Dear Nueri


By Elbow Chuol,


Nuer men conversing about the affairs of the state in 1930, while holding spears (Photo: Nyalieny|Nyamilepedia)

 April 18, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Last night I didn’t sleep for the reason that each day I hear, receives bad news about my blameless south Sudanese civilians living in UNMISS across the country.

I have been staying in my uncle place for weeks and the things some people talks here make me angry a lot. I am leaving now for UNMISS. I want to go and halt with my friends. I want to go and share the rains with them. I want to sleep with them with cartons in the grasses

I want to go and drink with them the water they drink and the small food they eat. I want to get sick together with them. I want to feel the shame together with them. I want south Sudanese to mock us together. I want to go and worship our mighty father with them. I want to stays and cry with them.

By the end of the day I will still be abuse, mock, harassed and kills if I stay outside. By the end of the day I will have no job just like them. By the end of the day I don’t have a home to stays. And by the end of the day I will still remind as Nuer.

How can you preach peace to me when you are there going to kill my twin brother. When you go there and kill my cousins in Bor? How can you preach peace to me when you are there going to kills my grandma in the villages. How can you preach to me and you vow to kills my dad and brothers in the bush.

I say you are hypocrite, you are liar. You are brutal. You are inhumane.

I will go now to my people and live there with them. Anyway I will not be a hero but what they can give me you cannot give it to me. They will bury me while you will be watching TV or just flicking someone. They will cover me with white cloths and deep me down.

That is the honor I want. That is the pride I want. That is the name I want. And that is better than being slave. And that is better than being coward who just sold himself because of food.

I refused to be bought or sold. I refused to sell or buy my people. I refused to betray the last kind of my people.

With respect, dignity and tolerance and in the name of historical evidences that, no matter how few you are, you can still withstand the storms of thousands wind. What didn’t kill you it makes you strongest.

To the last of our kind that are now clouds with darkness in UNMISS bases before that morning dawn that will sprout forth with hope of winning this storms. There is always hope beyond the tunnel. History has told us that.

Few can still stand strong against many and good people always suffer.

Spectacle with only 300 men won the battle of more than 10, 000 men. It frees the slaves in the kingdom of Rome. It’s not about the numbers but the quality of tolerance that distinguish you from the other.

The small kingdom of Troy fought against the kingdom of Greece and it won. It wasn’t about the numbers but the power of decision that made them withstand against many for the right cause of their people.

Jewish in the middle of their enemies are the shining light. It’s not about the numbers but the tactical of blocking the storms.

Historically, few are always right. Then we are right. We are right to protect the last kind of our species. We should not negotiations for the last kind of our remnant. That will be a disrespect to our dead and a shame to the living as well. We are the last hope for our people. We are the light of this illusion.

Today we owe this truth to our kind and the world that we are fighting not to revenge but to oust out the worse blind dictatorial regime in the 21st century.

I am a Nuer tribe just like any other tribes in south Sudan. I deserve to lives a normal life.



Elbow Chuol a concern south Sudanese who lives in Juba, he can be reached at Elbow.chuol14@gmail.com

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Botrus Gatuor Juol April 20, 2014 at 2:49 am

its very good times for Nuer to know their hearts as they are really humanizing people as with in one opinion point , Nuer can not talk false way they alway say good trues words.

Botrus Gatuor Juol April 20, 2014 at 2:51 am

you keep in one talk.

juolnyaah3 June 15, 2015 at 11:22 pm

you leek keep your heart as one parts.


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