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United Nations Mission To “Protect” Oil Fields In South Sudan

Egyptians soldiers in Sinai desert (photo:Ellen Bierhorst)
The UN Peace keepers (photo:file)

May 31, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The United Nation’s new mandate is expanded to protect oil installations and other sources of revenue in South Sudan, if the current regime fails to do so.

The decision came after the South Sudan government requested a regional help through Intergovernmental Agency for Development(IGAD), which has been sharply criticized by the South Sudan’s armed opposition.

The government of South Sudan earlier claimed that UN mission is already overwhelmed by its current mandate and for such, it would be overloaded by the new mandate. As a result the government considers IGAD as the next alternative to guard the national resources.

South Sudan’s main installation are guards by the Ugandan forces in Juba and as well as in strategic town of Bor. The Ugandan army, however, is expected to withdraw should another military intervenes to protect the important installations.

The new mandate is sharply criticize by the South Sudan rebel groups claiming that the United Nation would be taking side, like Uganda, and for such would be regarded as an enemy.

Brig. Lul Ruai Koang believes that the United nation will no longer be neutral in the conflict if they start protecting the resources and not the vulnerable populations as they have been doing in South Sudan and other countries.

“The minute they[UN] take up that role of protecting oil infrastructure, oil facilities, and anything that is going to bring revenue to the government in Juba, definitely we are going to be at loggerhead with the UN and the moment with are at loggerhead with the UN, their neutrality is gone, so they should keep off” Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang.

The armed opposition are calling on the UN to withdraw their mandate believing that such a mandate is overstepping the role of a United nation.

The United nation  mission in South Sudan is coping with the growing tension, threat of famine, outbreak of diseases like cholera while trying to forge solutions to the shaky relations with South Sudanese government.

The government of South Sudan has accused the United Nations of running a “parallel government” and supplying rebels with weapons in the past. The head of the mission, Hilde Johnson, who has submitted her resignation letter has been accused of having cordial relationships with the armed opposition.

Although the UN has accused the rebels, this new mission may shaken their relation.

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