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The Triangle of Evil in the Oil industry of the Republic of South Sudan

By: Dr. Monykuch Maluk Anyar (PhD),

Map of South Sudan
Map of South Sudan

Dec 30, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) —- The trio that forms the triangle of evil in the oil industry in South Sudan comprises of Hon. Stephen Dhieu Dau Ayik, Mr. Moses Machar Aciek Ader Nyang, and their planner, Mr. Paul Adong Bith Deng. These people have common interest but different goals, their shared interest is to dominate and enrich themselves by taking as much money as possible, whatever the cost.

Before I elaborate on their evil activities in the oil industry, I am appealing to my readers and the people of the Republic of South Sudan to take this seriously, because it is for the interest of our Country South Sudan and the ruling party, SPLM. People were killed due to the formation of tribal militia funded by oil money, public funds squandered through sham schemes and contracts awarded to their relatives.

The people of South Sudan should have learnt from the Brazilian Petrobras oil scandal in which almost thirty people have been indicted most of them belong to the ruling Worker’s Party which Ms. Dilma Rousseff lead. Unlike Brazilian ruling Worker’s Party members which have been implicated, this trio group has little connection to the ruling party of the Republic of South Sudan, SPLM; Mr. Stephen Dhieu Dau Ayik, a former banker has not declared himself as an SPLM member officially, but found his way to the Upper Nile State cabinet as minister of finance after the CPA before he was appointed national minister of Petroleum and Mining. Some quarters believed that he was brought in by Pagan Amum in order to gain popularity among Jieng Padang Community of Upper Nile.

Mr. Moses Machar Aciek Ader Nyang , former Wali (governor) of Warrap State under Bashir’s National Congress Party did not make any declaration either, after being removed by Bashir from gubernatorial post, he returned to work as a civil servant grade 3 special in the Ministry of Energy and Mining, he swallowed his pride and accepted to be humiliated by Jalaba. After independence of the Republic of South Sudan he was shifted to Ministry of Petroleum and Mining as senior civil Servant before he was appointed as 1st Undersecretary of Petroleum. The same humiliation this time by Stephen was a kind of reward after having gone through marginalization and fund scarcity. Recently he was appointed as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nile Petroleum Corporation (NILEPET). It is amazing that this time he accepted to descended from 1st Undersecretary of Petroleum to a mere MD and CEO because of money.

Mr. Paul Adong Bith Deng, former NILEPET Managing Director was an African National Front (ANF) supporter or sympathizer. He was appointed in the early 2012 as NILEPET Managing Director, he was fast-tracked by some friends for their interest after having failed to secure Schlumberger head office in Juba. He went to Accra, Ghana to look for a job, because Ghana was cheap and affordable, something that angered his friends who worked very hard to make him return to South Sudan.

Having stated brief backgrounds about these gangs, it is crystal clear that their actions and motives have nothing to do with SPLM and should not be blamed on the ruling party because; initially they are not committed members. It is also very interesting to see how these people ganged up to form the triangle of evil in the oil industry in the Republic of South Sudan.

Mr. Stephen Dhieu Dau Ayik, a man with difficulty spelling the word “oil” the industry of which he leads as Minister was opposed to the appointment of Paul Adong as Managing Director, but after some lobby he reluctantly accepted. He might not have known Paul Adong’s personality; he was even labeling him as stubborn and hypocrite. After some few months they teamed up and formed the tribal front called Padaangism. The two men, Stephen Dhieu and Paul Adong hail from Jieng Section of Padaang from Upper Nile and Unity State respectively, Mr. Moses Machar Aciek from Warrap, seen as naïve, coward and selfish was marginalized, manipulated and used as puppet by the two guys in order to achieve their project of Padaangism.

Padaangism has gone well with Stephen and Paul, and for them to facilitate their project without hindrance, almost eighty per cent (80%) out of three per cent (3%) of the oil money that goes to the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining from production was transacted directly to NILEPET bank account so that they could dip their hands there without consent or approval of the 1st Undersecretary of Petroleum as the Accounting Officer. Most of the positions in the join operating companies (JOCS) are held by Padaang including the Vice Presidents of the two big companies like GPOC and DPOC, which are Chom and Paul Adong respectively.

Thangrial RefineryProject was also hatched up by Mr. Stephen Dhieu Dau in order to squander public fund and also the Unity oil Refinery was also another fraudulence scheme leave alone Akon Refinery that was awarded to Asharef Cardinal.

Pual Adong did not hesitate to make up his mind on how to scoop as much as he could get, he created sham schemes that never yield fruitions. The L.P.G. which is a gas station and Depot at Jebel are well built and constructed, but the intentions for making these projects were not met. If the project did not meet the purpose intended for, then it is a sham scheme. These projects were made so as to get money out of them and to also create jobs for their folks. These are not small projects; in South Sudan if you want to get rich quickly, is to create more fraudulence projects, no auditing of course.

The Data Centre now the Training Centre was also meant for accommodation of their fellow folk who completed his PhD in 2013 in the Netherlands, now this man is a Director General in the NILEPET. One wonders just within two years or so, one has to become a Director General and there are a lot other folks who obtained their PhDs longed enough to be above Director General if that is the criterion, they are now still lingering down the company’s payroll.

Moses Machar Aciek was left with no choice but to fight for his survival after having gone through humiliation, and all kinds of marginalization. He developed stooge behavior and managed to install his two sons in the industry. This manifested behavior met the consent of these two men; they liked it and he was incorporated into the group to be used as puppet and to also reflect their veneer image as non-tribal people. Machar was compensated by accepting to leave his higher position as 1st Undersecretary of Petroleum and descended to a lower oily position and in less than a week after his appointment, he airlifted his son, Deng Machar Aciek to Dubai, to go and cash five hundred thousand US Dollars (500,000 USD) as his compensation. What will be the fate of NILEPET in the days to come, given the fact that the man is a retired person and would want to fatten his bank account quickly before the apocalypse.

After the outbreak of war following the attempted coup by Dr. Riek Machar in 2013, Mr. Stephen Dhieu wrote to the Ministry of Defense and Veterans Affairs asking for the release of Padaang sons in uniform to go and defend the oil fields. This may sound well but he should have asked for more army around the production area not his tribesmen. He places himself in the command of that tribal militia and funds that by raising the operation cost. And for the sake of my readers not to have doubt I am now publishing the names below.


The Republic of South Sudan



To: H.E. Gen. Kuol M. Juuk

Minister of Defense and

Veterans Affairs


From: Hon. Stephen Dhieu Dau

Minister of Petroleum and Industry



Ref: Release for Community Police in Defense of Oil Fields


May you please arrange for the release of the following Army officers and men to defend oil fields under Police of the area:

S/N Rank Names in Full Unit
1. Brig. Gen. Majok Lang BielKuei
2. Brig. Gen. Wour Majok Panyil
3. Brig. Gen. Guot Akuei Khor Administration
4. Brig. Gen. Chuok Kuek Nyok Ministry of Defense
5. Col. Peter Ajith Adet Police
6. Col. Juac Bol Ayiik Director for Admin.
7. Lt. Col. Monyakuac Chol Dor Ministry of Defense
8. Lt. Col. Ali Kur Ajak Ministry of Defense
9. Lt. Col. Awan Chan Deng Lual GHQS
10. Lt. Col. Narom Chol Diing Agot GHQS
11. Lt. Col. Abiel Deng Ajak Bol GHQS
12. Lt. Col. Geang Bang Deng GHQS
13. Maj. Bol Ayong Ajak
14. Maj. Samuel Monyring Ngok Directorate for Gen. Training
15. Maj. Ngor Loi Kur Directorate for Administration
16. Maj. Gor Buny Dau Directorate for Education
17. Maj. Francis Bol Dau Directorate for Administration
18. Maj. Bol Deng Lual Ministry of Defense
19. Maj. Thuch Chol Anyar Directorate for Administration
20. Maj. Amol Nyok Lual GHQS
21. Maj. Majok Nyok Ayuel Akuei GHQS
22. Maj. Anyang Amol Nyok Ayuel Chol GHQS
23. Maj. Angong Bol GHQS
24. Maj. Kur Ayuel GHQS
25. Maj. Kur Aming Kur GHQS
26. Maj. Bol Baping Br 43 Div 3
27. Maj. Deng Nuol GHQ- Admin.
28. Capt. Aramdan Deng Jok Ministry of Defense
29. Capt. Riak Monkai Ayuel Chol GHQS
30 Capt. Anyow Nyok Angow GHQS
31. Capt. Monyak Bol Deng Akol Mechanized Division – Bor
32. 1st Lt. Samuel Monychol Ajag Ministry of Defense
33. 1st Lt. Samuel Ayiik Ajok Directorate for Officers Affairs
34. 1st Lt. Khamis Anyak Jok Commando
35. 1st Lt. Juac Chol Bol Directorate for Administration
36. 1st Lt. Deng Aloi Akouc Ministry of Defense
37. 1st Lt. Nul Ajak Nul Directorate for Administration
38 1st Lt. Samyuel Akec Deng Ministry of Defense
39. 1st Lt. Lual Angui Monydhot Directorate for Administration
40. 1st Lt. Chuok Chear Akol Directorate for Administration
41. 1st Lt. Yac Kom Yac Sector one
42. 1st Lt. Abong Ayuel GHQS
43. 1st Lt. Majok Dau Reang GHQS
44. 1st Lt. Makuei Manybuang Directorate for Officers’ Affairs
45. 1st Lt. Akuet Nyojk Ayuel Akuei Directorate for Officers ’Affairs
46. 1st Lt. Weer Jal Deng Juac Directorate for Officers’ Affairs
47. 1st Lt. Thor Juac Thop Directorate for Administration
48. 1st Lt. Abraham Peadiat Deng
49. 1st Lt. Fathouma Abdrazek Akol
50. 1st Lt. Manyring Malou Div 2
51. 1st Lt. Achuil Athuai Ajak SPLA Commando
52. 1st Lt. Padeit Aduop Ajing Div 3 Br 27
53. 2nd Lt. Deng Nhial Bol Kuek Division 2
54. 2nd Lt. Dau Adanga Deng Mapel
55. 2nd Lt. Deng Chialbong Div 2 HQS
56. 2nd Lt. Dau Adanga Deng Mapel Div 3
57. 2nd Lt. Peter Nyok Padiet Administration Command
58. S/M Thuch Chol Nyok Directorate of Administration
59. SGT Thon Chol Kuot Operation
60. SGT Chol Dok Lual Military Police
61. SGT Diing Goch Ngor Signal (Division 4)
62. SGT Padiet Akuei Monywiir Signal Division
63. SGT Liei Aduer Juach Signal Division
64. SGT Alfred Golong Marial Administration Command
65. SGT Ayong Deng Athuol
66. SGT Ayaiwal Wiew Ajak Operation
67. SGT Peadiet Juok Ajuod
68. SGT Dhong Ahouch Ajak
69. SGT Manyeak Dau Operation
70. SGT Chol Lual Dok
71. SGT Tochruor Keajok Atem Division 8
72. CPL Ayuong Ahauch Ayuong Operation
73. CPL Riak Weak Yuod Administration command
74. CPL Matewakel Ngor Ajuang
75. CPL Samuel Chol Nathanial
76. CPL Laul Thon SPLA Command
77. CPL Manymul SPLA Command
78. CPL Agaem Deng Operation
79. L/CPL Dau Zeaw Aguear Administration Command
80. L/CPL Chol Ngor
81. L/CPL John Ayuel Ayiik
82. L/CPL Nyok Deng Athuol
83. PVT Ahach Deng Ayuong
84. PVT Ameal Ajeath Luow
85. PVT Manyrieng Dau Ador
86. PVT Ajueer Manywiir
87. PVT Muon Chol
88. PVT Nyok Chan
89. PVT Anyang Ayuel





1 Lt. Gen. Peter Kuol Awan HQS
2. Col. Diu Awer Werker Chom N.B.G
3. Col. Wieu Pal Padiet HQS
4. Major Daffalla Bilal Juma HQS
5. Ali El Jak Akec HQS
6. Deng Aer Ajang Mapel
7. Machok Deng Agoth SPLA/Malakal
8. Monyjok Deng Ker
9. Lony Garang Aru
10. Makor Anei SPLA/ Juba
11. Capt. Chol Deng Nyok SPLA/Malakal
12 Maj. Gen. Michael Michael Deng SPLA/Juba
13. Capt. Faruok El Jak HQS


Reserved Forces to be returned into active list

S/N Rank Names in Full Unit
1. Lt. Gen. William Deng Ajuot Reserved List
2. Maj. Gen. Alaak Deng Pal
3. Brig. Gen. Samuel Monychol
4. Lt. Col. Awan Chan Deng
5. Namrom Chol Diing
6. Abiel Deng Ajak
7. Maj. Majok Nyok Ayuel
8. Anyang Amol Anyang
9. Capt. Riak Monybai Ayuel
10. Angau Nyok Angau
11. 1st Lt. Akuei Nyok Ayuel
12. 2nd Lt. Wer Juac Deng
13. 2nd Lt. Dut Guom Kuch
14 Andrew Gak Ngor
15. Capt. Abraham Monyur Monyluak
16. Pvt. Doctor Macok Dau
17. Chuk Kom Lual
18. Kaman Thon Wek
19. Ajak Gac Reth




The Republic of South Sudan



To: Hon. Aleu Ayeny Aleu

Minister of Interior and

Wildlife Conservation


From: Hon. Stephen Dhieu Dau

Minister of Petroleum and Industry



Ref: Release of Officers and men for the Protection of Oil Fields


  1. Abdel Aziz Deng Ngor
  2. Lt. Col. Majok Kak Deng
  3. 1st Lt. Akol Padiet Kak
  4. Col. Atik Dau Jowit
  5. Col. Saberi Chuli Guot
  6. Capt. Nyok Bol Ajing
  7. 1st Lt. Kur Kiew Deng
  8. Pvt. Arang Lual Arang
  9. Pvt. Thon Deng Diwuot
  10. 2nd Lt. John Agany Tong
  11. Brig. Gen. Solomon Chol Michar
  12. Col. Diu Awer El Riko Com
  13. Col. Wieu Pal Padiet
  14. Lt. Col. Daffalla Bilal Juma
  15. Lt. Col. Ali Kur El Jak Akuc
  16. Major Deng Awer Ajang
  17. Capt. Farouk Al Jak Deng
  18. Lt. Col. Akol Kur May
  19. Major Deng Nul Awer
  20. Major Monychol Jok
  21. 1st Lt. Padiet Akol Deng
  22. 1st. Lt. Yassin Deng Monygot
  23. 2nd Lt. Deng Nul Padiet
  24. 2nd Lt. Ajak Nul Padiet
  25. 2nd Lt. Deng Aguer Chol
  26. 2nd Lt. CholNul Aluong
  27. 2nd Lt. Angok Padiet Mohamud
  28. 2nd Lt. Awer Yel Akol
  29. 1st Lt. Deng El Hag Ajang

Dr. Monykuch Maluk Anyar (PhD) is a leading researcher in good governance; can be reached by mmaluk@yahoo.com

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Goweng Torbaar December 31, 2015 at 10:42 am

Please Dr.Riak did not attempt any coup!!!!!!!!!! read African Union Commission Report. The killing was well organized with 4 generals and it was a higher government policy.

Gat.darwich December 31, 2015 at 5:12 pm

Dr. MonyKuch,

You are one of the most patriot Jenges ever.

Corruptions, corruptions-thievery of public monies must be exposed no matter who commits it period.

It’s every patriot South Sudanese individual’s national duty and obligation to boldly make public the robbers and thieves of our national resources incomes.

Thank Dr !

Gat.darwich December 31, 2015 at 7:33 pm

Dr. MonyKuch,

please halt naively dwelling on the fake coup narrative, ok !

You wrote like an intellectual individual who won’t blindly buy into the Jenges’ tribal mindset

Iual deng December 31, 2015 at 11:48 pm

Dr monykuach,we appreciate your article for letting us aware with corruption which took place in south Sudan by group of government officials and got away with fraud with no charge or being question by government, this a destruction of the country we all love. Because all those guys are jieng they will not face any charges while our people are suffering no clean water and food people are depending on UN while are steallng public money which suppose to go to the people who are in need.


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