains last month. However, they prefer sleeping on the muddy ground than returning home, claiming insecurity. She emphasized how bad the conditions are in the UNMISS camps; however, she was not sympathizing with the suffering of her people. She wanted to pass the special message from her government; the IDPs have to return home.

She described the horrors to attract attention of the young men and women. After everyone seems to sympathize, Nyadak went ahead to narrate that Juba is normal. Juba is safe for everyone, including the Nuer nation. All that she wanted was some help to get the refugees out of the camps, in the capital. It is an embarrassment to the government, at least the piece that she fears to mention.

However, she overlooked that they have no homes. Their homes are either destroy or illegally occupied. Last month the army asks the IDPs to report those who have confiscated their property to the security.

“If they go to the police am sure they will get solution there is nobody that is above the law so whoever think that he is strong or whatever he is deceiving himself or herself so let those who have property identify their property or those who have occupied their houses should not hesitate to go to the police that is the right thing to do” Col. Philip Aguer.

But Aguer has forgotten that many Nuer may not approach him, leave alone the unknown security staff.

Nyadak accepted the Juba Massacre, that began on 16th December but drags on to date. However, she fails to mention what the government does to end the suffering.

The government agents wait at the gates to kidnap the Nuer males or confiscate any remaining property. Their cars, parked outside the UNMISS gates, were broken into or tow by the government police. Makuei Lueth believes that the refugees have guns in the UNMISS compound.

Nyadak intended to take the youth from Kenya to tour parts of Juba which were once occupied by the Nuer ethnic group, such as Jebel, Logologo, Guedele and Mia Saba. After the tour, Nyadak suggests, that the youth would hold a Go-home meeting with the IDPs in the UNMISS camps.

If this succeeds, Nyadak wanted the youth to reach the white army in the town of Nassir, Akobo, Ayod, Fangak, Wad and Uror, preaching hard that there was a coup masterminded by Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon, to take power by force, however, it does not concern the whitearmy. Instead, the civilian army, should fight the rebels to defend their territories and the government.

Nyadak forgotten that the Ugandan aircrafts bomb cattle and innocent children in her own constituency, leave alone fighting the white army. She is feasting on butter and bread, while her relatives are starving in the UNMISS camps.

The youth were patience enough, and so she continued. She demanded that the white army should commit enough to chase the rebels to the borders of their territories, where the government can intervene to deal with the rest. She emphases that the government will not hold the white army accountable for any atrocities committed so far, if they cooperate with the government.

Nyadak continued that the group will also be sent to Ethiopia to represent the White army. On the mediation table, the youth from Nairobi will claim that they are members of the white army, and they have no connection with Machar, whatsoever. They will lecture to IGAD the consequences of a purported “coup” that was led by Riek Machar on the South Sudanese people, and as Nuer youth they will condemn the atrocities, and assure IGAD that they will defeat Dr. Riek’s anti-government forces.

The new Nuer youth leadership would return from Ethiopia to Kenya, where they will call a comprehensive meeting. The agenda of such meeting would be to disperse peace from Nairobi to all Nuer areas. This group would be financed to take over the national media, television and News paper, preaching a message of peace in Nuer.

This is the alternative peace talk that the government is investing in, instead of the IGAD peace talk.

However, it wasn’t long before the youth lost their tempers. First, a youth representative asked the delegate to “eat their money”. Second, a youth from Lou tied the note on the neck of the rich woman, asking her to go to Lou areas and if she succeed, she comes back to arrest them for refusing her delegation.

“You go to Lou Nuer because you are their MP. Talk to them if they not kill you, come back and take us to jail if you will be lucky, because we know that you are very useless to them” read part of the report.

All of a sudden the long speech was brought to an end. The youth start shouting at the delegates and left the meeting. To their disappointment, they already accepted that the youth in Nuer land will either kill them[delegation] or not listen to their call. Here again, things fall apart but Nyadak continued approaching the youth individually and managed to call a second meeting. She is still pursuing the youth, promising them heavily and bribing them with money.

The other group from Uganda were humiliated and harassed. They will return to Juba, all in shame and disappointed.

Governor John Kong is facing the same from the IDPs in Bor. Duoth Guet, James Kok Ruea, Gathoi Mai and others loyal Nuer are  advertising peace or faking evidence in courts.

The White army

The Nuer White army in upper Nile(Photo: supplied)

More 50,000 Nuer youth have taken guns to fight their freedom from the Salva led government. They want nothing other than the resignation of Salva Kiir and his government. The government treats the Nuer as the scapegoats for political and military failure. Only Nuer were targeted by the presidential guards in Juba, when more than 10 non-Nuers were arrested in connection with the alleged coup. Most of them have been released without charges, yet more than 5000 Nuer have been massacred in Juba. The government has admitted the massecre of Nuer ethnic group, but nothing has been done to address the issue. Subsequent killing and harassment of Nuer males continue to date

Kiir government fought the white army in a disarmament campaign in 2006, killing over 2000 Nuer youth. It was hard for the white army that most of the generals that were used for this campaign were Nuer sons. Some of the founders of White army were killed in these battles. The SPLA soldiers committed other atrocities such as raping of women. All these contribute to the anger of the Nuer youth, the white army. Whiet army believes that the only solution is for Salva Kiir to resign.


Cheche Interviews Majok Guandong, 18, 12,2013



Source: written by Bravo Chali, edited by Noah Khor, Nairobi Kenya.

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Peter Ruach April 3, 2014 at 3:22 pm

only things i want to say to Nuer people be strong to standing together, this president of South Sudan,government is not look like your president, they president who killed your own people, how come same of you still to Support him.that’s because about the money, we live in South Sudan for longer of time with out money, we are today still alive.

Ochan Tut April 6, 2014 at 11:40 pm

I am very glad for the Nuer youth of Uganda those who refuse bribe that carry by stupid lady MP Nyadak but the only mistake if I were there I believe my self to try to kill her b/c she do not think a bout the Nuer massacre in Juba. She a wife of Salva Kiir let go to Warrap to mobilizing Dinka youth to fight with Nuer youth as a wife of them. This war can end until Kiir left the country he will see the result .Haaa haaa haaa president who have a poor strategic Kiir nuer nation b/c of difference that face b/n Dr. Machar. Let left the country if not we will fight with his government untill they finishing nuer tribe from South Sudan. But with out Nuer government of South Sudan can never exist.

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