Bor County Plans To Evacuate Civilians From Swampy Areas

Written by Jacob Achiek Jok

Bor County Commissioner has announced plans to help evacuate the civilians stranded in swamp areas, to higher grounds, so that most of them can access aid services.

Bor-world-africamonitor-sosudandisplaced_full_380Displace people arriving at the river barge from Bor by boats. Ben Curtis/AP/File

January 13, 2014 [Juba] –“Bor community is trying to evacuate those who are in the Toch to some of the high land so that they get access to services. These efforts are going on and I think some works are going on successfully trying to remove those who are in the Toch soon,” Dr. Agot Alier Leek has said.

Alier said that the case of people in villages will remain aside because the county authorities need them to maintain their positions.

“I don’t think that all people should leave the area. I do believe that one day these criminals will be defeated by the government of South Sudan,” Dr Leek said.

He said that he doesn’t support any movement of his people out of Bor County, urging them to join their hands and fight back militia groups loyal to Dr. Riek Machar Teny who are now fugitive.

Agot said soon, the situation of Jonglei will normalise.

“It is matter of time but this Jiech-Mabor [white army] led by spiritual leader will be defeated. I know that militia faction have advantage because they have arms in their hands,” he said.

The commissioner also reported that an estimated numbers of cattle have been raided in one of the Toch [swampy areas] in Baidit payam, and more than 20 pastoralists were killed.

The cattle were recovered in Twic East County when a group of Nuer youth tried to take them to their territory last week.

He said some livestock was looted in Garwuong, a cattle camp located five kilometers away from Bor town, by rebel fighters five days ago.

According to UN estimates, more than 1,000 people have been killed and a further 200,000 displaced from their homes as a result of over three weeks of fighting. Many have sought refuge on bases of the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

The fighting is reported continuing on Sunday around areas of Bor, where government forces are advancing in capturing some of the Payams in north of Bor that were controlled by the rebel forces in Bor county.

The government forces have begun serious shelling on Sunday targeting Gemezza Payam, but there were no details regarding combat.

According to UNMISS, as of 11 January 2014, 58,454  civilians are seeking protection in 10 UNMISS bases including 29,469 in Juba, 8,800 in Bentiu, 9,000 in Bor and 10,000 in Malakal.

About 252 police have now arrived  and been deployed in Juba, Malakal, Bentiu and Bor  including  two Police Formed Units (FPU) and an advanced party of 6 for the third expected FPU.


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