120 suspected army rights violators ‘escape’ Juba military prison!

prison_thumb_0100s of Soldiers, made up of presidential guards, who were arrested for targeted killings and other human right violations committed in Juba, in December 2013, might have escaped prison. (Photo file: past, Human right watch, 2012).

March 14, 2014(RT) — Soldiers held for suspected crimes and human rights violations in relation to the events of last December have escaped the military barracks where they were being held.

Hundreds of people were killed in Juba in mid to late December in targeted killings as well as crossfire during fighting in various parts of the city.

Investigation committees have been set up in relation to these events, as well as some arrests made, but no names of the detainees have been announced nor charges.

The spokesman of the South Sudanese army said the prisoners escaped during the events of 5 March, when gunfights broke out within Giyada SPLA base near Juba University, leaving dozens dead.

SPLA Colonel Philip Aguer Panyang told the Catholic Radio Network in an interview on Friday that 120 suspects broke the prison when the guards were taking cover during the fighting on 5 March.

The spokesperson described the incident as ‘unfortunate,’ saying the military command had ordered police to search for the escaped soldiers to bring them to account for their alleged crimes.

Aguer added that once caught they would now face the additional charge of escaping from the prison.

Reporting by Catholic Radio Network.

Radio Tamazuj.

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