Analyses David de Chand South Sudan

The Roadmap of the Revolution of Peace, Social Justice, Human Rights Protection, International Humanitarian Law, Democracy and Sustainable Development in South Sudan

“If you can dream, you can do it.” Walt Disney

By Professor/Ambassador David de Chand,

President Salva Kiir of South Sudan, right, with the opposition leader, Riek Machar, left, as Mr. Machar was sworn in as vice president on Tuesday. April 2016, in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: file)
President Salva Kiir of South Sudan, right, with the opposition leader, Riek Machar, left, as Mr. Machar was sworn in as vice president on Tuesday. April 2016, in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: file)

May 30th, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– In the course of the contemporary human events, the jargon of international law, the UN Charter and all the regional organizations under Article 52 of the UN Charter such as, the Organization of Americans States (OAS), the European Union (EU), the African Union (AU) and the League of Arab States (LAS)…etc., have been empowered under the preceded Article 52 of the UN Charter for the purpose of maintaining regional peace and security and peaceful settlement of disputes. The best military generals worldwide, the key word that they breath out of these great leaders mouths has been peaceful and political settlement of disputes by peaceful means.” Shocking indeed, to know and to my greatest surprise and on the contrary, it has been only in a pre-born and a pre-failed state like South Sudan that its illegitimate President and his notorious illiterate generals talk or breath out about war and rumors of war that has been the quickest possible means to destroy nation-states either through direct declaration of war between state-A vs. State-B, including the failed state like South Sudan that has moved from stateless to statelessness.” [Quoted from Professor David de Chand, Memoirs notes on peace and war in a book manuscript on South Sudan war (2013- ).


The root causes of war and genocide in South Sudan was a preplanned agenda by the late John Garang de Mabior against the non-Dinka Tribes and the Nuer in particular, as one of the largest and the strongest and potentially the richest in terms of natural resources and minerals in the countryside. It all had begun with a scenario proposed to the late John Garang by quiet, intelligent, non-bully and non-arrogant like the Dinka leaders in the Movement, popular and charismatic Nuer leader Dr. Riek Machar.

He proposed to the late John Garang in the 1980s that our cause to wage armed struggle or the right to bear arms against Khartoum was not known and understood in the international community and Africa rather to liberate the whole of Sudan, that we do need to have a political ideology that should address in full South Sudanese grievances and demands. The proposed political ideology that could bring pressure point to bear on Khartoum was geared towards the exercise of the “right to self-determination” and political independence if Khartoum could not comply or to meet our demands and did want ‘secession’ of the South to occur to become an independent and sovereign de jure state; that it has to opt for the establishment of a federal system in Sudan as a whole. Having, preconceived these marvelous great and strategic ideas was the root causes of the split between John Garang and Dr. Riek Machar. Assuredly, the late John Garang was jealous because he had discovered that Dr. Machar was a highly qualified caliber that he (Dr. Machar) could not deal with or to control in both short and long terms. Most importantly, if he had conducted anything contrary or extraordinaire, the Nuer would have destroyed the Movement and all the Dinka cadres could have been eliminated by any means necessary and he had to undertake a thin blue line as the way out.

Without the shadow of a doubt, that the late John Garang fell that Dr. Machar had a great mind and began to fear him and systematically undertook schematic plans to assassinate him if he had succeeded in these diabolical processes of assassinating of Dr. Machar’s such that he (Dr. Garang hijacked, inherited or plagiarized Dr. Riek Machar’s concepts or ideas to make them become his own creation or invention. Dr. Riek Machar’s concepts or ideas were to extend development to South Sudan. For instance, Hydro-Electric Dam in Rosaries and extend electric power up to Shumaliya and does not reach South Sudan; that we have no Asphalted Highways compared to North from Khartoum to Wadi Halfa and Khartoum to Western Sudan; that our local civilians’ population have been removed from their habitat and their ancestral localities because of oilfields and gas fields without any compensation; that we have no better schools, universities and colleges, veterinary schools compared to the North; that we have no better and professional Public Hospitals, Clinics, Specialized Hospitals, that South Sudanese youth seeking admissions to military, Police, and Air Force Academies had been denied; that we did not have agricultural development schemes for self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and food security; that all the aforementioned were all preconceived by the Nuer leaders and intellectuals because all Dinka politico-military personnel were all pro-unionist and not even pro-federalist.

Almost all the Dinka senior Officers agreed to go ahead with the assassination of Dr. Riek Machar with only an exception of a few were against assassination of Dr. Riek Machar for having proposed a political ideology for the liberation of South Sudan instead of whole of Sudan. Anyway, many good will Dinka Officers had leaked the plan to assassinate Dr. Machar ahead of time of implementation. Surely, this could have been possibly be on or before the night of 28 August 1991 that Dr. Machar vacated or departed the SPLM/A General Headquarters for Kedbeck, Nasir, and the Dinka SPLA soldiers were ordered to kill the Nuer people and this could be termed as the first cycle or the beginning of the Dinka Genocide against Nuer nation and its resilient and the ferocious fighting Nuers responded effectively to protect women, children, and the elderly, including their property.  On the night of 28 August 1991, Dr. Riek Machar tagged along with him Dr. Lam Akol for fear that if he were left behind he could have been assassinated by the Jieng. Let’s assume hypothetically that whether the late Garang knew it or not the destination that Dr. Machar’s undertook, he (Dr. Garang) could not have done anything because the well armed and ferocious local Nuer fighters could not have allowed the Dinka to murder one of their beloved sons and the most Enlightened one in their midst and this could have happened over their dead bodies.

In fact, based on my firsthand knowledge, the late John Garang paid off Kenyans Security personnel and made four (4) attempts to assassinate Dr. Riek Machar and other highly educated Nuers, including Professor David de Chand. We should be most grateful to the former Kenyan President Daniel Arop Moi that provided his personal security to protect Dr. Machar and his entourage and delegation in Nairobi, Kenya. Certainly, the SPLM/A in Nairobi was successful to have assassinated Dr. Machar’s British Oxford educated wife  Ms. Emma Mecum who was four months pregnant that was on hit-and-run by a pre-arranged lorry or truck by the SPLM/A agents and their hired Kenyans Security counterparts. The individual that planned and knew all the strategies to do harm to Dr. Machar and his associates in Nairobi, Kenya, that was a ‘double face’ was Lt.-General Thomas Duoth Guet, the concurrent GOSS External Intelligent Chief in Juba. In the aftermath of signing of the 1997 Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA) that the late Garang’s faction SPLA-Torit faction also opposed to a pre-arranged assassination of Dr. Machar in Khartoum. Surely, an SPLA Intelligent Officer was caught red handed and confessed that he was paid off for life and reckoned that he had aborted the mission and had been caught red handed offered himself to be killed. Dr. Machar’s forgiven him and released him to go as a free man and gave warnings to SSIM/A security agents not to launch any retaliation against him. We should be also most grateful to President Field Marshal Hassan Omer Al-Basher’s for the protection and security that he extended not only to Dr. Machar solo, but also followers like Professor David de Chand and many others.


The second cycle of the pre-planned perpetrated genocide was orchestrated in the 2004 SPLM/A Meeting in Rumbek, Lakes State. The outcome of Rumbek meeting were that (1) genocide has to be conducted against highly educated Nuers and all non-Nuers against the Jieng cultural domination, oppression, and exploitation; that (2) to systematically poisoned any highly educated Nuers; that (3) no Nuer Officers should rise above a Dinka Officers of same ranks; that (4) any strong Nuer Officers should be arrested without any prior notice by the National Security and to be murdered in Prisons; that (5) any sickbed responsible Nuer dignitary an outside doctor should be hired to inject the sickbed with a poison that should kill him within 3-6 months.

Conclusively, Rumbek’s meeting agenda to perpetrate genocide against the Nuers became clear, structured; and its implementation was set before scheduled 2015 general democratic elections or at a later date to be determined by the Jieng Council of Elders (JEC). The Nuer leaders knew pretty well the plan lurking around, but they were restrained by Dr. Riek Machar and other visionary Nuer leaders. The Jieng lied to the world that the Nuer would destroy the state. Nonetheless, the Jieng (Dinka) destroyed the state through corruption and greed, thusly the Nuer would reconstruct and to rebuild a better state governs by democratic principles and equality for citizens regardless of ethnicity, gender, race, religion, creed, and national origin. Rumbek’s meeting agenda was also repeated, refreshed, and reframed as a definitive program to deal with Nuer Question that the Jieng fears most like scorpions, African King’s Copra and African Black Mamba poisonous snakes. The Nuer knew everything, but they were restrained calmed down by Dr. Machar’s not start anything and to let the Jieng do it first such that we could expose them to the people of South Sudan and the international community alike. My gush, we have done it. Congratulations to Dr. Riek Machar and his cleverly strategic plans that produced good outcome.

The abolition of general democratic election in 2015 was a deliberate and willful annulment of an agreement struck between Dr. Riek Machar and Salva Kiir that in 2015 he (Dr. Machar) would run for the Office of President as they agreed that Salva Kiir forgot and when Dr. Riek Machar’s printed a copy served him the copy of that agreement signed by both men based on gentleman’s agreement, Salva Kiir’s was perturbed and terrified by the revelation of the agreement document and chickened out of the said agreement. In 2010, however, the late Minister of Presidential Affairs, Dr. Justin Yac, MD, and the late Lt.-General Dominic Dim Kuol (Abyei) of the SPLA renewed attempts to assassinate Dr. Riek Machar in Juba, but they died in their last attempt in a plane crushed between Warrap and Juba and that was the end of the epic or the episode or the story. Firing of the former FVP Dr. Machar by Salva Kiir was prelude to his attempt to assassinate Dr. Machar as the last resort to prevent him from contesting the scheduled Presidential Elections as scheduled for 2015. The mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide was the last stage to execute and to implement the already pre-arranged genocide that targeted the Nuer ethnicity for extermination as the “final solution” in whole or in part as preconceived by the late Dinka Dictator the late John Garang and Salva Kiir, respectively.

For anyone that would read this piece of work, they read it with a clear scientific and methodological mind, conscious, and to compared and contrast it with what you have in mind and the wealth of knowledge and experience that I have at my disposal as a political historian and political scientist or political economist. Where do we (S. Sudanese) go from here and the Dinka as a group in particular, in South Sudan of tomorrow? My word of advice or food for thought goes like this that “If you do well, you do it for yourself; and if you do badly, you do it for yourself.” My Dinka cousins have not done well, they did it for themselves; and if they did so badly, they did it for themselves.” The future of the Dinka as a group in South Sudan looks pretty grim and bleak for the things that they have done, which they ought not to have done. The legacy of Salva Kiir’s leadership will continuously haunt them down everywhere they (Dinka) go throughout South Sudan. It has been already identified as the most hated ethnicity compared only to the Nazis and Fascists in Europe and the Ku Klux Kan (KKK) and the Redskin heads in the Mason-Dixie line in the southern United States of America (USA) in the state of South Sudan, including their Nuer cousins that had been their protectors for generations in South Sudan. They have created wedged in which “everyone to fan out himself and God for all.” This is the bottom line.

The Holy Bible teaches us all that there’s time for everything; that there’s time to be happy; that there’s time to be sad; that there’s time to weep; that there is to cry; that there is to mourn; that there’s time to laugh; that there’s time to fight; there’s time to mourn; and that there’s time to make peace…etc with adversaries or archenemies. In summation, all of the above-mentioned and others not illustrated herein, thusly of time and space, are the wholesome functioning and experiences of life cycle in humankind living on the planet-Earth. The Bible also teaches us that “Teach the child the way he/she goes so that when he/she grown up he/she will not return to it”.

Ray Kroc writes that “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence; Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with great talent; Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb; Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts; Persistence; determination alone are omnipotent.”


The gist of this paper is about the strategic preconceived dream as the roadmap of the revolution of peace that comes with strength, social justice, international humanitarian law, sustainable democracy and development in South Sudan. This project, inter alia, should be guided and supervised by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). The IGAD mediators and IGAD plus Countries have failed the course of peace because of direct conflict of interests in South Sudan. Therefore, they could not become honest and sincere peace brokers in the peacemaking between the Opposition and the illegitimate and genocidal government in Juba. We should prefer to have a “neutral” third party without vested interests in the concurrent peaceful and political conflict resolution in South Sudan. Given, the concurrent hectic and ominous situation in South Sudan, “Peace” should be the key word to bring about a lasting democratic change and the immediately removable or the overthrow of the illegitimate, criminal, savage, barbaric and genocidal Salva Kiir’s regime. Peace as we all know it, will not come in weakness, but through strength such that no party could be bully by other in the process. When peace would be achieved, it would, of course, be protected for its survival and longevity by any means necessary. Hitherto, we should become advocates and protectors of peace and to act as ambassadors of peace that would always be ready to protect it by any means necessary.

Historically, it has been reckoned that in the course of human events, there has been “no peace that could be attained or achieved in weakness, but only through strength.” Thus, good, brave and strategic minded generals who understand the art of war do not brag or bully others, but they often remained diligently, humbly, and mysteriously and calmly knowing deep in their hearts that war brings death, destruction, suffering, pain and mental anguish, which resulted, from war. It is like in school there are kids who like to bully other kids and because of their emotional actions and acute socio-psychological behavior, they do no succeed at the end of the day, but the quiet ones are the most intelligent that strive for par excellence compared to their bullying counterparts.

This analogy squarely and automatically applies to the concurrent situation in South Sudan retrospect to the split from Sudan- the mother country- and prior to that period. South Sudan has become a failed state that has moved from stateless to statelessness. In order for the state to undergo reconstruction from ground zero or from the scratch, peace qua peace is the most sine-qua-non important ingredient to propel that process forward. Assuredly, we cannot reconstruct the state in South Sudan without permanent and protected peace. We should realize that the man that acts as the messenger of peace cannot fail before the international community. The Bible teaches us all that “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God (Mathew 5:8) and the Holy Quran, too teaches the same not only to Muslims, but humankind as a whole. In the Nuer Religion compared to Judaic-Christian and Islam alike propagated by the Great Nuer Prophets Nyundeng, Dieu, and the Prophetess Nyrauch Kulang Kiek (Nyakulang) of Jagai Nuer west of the White Nile River (Unity State), it further teaches in the Hadith (the Pronouncements of Prophet Mohamed) that “If anyone kills one person, he has killed the entire humanity.” One of the Ten Commandments of Moses compared to the Nuer Religion through Great Nuer Prophets Nyundeng, Dwal Dieu and Prophetess Nyaruach Kulang Keik of Jagai Nuer west of the Nile in Unity State, including the New Prophets within the Nuerland, they command that “Thou shall not kill” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” The Nuer Religion has the Ten Commandments of Moses. Who are our neighbors? As a man of faith and an intellectual; humankind is our neighbor, thusly we should manage to breaking down bearers that divides and to manage “to bring about, to accomplish, to have charged of or responsibility for, to conduct.” “Leadership is “influencing, guiding in direction, course, opinion do the right thing.”

The concurrent leaders both Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar have been responsible for the mess in Africa’s youngest state. Realistically, bad management, bad leadership, uncharismatic, and influential leadership have been responsible for the failure of Africa’s youngest state. Of course, there is a profound difference between management and leadership, and both are important. “To manage”- means “to bring about, to accomplish, to have charge of or responsibility for, and to conduct.” “Leading” is “influencing, course, action, and opinion”. Thusly, the distinction is crucial. Managers are people who do things right and leaders are people who do the right thing.

In essence, this difference may be summarized as activities of envisaged vision and judgment- effectiveness versus activities of mastering routineefficiency. These were the missing links that produced the dooms and glooms in South Sudan. The leaders and managers alike should be charged as “War-Criminals.” Since the J1 Forty-Eight Day War in Juba that forced Dr. Machar’s to run into the Democratic Republic of the Congo and then flown to Khartoum on humanitarian grounds and then flown to South Africa every wise person knew that he (Dr. Riek Machar) because he was the cheapest prey to be nabbed and confined to be under arrest or detention for the time being whilst the international community has already designed ways and means to nab Salva Kiir as the illegitimate head of state and government like it has already done so for Dr. Machar. We have got only two options to make peace return to South Sudan: firstly, either through peaceful and political conflict resolution. Secondly, through direct intensification of the armed struggle against the dictatorship in Juba by any mean necessary.


I have been pretty critical on the NUER UNITY for years and I had been ignored or given a slap on the face because I have proposed the Nuer Unity objected by so many, including Dr. Machar’s who has been anti-Nuer intellectuals, sidelined them, and surrounded himself with inexperienced, incapacitated, unprofessional “Yes-men” who have been consumers vs. producers.  As a pre-requisite to achieve anything that is worthwhile, the Nuer unity should be a must and ought to be adhered to by all the Nuer people in unionism and in brotherhood. The successful people are those united in despite of their internal differences because unity, per se, is the basis of their survival of one and for all.

The people of South Sudan have given the Nuer nation and its resilient people a mandate or a task to do the right thing for the reunification, reintegration, reconciliation, forgiveness, but not to forget the past. This is a trust, envisioned vision and leadership that no nationality could provide except the Nuer nationality in the same spirit that they fought so hard for the exercise of the right to self-determination prior to and in the aftermath of the 1997 Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA) that became the mother of all peace agreements in Sudan and was hijacked by the US lobbyists in both the Clinton and Obama Administrations and awarded it to the late John Garang de Mabior who was a ‘pro-unionist’ and a Marxist-socialist compared to any other Jieng (Dinka) in the Movement inside and outside of Sudan because of the historic inborn uncalculated fear of the Nuer by the Jieng ethnicity. Without the military assertiveness of the Nuer for the exercise of the right to self-determination, it would have been imperatively impractical if not, impossible to attain. The Jieng leader knew and know this fact, but they wanted to bully others because they have envisaged to steal history and what others have accomplished or have achieved and wanted to convert such an achievement to become Jieng (Dinka). Therefore, the Nuer nationality has a moral obligation and responsibility to become a master at selecting, synthesizing, and articulating an appropriate vision of the future. We should attain this vision with hooks and crooks. Most importantly, IO will defeat Salva Kiir’s regime because it is only a matter of time. The time is closer for Salva Kiir to be derailed or to be bulldozed out from power by the gallant and democratic forces of the revolution of peace in South Sudan.

In fact, the task of synthesizing an appropriate direction for the organization or the state is often complicated by the many dimensions of vision that may be required. Specifically, contemporary Nuers and other nationalities united to become allies against Salva Kiir’s genocidal regime would require to have foresight, so that they can judge how the vision that fits into the frame of reference (worldview) and the way the environment of the organization or the state may evolve; hindsight, so that the vision does not violate the traditions and culture and the healing process of the organization; a worldview, within which to interpret the impact of possible new developments and trends; depth perception, so that the whole picture can be seen in appropriate details and perspective; peripheral vision, so that the possible responses of competitors and other stakeholders to the new direction can be comprehended; and a process of revision, so that all visions previously synthesized are constantly reviewed as the environment charges. Beyond this, decision must be made about the appropriate time frame or horizon to address, the simplicity or complexity of the vision or image, the extent it will represent continuity with the past as opposed to a radical transformation, level or the degree of optimism or pessimism it will contain, is realism and credibility, and its possible potential impact on the organization (the state).

The government in Juba has become completely incompetent and useless; therefore, it must and ought to be replaced with a democratic government that could cater equally to all the citizens. “Charity begins a home”. Prior to the Nuer nation’s to seek unity with other nations’ to forge a United Democratic Front (UDF) against Salva Kiir’s criminal, savage, and barbaric regime, it must and ought to first put its house in order as quickly as possible. We cannot do the right thing if the nation and its resilient people remains disunited, disarrayed, and lack good strong leadership with a vision, central command and control, the concept of government and authority and sustainable governance for strategic planning and strategic decision-making. The Nuer unity we do emphasize still remains intact, but it’s the leadership with a vision to propel it forward and to higher heights for the benefit of his generation and the next. The present Nuer leaders have become morally corrupt, incompetent, and useless like Dr. Riek Machar’s that the Nuer nation bestowed upon him trust and confidence building and the constant search for its internal unity and viability. Without the shadow of a doubt, that Dr. Machar’s has completely and totally failed the Nuer nation and its people for his own selfishness and the lust of Dialectic materialism and conflict of interests. The Nuer-Dinka leaders alike have been morally corrupt and have no differences on the said issues except, of course, a thin blue lines.

Since we have all realized the bottom line of the micro-macroscopic truth of the problem and its elasticity, it would therefore be in the best public policy and national interest of the leaders, traditional chiefs, elders, religious prelates of all faith-based religions to ask Dr. Machar’s, thusly because of his ineffectiveness, incompetency and useless to provide a strong aggressive and effectively and peacefully to step down or to resign to give chance democratically to another new Nuer leader that could unite the Nuer nation and its resilient people.  I have to state it loud and clear that Dr. Machar’s failed the Nuer nation, and he does not have the ability, the capacity, integrity and all that jazz, including all the bad things done against the Nuer nation by its archenemies have been resulted, in the ineffectiveness and non-aggressiveness in our concurrent leadership. Genocide has been committed by the incompetent, savage, useless, remorseful less, barbaric, terrorist, criminal, and genocidal regime that targeted the Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part in the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide above and beyond.

In accordance with our Nuer history, culture, advanced traditional federal-democracy, equalitarianism and communalism a quasi-Nuer homegrown socialism (Kondial), we know and believe that a house that is divided is like a house that been built on the sand that could not withstand natural disasters compared to a house that has been built on the rock and often remained solid and undivided against any natural disasters. With all due respect, in my capacity as an academic expert, I had already checked out and written so extensively a heck of a lot on the envisaged social issues and development processes at hand, but neither nobody really gives a thorough understanding or gives a damn about them. We [Nuer] must unite our ranks and files as a people and a nation to achieve our goals and objectives in life and to restore respect, dignity, life, and the inviolability of life within the Nuer nation. The Nuer nation should forge forward like any other nations on the planet-Earth. We should also be like other victims of genocide before us worldwide to have courage, patience, endurance, and open mindedness to accept the guilt and to promise never again to let the perpetrators of the crimes of genocide defined… as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity that we would surely forgive, but not to forget the past. It does not mean that we could let the perpetrators of genocide to go for free, but to bringing them all to justice and we would not relent in his process until justice would be done in the letter of the law.

Succinctly, I would like to focus on the six (6) or (seven) Nuer Sub-tribes, namely, the Bull Nuer, Dok, Jagai, Jikang, Leek, and Haak Nuer sub-ethnicities of Unity State that they have become the real main source of the Nuer nation’s disunity because many of them and their leaders have become consciously or sub-consciously or by omission what the Jieng sarcastically termed as the “Nuer wew”- meaning “Nuer Yieuni” (Nuer for the money) and that they have joined Lucifer’s Taban as an illegitimate FVP and Salva Kiir’s terror, criminal, barbaric and genocidal regime and they have been waging war against their fellow Nuer folks on the east bank of the Nile like what occurred in Tonga-Fangak incident recently for the sake of the money that actually originated from Unity State as potentially the richest oilfields and gas fields producing state, including other critical strategic minerals in greater demands in the international marketplace.

The Bull Nuer as the majority in Unity State and their ignoramus leaders have become incompetent and useless and particularly, the Monytuiel’s brothers, i.e., Dr. Nguen Monytuiel, MD, and Brigadier Baping Montuiel) a sick man that cannot commands and the illiterate, incompetent and useless the so-called Presidential Advisor Tutkaw Gatluak and other Unity State leaders, including Dr. Riek Machar and his brother-in-law Taban Deng (alas Mohamed Hassan El-Hagg) have been all in hell of troubles. For instance, Dr. Machar’s has been confined under house arrest in the Republic of South Africa and has been already charged as a “War-Criminal” like Salva Kiir that also has been pre-charged of the same as a “War-Criminal” and the international community has been slowly and surely have been after him to nab him in the least best opportunity to be grounded as well. These two guys, including the illegitimate FVP Taban Deng and their notorious generals deserved to be indicted and brought to justice. The Nuer nation and its resilient people will not relent until Justice will be done by the international community or we will take matters into our hands.

Nevertheless, the pieces of the jigsaw puzzles could fall in place pretty soon. To the Nuer people and the loyalist commanders to Dr. Machar’s who have already known the truth about Dr. Machar’s circumstances and failed to tell the people the truth, the whole truth, nothing, but the truth, they have lacked the art of leadership vision, failed to realize that to lead, one must follow, and the context of leadership that is commitment, complexity and credibility.

I should also be obliged to add my feelings as a committed IO patriots, loyalist (but not to Machar, of course, the cause of the Nuer nation) and a nationalist, I do believe that the senior commanders or the loyalists should have told the truth to the people in order to re-unify them and to gauge public opinion in the search for ways and means of moving forward in the process. It would be a waste of time, money, and energy for anyone to be indefinitely anticipating the return of Dr. Machar’s that could not return sooner than anticipated. Therefore, I would surely be obliged to tell the people the truth about Dr. Machar’s predicament or political circumstances that he [Dr. Machar) has been locked up and could care at all, to be open and clear about such ordeal, unfortunately. Thusly, because of internal contradictions, fears, and the doubts to be labeled as a failure by the Nuer ethnicity that the bestowed upon him trust and confidence building measures to faithfully admit that he (Dr. Machar) failed and had been incompetent, useless, and would not return sooner or never.

The guy is now in detention in the Republic of South Africa (RSA) under jurisdiction of the international community and I could approve this statement in my capacity as a former Sudan Ambassador/Director of Peace and Human Rights Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), former Senior National Expert in the Presidency of the Republic in Khartoum prior to the split of South Sudan on 9 July 2011. For Dr. Machar’s loyalists, you have failed the people’s war against Salva Kiir. Thusly, they should apologize to the Nuer nation and its resilient people.

We should not trade or pass on blames and counterblames on or against each other, but we should again reunite our ranks and files to move the revolution forward until Machar’s returns and if the people still wanted him to lead them and so be it to become their next leader through democratic process. He has not been betrayed by me or by anyone compared to the betrayal by his unfaithful brother-in-Law that betrayed him like Judius Escargot betrayed his master’s Jesus Christ, the King of the Jews, with only 30 pieces of silver and a kiss on the check as a signal to the bad guys that that was Jesus Christ, the King of the Jews, in the Garden of Gethsemane.

The Nuer unity is a prerequisite to anything else above and beyond to be done. It’s not pretty hard to achieve it. It would be the Nuer leaders, elders, chiefs, intellectuals, the Nuer Church, and the Nuer NGOs to move forward as fast and as quickly as possible to repair this epic or episode. The people of Unity State and the Bull Nuer in particular, has been the source of the Nuers’ internal problems that they needed to repent and to reunite ranks and files with their fellow Nuers; to abundant Salva Kiir and Taban Deng Gai incompetent and useless regime. If the Bull Nuer were mad about Dr. Riek Machar and Taban Deng, they were all wrong because they are only two out of millions in the Nuer nation. We have known now that these two have been traitors and failure of the Nuer leadership; the Montuiel’s brothers; and Tutkaw Gatluak.

We urge and appeal to Lt.-General Peter Gatdet to tight his belt to become workaholic to reunite the Bull Nuer and to make them to return to the folds with Nuer people; General Pool Jang should defect with his forces with all their equipment and all their ranks and files to rejoin the IO without any incrimination or demotions of ranks. For Tutkaw Gatluak, he does not have any future any more in Juba and he should plot the future before it’s too late.  We must and ought to reunite as a people and let’s forego things happen during the war. The whole of South has joined us and wanted us to bring peace, social justice, equality, unity in diversity, cultural diversity and multiculturalism like we did in our direct and bald demand for the exercise of the right to self-determination and political independence from Khartoum. This is a hell of a dandy task; challenge, trust, and a big responsibility that has been bestowed upon us by the people of South Sudan on a silver platter that we could not afford to fail in its execution at this juncture.  Conclusively, it could be good for the Nuer nation to unite its ranks and files now. We do have a mission to undertake as soon as possible. So let’s not waste time to forge our national unity of purpose and of equal. This is the bottom line.


Fellow countrymen, women, youth, intellectuals, patriots, and the fighting rebel forces commanders throughout South Sudan as our heroes and heroines to bring to an end the concurrent failed Jieng (Dinka) leadership and its so-called Jieng Council of Elders (JEC) domination, oppression and exploitation in South Sudan. This is now the time or never to forge for the formation of a stronger united coalition against Salva Kiir’s illegitimate, terror, criminal, and genocidal regime in Juba.

I urge and appeal to you all our determined, motivated great patriots and nationalists from all of walk-of-life regardless of ethnicity, gender, social background, national origin, religion, because of our commitment and the desire to have democracy and its true universal values, peace, social justice, and prosperity, we should unite our ranks and files to achieved the above-mentioned desires and wishes as follows that:-

  • For the sake of democratic change in South;
  • For the sake of politico-social change in South Sudan;
  • For the sake of peace and social justice in South Sudan;
  • For the sake of enhancing our unity in diversity, cultural diversity or multiculturalism in South Sudan;
  • For the sake of education for eradicating illiteracy and backwardness in South Sudan;
  • For the sake of human rights protection, international humanitarian law and the thirty(30) Articles on the Declaration of Universal Human Rights (Adroit de’hommmes) in South Sudan;
  • For the sake of stamping out or eradicating rampant corruption; embezzlement and self-aggrandizement in South Sudan;
  • For the sake of preserving and reconstructing our destroyed and ruined state that resulted in disenchantment of our people, and because of fear of losing of their culture and civilization;
  • For the sake of our foreign relations, international cooperation, and our vital national economic and strategic security interests within the international community of nations as a recognized a sovereign de jure state;
  • For the sake of protecting our enormous national resources not to be siphoned or extracted by foreigners coming from too far away into our land for the exploitation and extraction of the said natural resources at the expense of the communities and people where these resources have been located for interests of such communities in South Sudan;
  • For the sake of building the pillars of the bridge for our national building process in South;
  • For the sake of building and preserving the nation for this generation and the next;
  • For the sake of unifying our local available scarce resources and power to fight back in unionism to defeat foreign intervention…etc. in South Sudan, including many other potentialities not illustrated herein duly because of time and space.


We do solemnly urge and appeal to all South Opposition Movements with military presence on the ground and have been fighting Salva Kiir’s regime retrospect to the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide and prior to that period to unite our ranks and files by forming a United Coalition Front (UCF) against Salva Kiir’s  genocidal regime to liberate the motherland as a prima facie of our national pride, the crime of genocide defined… as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity committed by Salva Kiir’s, his renegade generals, his cronies and henchmen and its un-holistic domination, oppression, and exploitation of the citizens of South Sudan.

We do believe that in order to make sure for peace to return to our motherland, social justice, unity in diversity, cultural diversity, and multiculturalism to prevail once again in our motherland (Moun Mandan) we have to defeat Salva militarily. Without attainment of this goal and objective, any idea of peace is at the Galaxy and the twine light zone. We have already learned that some seven (7) so-called opposition parties under the tutelage of Dr. Lam Akol’s cheap shot propaganda have signed the so-called peace documents in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia. Who are they and what do they have or represent on the ground?

The so-called opposition parties are appendices of the Juba regime and their specific mission has been predestined to spoil the broth and or derail any plans undertaken by IO to make peace returns to South Sudan. IO does not, will not, and shall not; recognize the so-called peace plan signed in Addis-Ababa recently by the offshoots of the Salva Kiir’s regime. Specifically, in South Sudan one could only be either in government (IG) or in Opposition (IO). IO and IG are the only two parties that have the capacities and the capabilities of making war and peace and they could be only the two giants that could pave the path towards peace process through the United Nations and its specialized agencies because the IGAD mediators and some IGAD Plus Countries have failed in waging war of peace mission in South Sudan, thusly, because of vested conflict of interests. We would urge and appeal to the parties without any military presence to stay back and to watch as spectators of a football match or a tennis play on the Tennis Court. These non-entities should be told at the outset or affront that as long as they do exist or have sanctuaries and non-existence on the battlefront lines anywhere in South Sudan, we would presume that they have been the appendices of the IG, but never ever IO.

Conclusively, the protagonists and peace partners are: IO and IG, respectively. This could be the repeat of 2005 insinuated and encouraged the international community to focus in peacemaking efforts on the north-south dimensions of the multifaceted conflict and to reduce the protagonists and peace partners to only two parties, viz., the NIF/NCP and the SPLM/A. This policy was orchestrated by the former SPLM/A Secretary-General Pagan Amoum that virtually excluded South Sudan Independence Movement/Army (SSIM/A) fighters and delegation to partake or to participate in the peace process in 2005. Now, reckoning that the epic or the episode have turned around in IO favors, all non-entities at the battlefront lines to keep off the path before they could be crush and gone with the wind. We could play the same music with same tune, logical and analytical reasoning and reasonableness utilized by Pagan Amoum’s during the glorious days of the negotiated settlement of the CPA of 2005.

Therefore, the various protocols of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) of 2005 only recognized these two parties, despite rhetoric by the international community should be broadening, peace-building, but not peacemaking…opposition parties in the north and south were entirely excluded from the process. Certainly, the international community subscribed to the logic of the NCP and the SPLM/A that only those with capacity to wage war deserved a place on the table. IO could assuredly apply this formula in any future negotiations because it controls over 90% of the population and 95% of the land in the countryside.

We would like to show to the international community that anything that goes around comes around. We were ignored in the CPA of 2005 and we could return the favor this time around in any would-be future peace deal or negotiated settlement between the IO and IG and the rest of the opposition organized by Dr. Lam Akol who had never accomplished and succeeded on the record in any undertakings throughout South revolution, should stay out and to watch the game and how it’s being played by IO and IG before the international community’s stadium or arena either in Geneva, Rome, Paris, London, New York City (NYC), Washington, DC, or in Warsaw, Poland. Certainly, IO should not attain any peace plan under the good auspices of the IGAD mediators and the IGAD plus Countries that have already shown vested conflict of interests in the ongoing war in South Sudan. They could not become fair, just, democratic, transparent and accountable peace mediators because they have vested conflict of interests. We could deal or negotiate with only a truly “neutral” third party without any vital vested conflict of interests in what is concurrently going on inside South Sudan.


We should all call for forming a “United Front” under the banner of “United Coalition” for the sake of fighting in unionism the concurrent Salva Kiir’s brutal; illegitimate; terrorist; murder; racist; ethnocentric (tribalist); barbaric; and genocidal regime and its disinformation by giving unfulfilled promises; it’s absurd ad absurdum wastefulness of the state coffer or purse; mortgaged the land and the resources therein that belong to various communities rather than the state that it could not fulfill; and the luring of foreign intervention with emphasis on Egypt, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia- Mogadishu, including other East African neighboring states that have been lured to fight for the regime by Salva Kiir, his renegades generals and his henchmen into a war that they do not understand it root causes for that.

We are determined, motivated with guts and gusto, no matter how long the war goes on,  no matter how long it takes, no matter how many souls we would sacrifice for the sake of  freedom, democracy, social justice and preservation our national interest worldwide, we shall and will prevail in these hard times and these days of infamy. With God our creator, everything is possible and since we are with him, would be against us? So we must and ought to keep faith alive, Amen.

As men of faith, we should not forget that God Almighty has given us all and everyone three (3) words of wisdom that “Asks”, and it will be given, “Knocked” and it will be opened and “seek,” and yeah will find” these three (3) are the greatest gifts that we can appreciate God’s creation in his own image. Therefore, it our moral duty and obligation if we  desperately wanted anything in this world to ask any many friends and allies and they would give it you freely to do and to achieve whatsoever you wanted to do on the planet- Earth. We as opposition we know dawn well what we could ask for and where to get it, secondly, we do have duties, obligations and responsibilities to knock at any doors and they would be opened to you to ask for what you really wanted to do something with in the world and, thirdly, if we needed anything in life, we must and ought to become workaholic seeking for it and we would surely find it. So as guerrillas fighting for a just cause, “thou shall neither fail nor to become shy to “Ask”, to “Knock” and to “Seek” help because these three (3) are the basis in which so many liberators both pacifists and the revolutionaries alike achieved the liberation of our people from dictatorial, authoritarian, genocidal, autocratic, terrorist, criminal, and illegitimate regimes compared to one we have now in Juba.

We would make sure for the sake our national redemption, its preservation, its unity in diversity, cultural diversity and multiculturalism as a “sovereign” de jure state, that we would defeat the Egyptians, the Ugandans, the Kenyans, the Rwandese, the Burundians, and many other foreign Soldiers of Fortune, foreign fighters, and mercenaries such the Torobaros (Zagawa) Justice for Equality Movement (JEM) led by Jubril Khalil, Sudan Revolutionary Forces (SRF) led by Abdul Aziz El-Helio and Yasser Arman, and the SPLA-North led by General Malik Agar in Southern Blue Nile (Ingessena).

We believe now that these Sudan rebel Movements otherwise known as “The rebels without a probable causes, but a bunch of terrorists” and mercenaries fighting for a cacogenic dying regime in Juba. What do these foreigners want in South Sudan? We have the guts and gusto, determination, motivation, and united front like the Poles in Poland during the Second World War (WWII) (1939-1945) to never ever for the sake Poland to die, but many Polish people have died for the sake of Poland to survive for this generations and the next. This would be our position to never ever surrender to let South Sudan die, but we would die for the sake of South Sudan and for the sake of its future and the present generations.

Water Politics in the Nile Basin

Whilst Egypt has been heavily involved or engaged militarily in South Sudan and Ethiopia, respectively. There’s a brewing tensions or water politics in the Nile Basin that could augment a big bang or a big explosion within Egypt that could topple Abdul Fatah Al-Assisi’s regime. It is inevitable that it could occur sooner rather than later in Egypt. For the Egyptian Government desires to complete the unfinished Jonglei Canal as per Agreement signed with the illegitimate regime of Salva Kiir’s to complete excavation of the Jonglei Canal, it could certainly become imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to attain at his juncture because we would not allow any Egyptian engineers or workers to excavate the Jonglei Canal because it could happen our dead bodies. Therefore, the Egyptian Government should prepare itself for the longest war it ever fought in Africa and the longest bridge too far to cross with so many hurdles to cross in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In fact, Egyptian presence in South Sudan has tantamount to act of invasion and occupation. We should be determined to fight back with tooth and nail until Al-Assisi’s regime should be defeated in South Sudan like Egypt was defeated in South Yemen years ago, the 1967 Six-Day War, the 1973 Yom Kippur War, and the encirclement or cordoned of the Egyptian Fifth Army by the Israelis Defense Forces (IDF) in Sinai in that war that was let go through the shuttle diplomacy undertook by the former US Secretary of State, Professor Henry Kissinger of  Political Science at Harvard University, Boston, USA, between Cairo and Tel Aviv. We should kick asses and should defeat the Egyptians in South Sudan compared to the Anglo-Nuer War (1900-1930) that we defeated the British colonial government. The Egyptian should come with their combined US-Russian big aircrafts and jet fighters, they should not make a dent and they should not surely defeat us because God has already blessed the land and its people as indicated in The Book of Prophet Isaiah, the hard and high fighting spirits of the people, determination, motivation, guts and gusto, courage, and endurance that we could defeat the Egyptians and all the regional powers involved because of vested interests in South Sudan soil. We should neither surrender to Salva Kiir nor to any foreign powers and this should happen over dead bodies.

Before I could proceed on, I would like to rest assured you the great people of South Sudan that “The only peace could be achieved, could be to overthrow the War-Criminals/leader Salva Kiir to vacate The Office of the President of the Republic without any preconditions or quid-pro-quos as sine-qua-non to peace in the country. Salva Kiir has been an unelected President of South Sudan because his term of tenure had expired retrospect to 15 July 2015, thusly by majority of South Sudanese choice; Pro-Tempore President Professor/Ambassador David de Chand is the people’s uncontested choice.

Now, is the time for me to envisage to become the next Pro-Tempore President of South Sudan that will bring about real democratic change, that all people can believe in, and, Yes, we can all believe in; sustainable governance; democratization; the rule of law; human rights protection and respect of the thirty (30) Articles on the Declaration of the Universal Human Rights (Adroit de’hommes) UNGA Resolution 260 on 9 December 1948, Paris, France, the UN Charter, international law and international humanitarian law that we all can believe in; that people can trust and count on me.

I have a dream that by God grace and hard work, determination, motivation, par excellence leadership vision, I could bring or deliver to the people of South Sudan full and total democratic change and democratic process for the first time ever in their lives that the people can all believe in if they were to bestow on me trust and confidence building measures on this aspiring Pro-Tempore Presidential Candidate that should labor as hard as he knows how and selflessly for the causes of the people that he envisages to bring them democracy, peace, social justice that breeds peace and peace that breeds social justice, equality, freedom, liberty, and its  universal values.

I must admit, I guess also that you my great people could not agree with me more that “Democracy” although has not been the best system on the planet-Earth, but there’s no system to replace it. It the UK PM Sir Winston Church during the Second World War (WWII) (1939-1945) that articulated this point eloquently that “democracy” has not been the best system in the world, but there is no other system to replace it.” We could not agree more with this great world’s leader because what he said was eloquent and we do experience it every day of our lives. Thus, the people of South Sudan deserved to have good, honest, truthful, faithful, non-corrupt, non-killers or non-murderers of children and women, and a trusted leader in the aftermath of the downfall or the overthrown of the concurrent illegitimate Salva Kiir’s dictatorship, autocracy, Stalinist, criminal, genocidal regime as the last Dinka Dictator-for-life and the so-called Jieng Elders Council (JEC) and the likes.

As a liberal democrat and a man of faith, I would like to give a promise to the people of South Sudan that I would work tirelessly harder or to become workaholic to bring them the good and the best instruments of sustainable governance, social justice, and socioeconomic development programs that would spiral takeoff of our destroyed state and its economy to takeoff and to become prosperous that breeds peace and peace that breeds social justice, equality, respect for life and the inviolability of life.

The people of South Sudan could be rest assured that I would treat them fairly and equal without any distinctions based on the notion that to each according to his/her ability and wantons regardless of ethnic and qualifications that would become prima facie in my administration. I would devote most of my time to create a political atmosphere with trust, honesty, and unity of purpose and of equal, and to maintaining our unity in diversity, cultural diversity and multiculturalism in South Sudan. Most importantly, I would be committed to fight ethnocentrism (tribalism) by any means necessary because we are all sons and daughters of “Sudan”, one nation and one people. I would do whatsoever humanly possible to move South Sudan from being an ethnocentric based to a de-tribalized based system. I would discourage any listing of tribes on any individual Identification Cards (ID), Passports, Birth Certificates, sports, clubs, and in any federal, state, and local government documents and papers. All South Sudanese should be only identified as “Sudanese” and there would be no tribal ethos enumerated on any federal, state, and local government establishments, schools, universities and colleges in any states throughout South Sudan.

Most importantly, I do reckon that our state had been left in ruins, moved from the status of stateless to statelessness, the national economy completely collapsed and South Sudanese Pound has become non-legal tender, worthless in the international marketplace, in the neighboring countries, it’s disunited, and disintegrated due to induced man’s made disasters, non-viable and non-binding policies, lack of leadership with a vision, greed and rampant corruption. Surely, I also do reckon that South Sudan would not be the same again as it was in the past.

Nevertheless, we would have to do whatsoever humanly possible to reunite, to reintegrate, to rebuild, to become comprehensive and inclusive to reunite our ranks and files, to reconcile; to forgive, but not to forget the past; to rebuild the pillars of the bridge for the nation rebuilding process. Further, I would call on every citizen to extend the Olive leaf for peace, love and to put behind hate messages against anyone in our countrymen and countrywomen. Unless, we become wiser to reconcile with each other and to forgive each other, but no to forget the past, we could not forgo any dreams of reuniting, reconstructing, and the rebuilding of the state that has been left in ruins and destroyed. “United, we stand, divided, we fall”. This is doable and achievable.

We should depart bad ways, hate messages, and to go on with our own good and humane ways so that everyone fans out for himself/herself and God for all. However, we should become selfish, but o have compassion for each other and the most unfortunate needy in our midst, to become Good Samaritans, and our brother’s keeper. In this case, then, if we have no done these duties and obligations, we have lost the notion and the dream of the nation and the Polish people of Poland would be making us to become laughingstocks because we have failed to do like the Poles did when Poland disappeared on the map in Central Europe and reappeared again at the end of the Second World War (WWII) (1939-1945). This is the courageous and determined spirit of the nation building process.

We urge and appeal that we should reconcile our national consciousness, to forgive, but not to forget the past on everything that warranted the wrong doings and the things that we have done, which we ought not to have done. I would ask for true reconciliation, reunification, reintegration, forgiveness, but not to forget the past, and to envisage the process of reconstructing a non-tribal or a de-tribalized for all regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, creed, religion, and national origin in South Sudan.

I would like to envision a South Sudan that is for all that no Ad hominem (individual) South Sudanese has the ability and the capacity to lead us as long as he/she would preserve our national unity, non-corrupt system; our cultural diversity; and to preserve our heterogeneity, cultural diversity, unity in diversity, and multiculturalism to remain fully intact as it would-be stipulated in the would-be federal constitution of South Sudan.

If, I were to become the Pro-tempore President of South Sudan, I would be obliged to say repetitively that a every South Sudanese should know that the land belongs to all of us or the state that we called South Sudan belongs to “us all” without any exceptionalism or exclusionism, and it’s does not, I repeat, it does not belong to any single ethnicity, a group of technocrats or philosophers kings that could proclaim, per se,  like King Louise XVI of France proclaimed that I am the state (d’état si moi). Thusly, the claimed of the Dinka as purported by Bona Malwal and company that South Sudan belongs to the Dinka has been a falsehood premise and prophecy that neither be justified nor could happen neither now nor in the future. They have blacklisted the Nuer and the people of the Greater Upper Nile never to take the Presidency; it would be now the Nuer people who have been the protectors of the Dinka during the slavery when they [Jieng] horded like dried fishes as slaves that were accorded protection by the Nuer up to these days. It would be now the Dinka ask, what is now the future for the Jieng [Dinka] in South Sudan?

The Nuer, the Shilluk, Equatorians and Bahr-el-Ghanaians of non-Dinka origins could live with the Dinka no more. In fact, no South Sudanese that would want to live with the Dinka. They are hated because of the things that they have done, which they ought not to have done, retrospect to the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide up to present. South Sudan as a whole and the world at large hated the Dinka. What’s the future for the Dinka in South Sudan? The Nuer could lead through the state through democratic process and there would be no peace without the Nuer leadership because nobody could do it except the Nuer as the largest and potentially the richest in natural resources in South Sudan. The Nuer is the most fear animal by the Dinka and if they had a bomb to do away with the Nuer they could do it. As fearless, strong, courageous, and ferocious fighters with red badge of courage, they do not hate the Dinka like the way the Dinka has expressed deep hate against the Nuer nation. Let’s together reunite, to reconcile, o rededicate and to recommit ourselves to the reconstruction of the state for the future generations and the present generation.

I would like to recall the unfortunate anti-Nuerism and anti-South Sudanese in general in the statements uttered by Bona Malwal a secretive member of the JEC which in effect acts as the tribal advisory council to the Dinka dictator Salva Kiir, said he, that he [Bona Malwal] was dispatched by the GOSS with solid mission: “To meet the Dinka Community in Kamas City, USA, on 21 March 2015 when he [Malwal] accompanied by an entourage from Juba, and some dignitaries from South Embassy in Washington, DC, about the successes of Kiir’s government in holding the Nuer at bay and about the eminent defeat of the so-called Nuer Rebellion, invoke the Diaspora support and rally the American lawmakers and her people to support and to stand up against the UN proposed sanctions.

Bona Malwal’s was speaking at a disadvantageous position when he delivered to his poorly educated and unenlightened audience the so-called “Dinka Lost Boys” in Dinka language and did not know that there was non-Dinka that spoke the language fluently.

Bona Malwal’s message of hatred said he that “The Dinka justified and deserved to be honored and respected for the hard won independence of South Sudan, but the Nuer are destroying the hard won right”, which was achieved by the blood of the Dinka and added that “South Sudan belongs to the Dinka” and the rest should stay back! This was ludicrous, incredible, incredulous lie of the century, deception, manipulation, maneuvering, and a big hell of a contradiction about this anti-Nuerism similar to anti-Semitism worldwide, unfortunately.

Truthfully, the Dinka did not bring any iota political independence from Khartoum because all Dinka leaders, including Bona Malwal, per se, that neither fought a battle compared to the Nuer Divisions in the  SPLM/A prior to its split on 28 August 1991. With all due respect, any honest (Jieng) Dinka commanders and political leaders should out rightly denounce such ponderous lies, misleading and inaccurate statements and anti-Nuerism articulated by the Dinka in South Sudan. The Dinka leaders should know and underscore that no matter what they do, they would not defeat the Nuer nation as the largest ethnicity and potentially the richest in natural resources-oil and gas, gold and Uranium based on the 2008 Sudan Fifth Population Census.

Nevertheless, the Nuer nation and its resilient, gallant, and ferocious fighters would defeat the Jieng [Dinka] in this ongoing treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war because it’s only a matter of time and space, surely, it will happen.

Let it be known for the record by the international community that the Nuer nation has not yet Declared war against the Jieng because whenever it happens the entire South Sudan would trample likes a volcano eruption or Tsunami’s waves moving towards the shores into the land and it could be fought with newly acquired skills, swiftly, and efficiently through the Chaka’s style in Southern Africa in the 1900s.

The Jieng should know that they have not seen nothing yet, because they are not out of the woods yet, and the legacy of Salva Kiir’s would make the Jieng (Dinka) collectively to look worrisome and to reckon that they have a bleak future throughout South Sudan because of the things that they (Jieng) have done, which they not to have done. Overwhelmingly majority of South Sudanese folks disliked, distrust, and hated the Dinka for the crime of genocide, war crimes and crimes committed against humanity defined… as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity in the UN Charter, international law, international human rights law and human rights protection adopted by the UNGA on 10 December 1948 in Paris, France, was the result of the experience of Second World War (WW II) (1939-1945).

Bona Malwal should reckon that “a tougher bone that toughed out the dog to chew, to swallow, and to digest, the cat could not make it”. This is the spirit of the Nuer nation and its resilient people. They do not die, but they passed away. For instance, whenever a great Nuer leader dies, his spirit passes on to the next Nuer, but never ever to any non-Nuer leaders, including the Nuer leaders with the Dinka genealogical tree or bloodline.

Our forefathers resisted the British colonialists for 30-long and bittersweet years in what has been known in the contemporary Sudan history as “The Nuer Revolution” (El-Sura’a El- Nuer). The Nuer nation neither defeated by the British colonial government nor submitted to the British suzerainty, but remained in defiance as the only outstanding ethnicity that was un-colonized, un-enslaved, and it was ruled only through the “Indirect Rule” for which Frederick Lugard had provided the theoretical basis at the beginning of the 20th century in the Northern Emirates of Nigeria. It became the standardized British colonial policy throughout Anglo-phone Africa.

In addition, in the post-independence era successive Khartoum governments (1955-2005) tried to subdue the Nuer totally and completely failed. Therefore, I would be obliged to remind Bona Malwal’s to go on to President Omer El-Bashir of Sudan and the ex-UK swamp barons (if they were still alive) to tell him and them alike about the ferocity of the Nuer nation, its resilient and gallant fighters, rather than, sarcastically contradicting the political history of the Nuer nation euphorically. History is on the Nuer’s side and history would absolve the Nuer nation that the Dinka wrongly accused would destroy the state that soldiers and commanders and other South Sudanese, including the Dinka achieved through their sweats and blood.

In a nutshell, we have all done it without any exceptionalism for almost one-half of a century to achieve the glorious political independence now being or have been already destroyed before South Sudanese and the international community by the reckless Dinka leaders like Salva Kiir, the notorious Chief of the General Staff Paul Malong Awan and his henchmen and renegades in Juba. The Nuer nation fears nothing except fear itself.

The Nuer nation and the Equatorian ethnicities pushed harder for the exercise of the right to self-determination as a legal and God’s given right to “all peoples” as stipulated Article 2 Para. 7 and Article 55, respectively,  in the UN Charter, international law, international human rights law including the people of South Sudan. The Nuer nation led by Dr. Riek Machar directly and baldly negotiated and signed the 1997 Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA) which out rightly articulated the exercise of the right to self-determination as a right guaranteed to “all peoples’ in the UN Charter, international law and international human rights as stipulated in the Six-Point Principles authored by the Nuer leaders that became the hallmark of the Intergovernmental Declaration of Principles (IGAD) otherwise became known as the IGAD Declaration of Principles (IGAD/DOPs) in March 1994. I was one of the architects of the IGAD/DOPs that became the hallmark of the (IGAD/DOPs) and it was the trio-octogenarians Dinka stooges, i.e., Bona Malwal, Abel Alier and Dr. Francis Madding Deng (Abyei Ngok Dinka) and technically a Sudanese national because Abyei is Sudan and will not become South Sudan.

In summation, even the late John Garang who was uplifted from abject poverty or the down trodden or the de classie by the Nuer nation to become world’s famous and died as multimillionaire could not agree more with this brief presentation and analysis.  Bona Malwal’s sentiments of anti-Nuerism and hatred would neither push him forward nor backward, but to remains at virtual standstill to make him to become a leader that could not be trusted because he has become an a fundamentalist, radical and extremist ethnocentric (tribal) leader and neither has a sense of nationalism nor had the real meaning of concept of the word and its real meaning of “nationalism” and/or “patriotism.”

Realistically, without the great war efforts of all South Sudanese, including the ferociously fighting Nuers and the political contributions, the political smartness, courage , and being fearless orchestrated by the Nuer nation and its leaders, South Sudan could not have become politically independence and the Dinka tribesmen who often bragged of being warriors and feel so proud for nothingism with negative sophisticated pride could not have a achieved political independence solo because all Dinka leaders in the Movement, including the late John Garang de Mabior were all proponents of “pro-unionists” and “pro- liberation”  of the whole Sudan” of uncalculated and ingrained fears of the strongest and the bravest Nuer warriors like the Nuer White Army (NWA) that has given the SPLA and its Twic Dinka Special Militias under the direct command of Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan bloody noses in the battlefront lines throughout South Sudan retrospect to the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide and on Friday, 8 July 2016 conspiracy perpetrated by Paul Malong Awan, Lucifer’sTaban Deng Gai (alas Mohamed Hassan El-Hagg) beyond and yonder against Dr. Riek Machar and Salva Kiir alike.

The political independence of South Sudan should be attributed to all South Sudanese people that made sacrifices which they had made, endured, and  survived the toughest of times that they have had all to endured for the cause of emancipation or liberation, freedom, social justice that breeds peace and peace that breeds social justice. In summation, the Nuer will surely defeat the Dinka in this ongoing treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war in South Sudan. They have imported foreign troops mainly from IGAD and IGAD plus countries less Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibouti they have all become Dinka and useless like the Jieng forces. It was Julius Caesar that said he, that “ he was not afraid of army of lions led by a sheep, he was afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion”, the analogy is simple, no Nuer commander is afraid of an army led by Dinka commander, but only an army led by a Nuer commander. All Dinka commanders are weak, stupid, and no good fighters and leaders.


Bona Malwal was identified as a long time antagonist of the late John Garang de Mabior and the crusader of the anti-separatists in South Sudan. This is not the first time for me to criticize Bona Malwal’s constructively and/or destructively for virtual and open anti-Nuerism sentimentalities that I had already responded to, including the that speech that he delivered lashing out against the Nuer nation (Wiec Nath) [people of the people] and it resilient people in Kansas City, USA, that is just my next door neighboring State or our backyard neighbor from the State of Nebraska in the Midwest, USA.

Verily and Verily, I would like the Dinka leaders such as, Bona Malwal to know that they should no longer continue propagating biases and prejudices extraordinaire that are “extremely neo-Nazism, Neo-Fascism, neo-racism and neo-racialism and xenophobia and negative epithets far right and ultraconservative nationalism that divides rather than unites and instead of trying to search for ways and means for healing the past mistakes such that we would not repeat them no more. We have fought, died, wounded, and tortured by the Arabicized Muslim North for the cause of South Sudan state without any exceptionalism. Certainly, it has not been the Jieng (Dinka) with a cultural euphemismmeaning slaves in Nuer language) statesmen like Bona Malwal, Abel Alier, Salva Kiir and others as secret Advisors to the Jieng Elders Council [JEC) in Juba that has adopted fully, truly, comprehensively and inclusively responsible for the failure of South Sudan hard won revolution. Without biggest sacrifices made by the Nuer nation in the battlefront lines, there would have been no state of South Sudan.

I have been one of the youngest guerrillas in South whist Bona Malwal was dining and winning with his high places friends in Khartoum. As I see it, Bona Malwal should be held accountable for the death of many South Sudan politicians, including the mysterious death of the William Deng Nhial and the late Dr. John Garang de Mabior and he (Bona Malwal), Dr. Lam Akol and Abel Alier had been plotting all retrospect the 1997 to assassinate Dr. Riek Machar and other Nuer leaders, including the author of this work. Therefore, we know who Bona Malwal is in full details as a selfish, an opportunist and a vulture and a hyena politician that all South Sudanese should be on the lookout against him such that he would not strike the present and future leaders compared to the past. The Dinka leaders should reckon that Bona Malwal’s has been an imposter Dinka because all his family has been living in Bull Nuer, Mankien in Unity State. Surely, no reasonable Nuer would allow the Dinka as cowards of the cowards’ to steal our glorious history and victory for we will redeem it by any means necessary.

This New Nath (Nuer) (people of the people) generation and the next generations would eloquently read in the historical and political science or social science books that would be written reference to Professor de Chand’s second forthcoming book on the war that illustrates that it was the Dinka leaders ha had been the most disorganized with no experience in sustainable governance in a cultural diverse state, rampantly corrupt, embezzled, self-aggrandized, greedy, have been craving or lust for power for the sake of power, not realizing that power corrupts and more power corrupts more,  rapid accumulation of wealth and the desire to control the destinies of others against their free will and consent. Although the Dinka often accused their Nuer counterparts would be the one that would be destroying the state and to be kept at bay, gladly, it’s now the reverse on the contrary it has been reckoned that it has been the Dinka leaders with science of stupid and voodoo economic theories that have destroyed the state Habeas Corpus, rather, than, the Nuer nation and its brave and resilient people deliberately and willfully targeted for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. The perpetrators of the crime of genocide have been solely responsible for the failure of the state, its economy, and its infrastructure.


History would absolve the Nuer nation and its people in this saddest events that led to genocide of the Nuer ethnicity in the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide that was later on expanded and extended on to other weaker and small ethnicities when the SPLA and its Dinka Special Militias have been destroyed, disseminated, annihilated and surrendered to the ferociously fighting Nuers in dozens, hundreds, and many of them have gone berserkers, went absent without leave (AWOL) or deserted their stations by disobeying  military orders or escaped the battlefront lines to return to their cattle kraals in Warrap and Aweil in Northern Bahr-el-Ghazal States for fear of being killed or captured by the agile and ferociously fighting Nuers like-German “Panthers” already nicked so throughout South Sudan and East Africa, including Sudan and Egypt as Africa’s Black German Panthers, the Japanese Kamikaze fighters, the most-likely  to strike like deadly African Copra and Black Mamba snakes that’s referring to the Nuer White Army on the east bank and the Nuer Gojam, on the west bank of the Nile in Unity State, the most feared by the SPLA and the Twic Dinka Special Militias like African Copra and the African Black Mamba snakes as well as the deadly Indian Sub-Continent Copra snakes. The Nuer White Army has been the only liberation Movement that captured the tank (T-52s and T-62s and the Egyptian-Israelis made Wolid (APCs) with the Ak-47 rifles on the world scene and has already called to question tank design as a defensive weapon for any battlefront lines.

Of Course, we have all died for liberation or emancipation of South Sudan. For such a towering man such as Bona Malwal that had not spent a day in the Battlefront line or lived as a refugee without food and clean drinking waters compared to other Dinka leaders such as, Abel Alier that have co-opted themselves with all the old ancient and the present regimes for the sake of positioning leadership, certainly, it looks malicious, uncivilized, uncouth, and remorseful that such towering figures like Bona Malawal should have given  such a hateful speech solely to the under-educated Dinka-Niggers in Kansas City ,USA, unfortunately. This kind of thinking and neo-thinking could become useless, absurd ad absurdum, science of stupid and pretty divisive. If we wish to have true reconciliation, forgiveness, but not to forget the past, we must and ought not to conceal in our hearts any biases or prejudices or anything that could derail, disrupt, and to repeat the past in our struggle for reconciling the nation and its divided people across the board. I would be committed as the would-be Pro-Tempore President of South Sudan to be faithfully committed with the help from God Almighty, the UN, the USA, the EU, the human rights watch groups and would solicit help from anyone or people or experts, including other available national, regional and international instruments to achieve this endeavor or goal that’s an achievable goal or desire by any means necessary. This is has been the ultimate purpose of the declared humanitarian revolution of Peace, social and humanitarian revolution in South Sudan.

I am a political realist; optimist vs. skeptic that there is a great equal opportunity that it could become doable and achievable strategic plan to pull out the carpet under Salva Kiir’s feet. We could draw our historical examples from the 1994 Rwanda Genocide; Apartheid in the Republic of South Africa (1948-1994); The Jewish Holocaust in Nazi Germany during WWII (1939-1945), Israelis genocide in Shantila, Palestinians Refugee Camps in Southern Lebanon; the Kaiser’s Germany extermination of the Ovambo (the Bushmen) and the Nama people in the Battle of Waterberg in the former German Southwest Africa (Namibia) (1904-1908) that was the first ever recorded genocide in Africa in the 20th century; The Nuer Genocide during the 30-year old Anglo-Nuer War otherwise known as The Nuer Revolution (1900-1930) (Khor Nath ke Longolithni) and the UK gassed the Nuer with Mustard and Nerve Gases (1915-1920) because of its fierce résistance against the British colonial rule in the Nuerland in Southern Sudan in particular, and the Armenian Genocide committed by the Young Turks (1915-1920) that modern Turkey has failed to acknowledged. There are many other examples to cite around the world on genocide, but time and space would not permit me to do so at this time.

When Africans and South Sudanese people speak of the crime of genocide, we do not have to go outside of Africa, but it often occurred within our backyards. We have had it in our post-colonial Africa’s backyards and the inherited colonial crimes committed by European imperial and colonial powers that tantamount to genocide committed by the European imperial and colonial powers in Africa and the Atlantic Slave Trade that depopulated Africa to the maximum. It has been comprehensively and inclusively overwhelmingly committed by many Africa leaders in their own backyards, including the Dinka-Dictator-Life Salva Kiir in South Sudan President Yuri Museveni of Uganda against the Acholi ethnicity and a long list of enumerated heads of state and governments across Africa.

Therefore, African leaders know that many of them like Salva Kiir and Yuri Museveni, Uganda’s Dictator-for-life, know pretty well that they have not been immune in this crime of genocide that Museveni’s committed against the Acholi people in northern Uganda and the Buganda Kingdom for years inside Uganda and Salva Kiir has committed it against the Nuer ethnicity in the mid-December 2013 and expanded it to all other ethnicities such as, the Ferrit, Azandi, and the Equatorians ethnicities, including Dinka-Nuer speakers in Lakes States- mainly Agar and Cieng Riel (Atot) Nuer- Dinka speakers in Yirol, East of Lakes States, from Ganglel, Payinjar County and the entire northeastern Warrap State that were curved to the then Bahr-el-Ghazal Province (est.1903) in the 1930s administrative political boundaries demarcations by the British colonial swamp barons against their free will and consent.

I urge and appeal to all the people of South Sudan that this is now the time or never for reconciliation, reunification, reintegration, and reconstruction of the state and its prioritized infrastructure, forgiveness, but not to forget the past, to be honorably mindful and respectfully to accept the full blown out the crime of genocide and war crimes and crimes committed against humanity could have devastating impact, thusly, with catastrophic consequences because of the things that we have done, which we ought not to have to have done in Africa’s youngest state retrospect to the mid-December 2013 perpetrated with help from Uganda fighting or Salva Kiir’s regime in Juba. Uganda’s President Yuri Museveni’s should be identified as an international war criminal for having used excessively per knowledge and approval of Salva Kiir the internationally banned weapons of mass destruction (WMD) such as, Cluster bombs, the White Phosphorous bombs and others similar to the weapons utilized by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in Gaza Strip that comprises of 1.8-2m Palestinian refugees.

We call on the international community to charge President Yuri Museveni’s as an international war criminal in his premature involvement in South Sudan domestic affairs or internal conflict. We cannot let go this international war-criminal to let go for free for we shall and will pursue him with a lawsuit before the international community.

Nevertheless, as the would-be Pro-tempore President, I would do whatsoever humanly possible within my human capacity to mobilize every source of assistance available from the national, regional and international community to prevent the reoccurrence of these barbaric genocidal war crimes never again and to make sure that all the perpetrators of genocide in South Sudan could be brought to justice-qua-justice and with no exceptionalism. I would not relent until justice would be done throughout South Sudan against all the perpetrators and the war-criminals that have committed the crime of genocide. It was the US Supreme Court Justice Thurmond Good Marshall who said he that “Justice delayed is justice denied.” In the case of South Sudan genocide, nonetheless, there would be neither justice delayed nor justice denied. But you could all be rest assured that no stone would be left unturned until Justice would be fairly adjudicated in the letter of the law. I would be determined, motivated with guts and gusto to wage war of justice on behalf of the victims of genocide and the payments of reparations to the victims of genocide defined… as the gravest and the biggest crimes against humanity in the UN Charter, international law, international humanitarian law, international human rights law and human rights protection..

Furthermore, I would work harder like a beehives for the payments of reparations to the victims of genocide in South Sudan and to allocate Special Fund to be earmarked for the construction of Memorial Tombs to be built in Juba, Malakal, Wau, Bentiu, Ayod, Nasir, Adobo, Leer, Bor, Commissioners, Counties, Payams and other cities that would be selected, inter alia, by the Ad hoc Special Committee that would be assigned such a task and responsibility to become responsible for this durable, doable, and important task such that this generation and the next generation should know and understand the legacy and the history of the past, the present and the future.

Therefore, I would like to call for calmness, soberness, patience, and let there be no individual or ad hominem to take the law into their hands. We are a nation of laws and we should act like civilized people before or under the law of the land. We would, surely, deal with such individual persons in the same mannerism that we would deal with the perpetrators of the crime of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity throughout South Sudan. The Twic Special Militias under the direct command of the illegitimate President Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan, the notorious Chief of the General Staff, and renegade commanders, we would urge and appeal to them that they should surrender themselves to the nearest Police Precincts, Military Garrisons, Forts, and the closest Government of South Sudan (GOSS) authorities. We would haunt them down with tooth and nail until they have been all nabbed and brought to justice. There would be no bones about this horrific situation because we would make sure that justice would be done according to the letter of the law.

Realistically, both Dr. Riek Machar and Salva Kiir have been dictators and killers or murderers and have been allegedly accused as “War-Criminals” of the third kind compared to their predecessor the late Colonel/Dr. John Garang de Mabior (May his soul rest in peace) and have been declared as such by the international community as “War- Criminals” that have played and exploited ethnicity or tribe and its ethos to achieve their political ends. Both men have been identified by the UN and the international community as “War-Criminals” that nobody with like-minds should support or have any associations with them for that.

It’s now the time for them to exit public life such that we could inject new blood into system to make them look for other lucrative careers and professions available in life outside of the political lime lights or the political theater or arena. Both Dr. Riek Machar and Salva Kiir possessed no par excellence credentials, abilities and capabilities to govern South Sudan. They have been failures, the most rampantly corrupt, dangerous killers, accumulated money lovers as necessary evils of the third kind that deserved to be contained before they could further spread the viruses of hate crimes, genocide, war crimes, and crimes committed against humanity; racism and racialism and xenophobia; ethnocentrism (tribalism) and extreme individualism.

Verily and verily, I say unto you all my people of South Sudan that the time is now or never to disassociate yourselves from both Dr. Riek Machar and the illegitimate President Salva Kiir that has got nothing in his head except the Mexican Gallon Hat that was given him by the US President George Bush, Jr., during a visit to the George Bush’s Range in the Lone Star State of Texas, USA.

Consequently, both Dr. Machar and Salva Kiir could no long become good leaders because they lack vision, commitment, complexity and credibility, social architectures; rampantly corrupt; truly responsible and accountable for the treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war in South Sudan in the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide, beyond and yonder. They should and ought to be held accountable. They should be indicted on the crime of genocide, war crimes and crimes committed against humanity; including superimposed pain, suffering, and mental anguish that have caused to so many inhabitants to be enduring hunger, disease, pain, suffering and mental anguish throughout South Sudan for the sake of power, money, and control. They do deserve to be locked up in the federal plenipotentiary without parole, never to smell the sweetness of freedom ever or to walk again as freed men in South Sudan.

Life is full of so many dreams that some of them are achievable dreams through strategic planning, thinking and neo-thinking, ambitions, and to be a go-getter. For any individual person aspiring to become President of South Sudan he/she has to have one of the most hidden positive secret political, selfless, and ambitious agenda that I had put into the deepest well of thought and never shared it with anyone except with my God and creator to have the dream of serving the people self-Lesley.

Rather, than, for self-egoist with a blind political ambition or to seek accumulation of wealth or what Karl Marx the grand inquisitor termed as “Dialect materialism” like my predecessors have done in Juba through rampant corruption, embezzlement and self-aggrandizement, I should say to them, stay back and not ready for the job of being President not only South Sudan, but any countries on the planet-Earth. I have given myself much ample sufficient time to undergo self-cross examination and to study the politics and the type of leadership that exists in South Sudan such that when I decide to rise up like a star on the occasion to undertake the podium and campaigns to become the next democratically Elected President of South Sudan, I should have clear, cleaned, and wider micro-macroscopic background about the land, its people and cultures, its unity in diversity, and its culturally diverse people.

Nonetheless, time and space, including other foreseeable circumstances, internal divisions and political rifts within the SPLM ruling party have not permitted scheduled democratic elections to takeoff in 2015 because Salva Kiir had become a dictator of the third kind that focuses on the power grip, and only how to kill and execute all of his opponents left and right. Because of lack of democracy, social justice, equality, civil rights, civil liberties, civil and political rights in the country, they have been virtually diminished or eradicated in a “pre-born” and a “pre-failed” state in South Sudan that has moved from stateless to statelessness compared to Somalia in the Horn of Africa (HOA). As the would-be next Presidential Candidate, I would always be open minded, assertive, candid, transparent and accountable on what I would say and what I would do for the people to believe and to trust me in whatsoever endeavors and politico-military statements and decision-making that I would say and  do for the people and the entire family of IO. We have suffered together, genocide together, died in the trenches and foxholes together, faced hunger and disease together; we would reap this victory together…etc. and there would be no political hanky-panky and there would be no stones left unturned.

The people deserved the best of the best and have got to believe in me and what I would say and I would do for them compared to any other ripraps politicians. Nevertheless, if there is anyone with the capacity and the capability of leading the IO in the interim period of our boss absentia, let him/her to come forward to say so such that we could compete in a truly democratic, classical-liberalism and neo-liberal manners. For IO family, I would like to become your Pro-Tempore President until further notice. This is the bottom line. I wanted to lead you to victory against Salva Kiir as a trained academic, a military professional, and a veteran of the US Army. I have the guts and gusto to lead you to defeat Salva Kiir before he knows it. We must and ought to think critically and to go forward steadfastly because Dr. Machar would not return sooner than anticipated because of the predicament that he has been locked in the Republic of South Africa (RSA) and the senior military officials in the Movement have failed to tell you this problem for so long.


Basically, we have to undergo through the process of collective peaceful revolution. I wanted to become the next Pro-Tempore President of South Sudan that has become a “pre-born” and a “pre-failed” state and that has moved from stateless to statelessness. Because I have the ability, capability and the know-how concept of the “state” as the very important person (VIP) in international law and I have the know-how on how it should undergo re-construction as a “failed state” that other candidates do not possess that in depth knowledge, abilities, capabilities, expertise, the know-how, and experience to reconstruct a “failed state” from the scratch or from the grassroots.

As a political scientist with knowledge of the state, per se, caliber of public international affairs expertise, I do have the scientific know-how, the ability, the capability, and the art of ushering sustainable governance in resuscitating or reviving a “failed state” through reconstruction of the pillars of the bridge for its reconstruction, through positive and conducive nation building process with determination, motivation, and prioritization of a master plan for it to re-takeoff. I could not promise anyone that the reconstruction, reunification, reintegration, reconciliation, forgiveness, but not to forget the past, would become a dandy task that could be done in a day, in a month, in a year, but it could take pretty long and hectic hard work, times, and it would require a long period of becoming a workaholic that would require political will, guts and gusto, determination, motivation, and the desire to move on forward o achieve a prosperous lifestyle.

We could achieve this given the task or the undertaking the time and space to do it meticulously, diligently, intelligently, and peacefully to become prioritized and materialized. I have overwhelmingly strategic plans that could-be utilized to rebuild South Sudan that has been already left in ruined as a “failed state” by the Jieng (Dinka) leadership and virtually destroyed its infrastructure and could not be ready to takeoff when the time is right and ripped.

I would like to become the next Pro-Tempore President because I have an envisaged conceptualized vision as the basic operating principle of the state that is striving for excellence, out of a win-win perspective that requires a high level of interdependence among groups and individuals and the opportunity to serve the people, the organization, the state or the nation, all its components through communications, delegation of power and authority, and its domestic and its foreign relations. In all successful endeavors, a vision and organization functioning are intertwined. To choose a vision, a leader must first plot or have developed a mental image of a possible and desirable future of the organization. This image, of course, which we call a vision, may be as vague as a dream or as precise as a goal or mission statement. The most critical point and the most important point to remember or to capture is that a vision articulates a view of a realistic, credible, attractive future for the organization or the state, a condition that is better in some importance ways than what now exists.

Of course, a vision is a target that beckons. For instance, when the US President John F. Kennedy set a goal of putting a man on the moon by 1970 or Sanford Weil aimed to making the American Express the world’s leading investment banking company in five (5) years, they were focusing attention on worthwhile and attainable achievements. This is my vision to make South Sudan left in the state of ruins by Salva Kiir’s criminal, ethnocentric (tribal), terror, barbaric, criminal and genocidal regime to recover within a specifically given reconstruction and Marshal Plan to propel forward the engines of economic prosperity, social change and human progress. We should reckon that a vision always refers to a future state, a condition that does not presently exist and never existed before.

The state’s success based on a considered strategy of building trust between the governed that all powers emanated from them as opposed to the governors, the philosopher kings and/or the technocrats. Personally, I would like to undertake an action and to have the spirit of Lee Iacocca’s experience at Chrysler Corporation. Without the shadow of a doubt he [Iacocca) created a vision, mobilized the work force behind that vision and worked toward solidifying the commitment to the changes that he has brought about. I would call this Iacocca’s “spirit of change”.

In the case of my envisaged vision similar to Iacocca’s vision, three (3) things have to happen in the re-construction of a failed state like South Sudan- and these principles apply equally to each other and every one of these three (3) styles described: (1) To create a new vision and compelling vision capable of bringing the state to a new place. (2) To develop communications for the new vision and (3) to institutionalize the new vision.

Based on the preceded ideals striving for excellence out of a win-win situation, I do believe that effective leader must assembled for the organization or the state a vision of a desired future of the state or organization or a company for that. While this task may be shared and developed with other key members of the organization or the state, it absolutely remains the leader’s responsibility and cannot be changed. The point that I am trying to register or to jot down is that in the organization or state that the transformation of social architecture must begin at the top of the organization or the state with the President or the CEO and have the full support of the board and the inner circle of the top officers or managers or technocrats.

Most importantly, it must and ought to be between the top down and the bottom up concept for the free flow of information between the top hierarchy and the bottom down or the lower hierarchy of the organization or the state. In other words, there must and ought to be flowed of information, trust through positioning that is the emotional glue that binds followers and leaders together. The accumulation of trust is a measure of legitimacy of leadership. It cannot be mandated or purchased, it must be earned. Trust is the prima facie basic glue or the ingredient of all organizations, the lubrication that maintains the organization, and it is as mysterious and elusive a concept as leadership- and as important as communications from the top down and the bottom up pillars of the organization or the state. The leader is an effective social architecture to the extent that he can manage meaning. In the case of Lee Iacocca’s leadership style and rapprochement, it was an exception because of his brio and confidence and getting his message across to the public (and indirectly to his troops inside Chrysler’s corporation) that make the difference. As Lao Tzu said he that “ fail to honor people, they fail to honor you, but of a good leader, who talks little, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will all say, “We did this ourselves.”

Most importantly, I have a dream and a strategic plan to rebuild South Sudan through a “Marshall Plan” like in post-war Europe at the end of the Second World War (WWII) (1939-1945), the post-US Depression (Dust Ball) (1929-1935) and the post-Depression policy for economic recovery that was pre-conceived and implemented by the US President Franklin D. Roosevelt that did work and became later on known as the “New Deal” of President D. Franklin D Roosevelt’ post-Depression economic policy. We could achieve this vision and plan because the US and the European Union (EU) less the UK because of having triggered talks with EU on BREXIT under Article 50 of the 1973 Lisbon Agreement. We could make a request for loans and technical expertise from the USA, the EU and the UK to implement the preconceived “Marshal Plan” to repositioning the economic recovery in South Sudan. This is achievable and attainable compared to President Roosevelt’s “New Deal”, President John Kennedy’s goal of putting the man on the moon by 1970 and Stanford Weil of making the American Express to become the world’s greatest banking system within five (5) years. They achieved their goals because they were focusing on worthwhile projects and achievements. As an optimist, I could do the same for the people of South Sudan within a given specific time frame.

I could not promise you that I could do them all, but the most pressing and strategized primary programs for rapid economic recovery and to takeoff, could be prioritized. We would have to work twenty-fours or three 8 hours shifts seven days in a week (24/7) for three hundred sixty-days (365) per year for rapid economic recovery and the reconstruction of the state and its infrastructure through of food for work program, deployment of our military forces in all sectors of the political economy within the state and the general public for reconstruction of roads, bridges, demining, aqueducts, internet and globalization and telecommunication networks, building public hospitals, and agricultural development schemes [the Green Revolution] for food production for self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and food-security throughout South Sudan. All citizens and all able bodies men and women alike would be mobilized to work in all the strategized projects under the auspices of the Marshall Plan for the reconstruction of the war-torn and war-ravaged South Sudan.

Nevertheless as your Pro-Tempore President, I will not condone laziness, ‘niggering’ and ‘niggerism’, alcoholism, and idleness all days long. I will make sure that everyone works with exception of the sick and the seriously handicapped, minors and elderly people that the state would be obliged to give them the best care during their last day on the planet-Earth before they could sojourn for a new world hereinafter or after death that will not be the ends of life, but a new beginning of another life in a different planet.

These are some basic fundamental issues and many others that I would not illustrate in this biographic sketch of things as follows:-

  • To reunite, to reintegrate the people, the nation, and its unity in diversity, its cultural diversity and multiculturalism in South Sudan.
  • To become the pro-tempore President of South Sudan that has the ability and the capability to make a “New Deal” like the US President Franklin D. Roosevelt post-Depression (1929-1935) when Roosevelt’s programs for economic recovery took off in 1935 and beyond.
  • To provide vital instruments, ways and means for reconciliation, forgiveness, but not to forget the past, the inflicted healing of the unhealed wounds that resulted, in the treacherous tribal warfare or ethnical warfare that has been indicatively truly reflection of a “failed state” that has moved from stateless to statelessness.
  • My strong message to the people of South Sudan is that “Do not forget the past mistakes.” Professor George Lukas writes that “Those who forget the past are bound to repeat it.” The Rev. John Hagee in his book Jerusalem COUNTDOWN: A PRELUDE TO WAR (2006) writes that “Those who fail to remember the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them in the future. History reveals humanity’s triumphs and failures, giving us a compass for the future.” In brief, we should be mindful of remembering the mistakes of the past such that we would not repeat them again in the future and the present.
  • To establish South Sudan Reconciliation Commission (SSRC) similar to post- Apartheid South Africa in 1994 for everyone that committed crimes and atrocities against his fellow countryman, rapped women and girls, castrated young men, and burned children, women, and girls alive after their sexual ordeals, and committed other heinous crimes and humiliations against humanity should have the guts and gusto to confess things that they had done, which they ought not to have done. They should repent and they should ask for forgiveness. This could be a new beginning for healing the inflicted and unhealed wounds of the nation, to reunite it, as the way forward, and to takeoff economically. Collectively, comprehensively and inclusively, we should unite our ranks and files in despite of all that jazz, bittersweet experiences, humiliations, genocide and no matter how tougher to chew, to swallow and to digest, we have to rebuild, to reunite, to reintegrate and to reconstruct the infrastructure of this “failed state” to recover through hard work, analytical and logical reasoning and reasonableness.
  • To bring all perpetrators of the crime of genocide, war crimes, and crimes committed against humanity and other heinous crimes and atrocities committed against humanity to justice and the due process of the law without any exceptionalism. We should be determined and motivated more than ever to rest assured that justice must and ought to be done because there is no one that lives above the law and the constitution of the of the land.
  • To become the next Pro-tempore President, presumably if the people of South Sudan could bestow upon me their trust and confidence building measures, honesty, and their esteem votes’ in the future democratic elections in South Sudan after both Salva and Dr. Machar have exited the loop or out of the lime lights in Juba, we still have a chance and the opportunity that we could reconstruct and to rebuild a strong, free, progressive and a united heterogeneous democratic state based on the notion of a shared federalism based on the original ten (10) states, flexible ethnic federalism, the idea of “who we are”, and “what we are,” rather than dwelling on the issues of ethnocentrism (tribalism). We should incorporate in our would-be national Constitution to make every state to become “Sovereign” entity within him Union. I have a dream of reconstructing a “New South Sudan” that should be based on “de-tribalized” ethos instead of tribal genealogical trees or lines of demarcations and identifications. We would to become a free non-tribal or de-tribalized society
  • To provide a program of national reconstruction leading to national reunification and national reintegration in an already pre-born and pre-failed disunited and disintegrated state in South Sudan. This process could not be achieved in one day, in a month, or in a year, but it would take a pretty long period of time with so enormous hurdles and obstacles, but they are doable and achievable as long we are focusing on worthwhile achievable goals through hard work, determination, motivation, leadership with a vision; communications; trust through positioning; deployment of self-through positive self-regard and the marshaling of skills possessed by a majority, but used by a minority. These could be summed up under the context of leadership, viz., commitment, complexity, and credibility.
  • To provide democracy with all its true universal values for the first time ever for the people of South Sudan. When I speak of democracy, it is two words or terminologies in one that means “demos” (people) and “kratus” (rule) – meaning people’s rule or in the Nuer authentic translation political philosophy, traditional advanced democracy, egalitarianism and communalism (kondial) and/or Kum Nath. In other words, in all states on the planet-Earth all powers emanated from the governed rather than the governors or the philosopher kings.
  • Whilst democracy is not the best system in the world, Africans, Indians (Sub-Continent), and Arabs have had it prior to its export via Timbuktu, Mali, and Alexandra, Egypt, to Greece, Hellenistic Civilization without giving due credit to Africa, India, Arab and Islamic worlds that invented it for that. Nevertheless, democracy has not been the best wholesome functioning system in the world, but there is no other system to replace it. We could not agree more with the UK PM Sir Winston Churchill’s historic description of democracy during WWII (1939-1945) that “democracy is not the best system in the world, but there is no other best system to replace it”. Of course, we must and ought to admit that there has been always a tug of warfare between the Afro-centric vs. Euro-centric schools of thought on the issue of democracy that each school of thought claims to be the first to have invented it and spread it to the world. Certainly, I do know that democracy did not originate from one school of thought, but from several schools of thought representing different global civilizations.
  • In my capacity as the would-be Pro-tempore President, we should draft a federal constitution based on the Ten (10) original states arrangements within their inherited political boundaries as they were demarcated or curved out by the British colonial government that reflected the wishes of the people and would borrow the mirror of the US Constitution. South Sudan would become a shared federal state or a flexible ethnic federalism like in Ethiopia with each state within the Union shall become “Sovereign” polity within the Union of the Ten (10) original states.
  • The state, per se, as a “Sovereign” polity, each state would become “sovereign” within its territorial jurisdiction within the Union; the State Governors and Lieutenant-Governors (Deputy Governors) shall be elected democratically by the people to become the Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of the States Governments and unaccounted for to the federal President jurisdiction except to the people of the sates that elected him/her as the CEO, to impeach, to give “No Vote” of confidence, to impeach and to remove the Governor or the Deputy Governor by the State Legislatures and the people for improprieties, corruption, embezzlements and self-aggrandizements, and other impropriate violations and unlawful practices only through the “No vote” of confidence from the State Legislature via a two/third majority votes in both bicameral or mono-cameral State Legislatures that would be elected by the people and should always be accountable to the people; he/she could be impeached through a vote of no self-confidence; and any states that wishes to cede from the Union could undergo doing so by triggering an “Article of Secession” that should be incorporated within the federal constitution within 120 days and meeting all the criteria or the terms thereunto that would be incorporated thereunto in the federal constitution.
  • As the would-be Pro-Tempore President, the President has no iota powers to remove any state governors as the Chief Executive Officers and its Lieutenant Governors (Deputy Governors). It could only be done through the State Legislator.
  • To draft the State Constitution based on unity in diversity cultural diversity and to incorporate all peculiarities of the inhabitants within the would-be every State Constitution.
  • All State Constitutions should be written parallel to the would-be Federal Constitution or the Constitution of South Sudan and to provide representation, participation, gender equality, freedom of movement, freedom of resident, freedom of the right to work, freedom of the right to establish and to own business for all ethnicities and genders within the state and the country without any preferential treatment, patronage, social and racial discrimination, racism and racialism and xenophobia as well as segregation of anyone for whatsoever raison d’être.
  • There should be no specific religion to be supported by the federal and the state governments. There sh0uld be direct separation between religion and the state. “What’s Caesar’s is to Caesar and what’s God is to God”. All religions and all other heavenly faith-based religions should be tolerated and treated as such as equal under the laws of the land. In other words, there should be freedom of worship without any hindrance or sanctions from the federal and the state Government laws.


  • In my capacity as the would-be Pro-Tempore President of South Sudan, the federal government should be mobilized to seek from abroad mainly from the USA, the European Union (EU), including Japan a post-war Marshal Plan similar to post-war Europe for post-war socioeconomic takeoff, infrastructural development and the reconstruction for an already failed, ruined, destroyed state and its paralyzed economy in South Sudan.
  • We cannot achieve our dream of revolution for peace, human rights law and international humanitarian laws, political stability and economic recovery could only be achieved through viable and focused worthwhile socioeconomic and infrastructure programs that could induce economic takeoff; to eradicate hunger and disease; to intensify agricultural development programs; to have the capacity of producing grains (Dura) (Sorghum) (Biel), corns (Manytapni) and other stables; vegetables and fruits alike for the local marketplaces; to provide free healthcare system coverage (social medicine) for all; and free education for all such that no child would be left behind as the only viable vehicle to eradicate illiteracy. I would be determined and motivated to declare war on hunger, disease, de-ethnocentrism (detribalization), social injustice, inequality, eradication of rampant corruption; embezzlements; self-aggrandizements; the Green Revolution for food production for self-reliance; self-sufficiency and food security; and the eradication of illiteracy as the worst case scenario and social evils that really torn down our unity in diversity and cultural diversity or multiculturalism in South Sudan.
  • As Your President, I would be obliged to declare war on illiteracy, hunger, and disease in the country. The root causes of these problems could be traced to the British colonial rule and the post-colonial era in the Republic of Sudan-he mother country- that we split from in 2011 and produced the Paradox of Two-Sudans as stipulated by the CPA of 2005, unfortunately. I shall heretofore abscond or to refrain myself and to remain reserve and calm because knowing that the purpose of appealing to the industrialized countries has not been to criticize or condemn anyone of them on the past historical development processes, but to seek urgent assistance for the reconstruction of South Sudan because I am determined and motivated to reconstruct and to reunite once more the State of South Sudan and its culturally diverse people to charter a new course for this destroyed state to recover from its internal social evils such that its people could re-enjoy life and all the amenities thereof  of for a better and prosperous future. In summation, I come to the USA, the EU, the UK, and Japan to seek help for my people and their social welfare, to seek lasting friendship and truly brotherhood amongst all mankind.
  • To provide agrarian reforms (the Green Revolution) for self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and food security. South Sudan given its many greem hectares of fertile agricultural hectares of land could meet most of its needs within a period of six (6) months to a year.
  • The focus of the Marshal Plan would be to encourage agricultural production and building of small rudimentary factories, roads reconstruction, and building of the bridges to connect the countryside for Inter-State Trade and commerce, and the transportation of goods and services from one state to the next and to the neighboring African states.
  • The federal government in conjunction with the UN should undertake a program of de-mining of all areas mined by all parties during the years for the safety of the ordinary or common people from such dangerous left un-de-mined landmines at the end of the war and cessation of hostilities in South Sudan. We should also commission and Ad Commission, inter alia, to investigate the use of internationally banned Weapons of Mass destruction (WMDs) utilized by combined Uganda and Egyptian Air Forces against the civilians’ population in South Sudan.

EDUCATION: If I were to become the pro-tempore President of South Sudan, I would be envisaged to propose to have a strategic South Sudan Master Plan (SSMP) on education and the healthcare for the entire country. We would propose the followings as top national priority as follows that:-

  • Education as the best instrument known to mankind to have been receptive to social changes, broken down bearers created by mankind against itself, produce Enlightenment, creativity and professionalism. It has been through expansion of education and healthcare that has produced political stability, unity in diversity, cultural diversity and multiculturalism. Therefore, to bring about real socio-cultural changes and to plant and to nourish the “Tree of democracy” to grow and to produce good seeds. Education should always be the prima facie key to create de-tribalization, harmonious coexistence amongst people of different cultures, religions, and people, respectability, tolerance, compassion and to become “Good Samaritans”, and to encourage God’s love amongst all God’s culturally diverse people throughout South Sudan. My administration would propose a program of free education for all kids from K0-12, Undergraduate and Graduate studies throughout the country followed by strictly public service in any part of the countryside.
  • If I were to become Pro-Tempore President of South Sudan, my educational master plan (EMP) should be freed, comprehensive and inclusive to provide free Public schools and Land Grants Federal, states and local universities education for all kids from K0-12 and up to College or University and free healthcare coverage (social medicine for all citizens in South Sudan. There is no huge population explosion given the enormous natural resources and raw material and the strategic critical minerals that could become marketable in the international marketplace to generate hard currency plus whatsoever monies obtained through international bilateral and multilateral agreements and the right to borrow money from The World Bank (WB), African Development Bank, (ABD) the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other sources of assistance from the industrialized nations, United Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization.
  • The objective of my would-be administration would be a determination and motivation to declare war on eradication of “illiteracy” in South Sudan as quickly as possible. The federal government in conjunction with the state governments shall endeavor to establish federal Land Grant Universities and Colleges throughout South Sudan. Because of our proximity to the Middle East and the Arab-Islamic world, the curricula for instruction would be comprised of English, Arab, French, and vernacular languages in all states schools and higher institutions of learning based on the 1928 Rajaf Language Conference. Every child should be able to write his/her own languages similar to the concurrent situation in the flexible ethnic federal system in Ethiopia and Somalia. We will enhance to study in our languages like he Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, Thailand in all fields of human knowledge and human endeavors. The goal would be that a child should be able to read and write his/her mother tongue as required by UNESCO and take deep pride in his/her culture and others as well.
  • It would be followed by strict and compulsory National Service in the military and paramilitary, state Security, police and Wildlife Conservation of all able bodies in Undergraduate and Graduate institutions of higher learning alike during holidays and immediately upon graduation and readiness to take employment in the remote areas of the countryside as a teacher, a veterinarian and a medical doctor or as a Nurse and healthcare workers to be determined by the federal and the state governments. We should envisage the Department of Health and Human Services (DOH&HS) [Ministry of Health] to become one of the biggest government agencies comparable only to the would-be South Sudan Department of Education (SSDOE) [Ministry of Education] and the Ministry of Defense (MOE) and National Intelligence Security Services (NISS), Ministry of Interior (MOI), and Agriculture, Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation (AGFWC), with almost equal programs to serve our people needs and the nation as a whole. We shall and will not fail in these lofty projects so that no one would be left behind. We would do our very best to achieve all the best in these proposed Maser Plan programs laid out or outlined worthwhile goals in the service of the people of South Sudan
  • We should make sure that no child, handicaps and people with disabilities and Adults men and women alike would be left behind. In other words, if here is anyone that aspires to learn and it does not matter hold is that person; he/she should have access to education as a right for all people in the land. The federal government and the states government should share full responsibilities on the educational plans. We should give public schools and public Land Grant Universities and Colleges top priority. We should also encourage private and parochial schools with an Equal Opportunity in the country for all people regardless of creed, religion, ethnicity, gender and national origin.
  • Every child and Adults alike should to be taught how to read and write their mother tongues to preserve their cultural heritage. I could not agree more with UNESCO that “education is a right of the child.” I would like to emphasize and to make sure that no child would be left behind. We would make sure that special Education for the handicapped persons or people with disabilities would vigorously encourage by law.
  • In addition, to providing free education and free healthcare coverage [Social medicine) for all citizens like in the UK, France, Germany, The Russian Federation, and throughout the EU and the non-EU states for all citizens. We should endeavor to strive for total free healthcare coverage (social medicine) because it’s critically needed in the country. The federal government should build more public hospitals and Military Hospitals for the services to be catered to all service men/women and the civilians’ population alike. These and many other programs should be envisaged to become top priority of my would-be administration.
  • Specifically, agricultural training and development compared to education and healthcare system should be given top priority. We should encourage all people, students, the military; rangers, Wildlife Conservation Officers, and everyone that resides in South Sudan should be encouraged to plant edible trees everywhere on the land and the bushes of South Sudan. The federal and state governments should encourage anyone interested in growing oranges, mangoes, papayas, pineapples and other tropical plants throughout the country. The Ministry of Agriculture in conjunction with the international financial institutions would also provide financial assistance to support such locally conceived progressive projects. We should state out rightly that 95% of the domestic trade economy to be handed only by South Sudanese businessmen and businesswomen. No foreigners would be licensed to enter local trade. Local economy cannot be handled by foreigners, but by the locals’ traders. The number of foreign traders would be outlawed drastically to operate any small businesses in South Sudan and the illegal cultivation of lands in South Sudan. Foreign merchants would allotted small slots and could be gradually phased out if South Sudanese have learned and acquired such businesses tricks, rule and regulations. I have a dream for South Sudan that would be in the hands of South Sudanese rather than foreigners.


  • Under the federal constitution all citizens should be required by law to pay comprehensive and inclusive progressive federal, state, and local taxation. There should be no exemptions of anyone from paying federal, state, and local taxation. This should be a public responsibility and a top priority of the federal government. This should also include all foreign companies, merchants, traders, factory owners, employees, and businessmen and businesswomen alike should be required by law to pay taxes.
  • The federal government in conjunction with states and local authorities should share in these undertakings. There should be programs directly by federal-states and federal-local programs.
  • State and local governments should apply to the Revenue Sharing Office for direct federal grants-in- aids programs for development in agriculture, education, and healthcare and other vital programs for local development schemes.
  • We should create an Office of Revenue Sharing (ORS), the Department of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that would be functioning transparently and accountably with intergovernmental relations (IGR).


  • Police should serve the public that they have dedicated themselves to serve and to protect. Police brutalities, humiliations and other human rights violations would be prohibited by law. Anyone arrested would be presumed innocence under the presumption of the law and the Due process of the law. The Habeas Corpus of the detainees should be protected, under the constitution, international humanitarian law, international human rights and human rights protection. All detainees should be treated humanely. No torture of any kind and water boarding of any sort.
  • No Police and security officers that should take the law into their own hands by beating, torturing, and committing other acts of humiliations against anyone arrested and to be read his/her rights to remain silent and that anything that they say could be used against them in the Court of law. Every citizen should be treated fairly, humanely, under the “presumption of Innocence” and the “due process” of the law.
  • Police Departments should be required to establish Police-Civilians’ relations departments. Other laws and regulations concerning the prevention of police brutalities and community relations would be drafted in conjunction with the federal and state government.


  • South Sudan should have full diplomatic relations with all peace loving and democratic countries.
  • Sudan has the mother country and shares culture, language and religion (Islam and Christianity) should always be given a top priority and a special relation between the two sisterly countries compared to the Anglo-American special relations across the Atlantic.
  • We should strengthen our special relations with the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany in pretty special mannerisms to reflect durable and trustworthy relations.
  • We should also have to encourage good and closed relations with all the EU countries, including Japan, non-EU member states such as the Russian Federation and with the exception of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).
  • We should strengthen South Sudan relations with Sudan as the mother country on the Four Freedoms signed in 2012 with the GOSS in Ethiopia and also with member states of the African Union (AU) that would be conducted on case-by-case basis although with few exceptions. We would also undertake jointly the process of Dual Citizenship in both countries. In other words, all South Sudanese born in Sudan or biracial background and North Sudan born in South Sudan or of biracial background could automatically qualify as citizens of either country.
  • Both Kenya and Uganda should be blacklisted as terror states, human rights violators, both Presidents Uhuru Kenyatta and Yuri Museveni should be charged for “War-Crimes” and the use of internationally banned weapons of mass destruction (WMD) to have any normal relations with South Sudan for infinite years ahead. Any South Sudanese citizen that would enter any of the two countries prior to any approvable from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation would be considered as having violated the national law of South Sudan and could be subject to investigation, to trial, and to be sentenced by law.
  • Kenya and Uganda have become “enemy states” that would be isolated and we would live with them in a state of peace and no war. South Sudan would withdraw from the East African Economic Community (EAEC), but would seek Associate membership with the League of Arab States (LAS).
  • Those AU member states that have been involved in the war would be given the least priority to have relations with South Sudan. They have been enemy states and that would remain that way until they repent and ready to apologize and to pay reparations for people that they have killed.
  • We should develop bilateral and multilateral relations with all countries because of globalization and the internet networks and international trade and commerce.
  • We should seek technical and scientific agreements with the Western world, including Japan and the Russian Federation and the tiny Jewish State of Israel and the entire Arab and Islamic world.
  • Foreign relations, coinage, bilateral and multilateral treatise, and the conduct of international cooperation, Declaration of war, the deployment of the federal army and police in any quagmires for a period of 120 days or to participate in any declared war all these powers would fall within the power jurisdiction of the federal government. He President could declare war with only the approval of the National Parliament or Congress. No State has the power to declare war except by the President by as per Act of Congress, National Parliament, and/or the People’s Assembly to declare war.


  • These natural resources belong to the Nuer nation, its people, and the Nuer community and not the Government of South Sudan [GOSS]. Responsibility of the GOSS would be to provide protection on the ecosystem and the environmental protection. It’s the prevention of pollution of land and waters. Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Pakistani and Arab oil companies that have already polluted the ecosystem because they have no corporate responsibility.
  • My first decision-making, moratorium or act as Pro-Tempore President without any pre-conditions or quid- pro-quos would be to nationalize, to expel, to fire or to kick out PRC, Malaysia, India, and Pakistani oil companies or consortia and to sue them with billions and zillions of dollars for the pollution that that they have caused or created in the oil rich Unity, Upper Nile, and Jonglei States.
  • Moldova should be recalled to remove highly Toxic Radio Active industrial waste materials buried along the shores of the Zeraf or Phow River in Kier and Zam-Zam marshes (Suds/Toich) perpetrated by the SPLM/A leaders in exchange for arms and money that it buried along the shores of the White Nile and the Zeraf (Phow) Rivers at Kier Toich (Sudd) swamp marches southwest of Ayod County and Poktap where the Jonglei Canal construction halted years ago.
  • The beneficiaries of the aforementioned ‘dirty dozen’ deals were the late Dr. John Garang, Dr. Riek Machar, Salva Kiir, Dr. Majak D’Aggot, the notorious and brutal killer Lt.-General Kuol Manyang Juuk, Lt.-General Thomas Douth Guet Thong and many others that could be subpoena. These and many other social and fiscal policies could be developed for the good and the protection of the healthcare of the people, aquatic life, the ecosystem, and the environmental protection.


In conclusion, I would like to urge and to appeal to all South Sudanese both protagonists and antagonists alike o unit their ranks and files against the barbaric, criminal, terror, human right violators and genocidal regime in Juba, South Sudan, in the US, Canada, the EU, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, and throughout Afro-Arab world organize peaceful and nonviolence demonstrations wherever there is an Egyptian Government presence or establishment and with our international friends both Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, and all heavenly faith-based religions worldwide to mobilize and to launch anti-Egyptian peaceful demonstrations before he White House, the State Department, the US Congress, Egyptian Embassy, Washington, DC, and the Egyptian Consulates in the USA to protest against the arbitrary President Assisi’s regime intervention in South Sudan, thusly, because of Egyptian anti-Ethiopian Government construction of the Greater Ethiopian Renaissance Dam [GERD) and its further desires to complete excavation of the unfinished Jonglei Canal that could happen only over our dead bodies.

The Egyptian and Ugandan Air Forces have dropped sorties of biochemical weapons and the internationally banned weapons of mass destruction (WMD) against the innocent civilians’ population. They are harassing and preventing the local to till their farms for seasonal cultivations, often killed their herds, poisoned drinking water that had has been responsible for massive causes and spread of Cholera Disease, Intestinal diseases, and other undiagnosed diseases throughout South Sudan. This is truly Genocide of the third kind as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity as defined by the United Nations Charter, international law, international human rights protections and the international humanitarian law, and in contravention of the 30 Articles on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that UNGA adopted on 10 December 1948 in Paris, France.

We urgently urge and appeal to the international community, the international media, and the Western powers under the umbrella or the umbilical cord of the USA in particular, to investigate and to report to the world at large, the concurrent ongoing Egyptian Government recklessness, madness, and the destruction of South Sudanese as human beings with equal rights, obligations, duties, and responsibilities on the planet-Earth like the Egyptians people. We shall not and will not forget Assisi’s dreams to exterminate a people as a “final solution” in whole or in part.

We urge and appeal to the international community and the big powers as permanent member states of the UN Security Council (UNSC) entrusted with maintaining and preserving international peace and security to bring pressure on Assisi’s regime to halt without any preconditions or quid-pro-quos its withdrawal from South Sudan as sine-qua-non to peace not only in South Sudan, but throughout the volatile Horn of Africa’s region not to become embroil once again to become an international “hot spot” like was once in the previous years of the East-West ideological confrontation or the Cold War hysteria or what I may term as human madness then and now.

My dream as your Pro-Tempore President would be to peace and to protect he peace with strength. They word to use nowadays on global scale is peace and not war. Good generals talk about peace and not war. We will rebuild new homes to replaced he shags and new cities to replace the old, we will replace the old constitution with a new Constitution and a national anthem that will be representative will change he old South Sudan Pound to a new one; and will bring humanitarian relief assistance to all those indeed. Every Southerner that upraised against the Jieng’s domination, oppression, and exploitation deserves a every chance o become of the Federal Republic of South the democratic process based on one, one woman, one vote, one value or the Universal Adult Suffrage through the secret ballot box.  South Sudan is not Dinka, but it belongs to South Sudanese without any exceptionalism.

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