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South Sudanese graduates from Zimbabwe propose new education model

Juba, South Sudan, 20th May 2020 – South Sudanese graduates from Zimbabwean public universities have urged the government to adopt a new model of education at the country’s higher institutions of learning.

More than 100 graduates held a ceremony for the handout of their certificates and transcripts at Freedom Hall in Juba earlier today after the government acquired the academic documents three years after completion of various degree programs.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dhouc Oronzo who represented the graduates said time was ripe for the South Sudan higher learning institutions to embrace Education Model 5.0 – which encompasses industrialization, modernization, and innovation.

Education model 5.0 seeks to replace the older model 3.0, which revolves majorly around three core areas; teaching, research, and outreach.

“One important idea is that science is a means whereby learning is achieved, not by mere theoretical speculation on the one hand, nor by the undirected accumulation of practical facts on the other, but rather by a motivated iteration between theory and practice,” Oronzo told attendance.

“Combining theory and practice is one of the age-old traditions of effective pedagogy. Education 5.0 emphasis on goods and services validate this pedagogical tradition,” he added.

“In this regard, we believe that, apart from sponsoring students outside the country, we must avail, adopt and practice what we have learned from Zimbabwe,” he further stated.

Education Model 5.0 was an initiative championed by Zimbabwe’s Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development.

At the center of the model is the notion that the model is a trajectory to the creation of graduates who are potential employers unlike model 3.0 which confines graduates to be job seekers and labor force.

At least 105 South Sudanese students who graduated now want the government at home to replicate the model to improve the quality of education in the country.


Adapting the education model 5.0 comes at a cost. For the case of South Sudan, that would mean the redesigning of the syllabus. For a country with some oldest universities still stocking textbooks published in the 19th century, this will not be a walk in the air.

Restructuring does not just have, it requires adequate budget and resources (both human and material). South Sudan last presented its budget in July for the fiscal year 2018/2019. Most of the country’s affairs are funded by humanitarian organizations.

But as the price goes up, the allocation of an adequate budget to the education sector must be a priority if South Sudan is to adopt the new education model.


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Gol Bol May 20, 2021 at 3:01 pm

My goodness does Zimbabwe has superior educated people than South Sudanese really? If at at all they were superior educated than South Sudanese, then their country wouldn’t had been usurped an English piece of trash, Mr. Cecil Rhode as his own personal estate.

And called it Rhodesia. Here in our Nilotic plains and valleys. We don’t consider English low lives anything. We are far more racists than the evils.

Winston Churchill, another English piece of drunk was once here on Nile valley. He even proposed that their evil juus (so-called israelis) would had been resettled in Uganda or Madascar.

The vermins/parasites would have been dead.

Chap, the vermins/parasites love our country and our people to death. But the vermins/parasites are wasting their damn times and our times.

We hate them to death. The evils love affair with our country and our people has gone too far.

South Sudan is not part of evils so-called ANGLO-AMERICAN empire, never has and will ever damn will under the SUN or even million years..

Reasons, Pure HATRED and RACISM.


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