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South Sudan Government Lacks Control of its Army, Multiple Violations of Truce Alleged!

Sudanese rebels are accused of involvement in the South Sudanese conflicts, South Sudan rebels denied killing civilians by JEM soldiers - In the picture are Fighters with Sudan’s Justice and Equality (JEM) Movement in al-Fasher, northern Darfur, on July 25, 2011 (Ashraf Shazly AFP/Getty)
Sudanese rebels are accused of involving in the South Sudanese conflicts, government forces violates the peace agreement – In the picture are Fighters with Sudan’s Justice and Equality (JEM) Movement in al-Fasher, northern Darfur, on July 25, 2011 (Ashraf Shazly AFP/Getty)

May 11, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan’s SPLM [in opposition] accuses the government of violating the recently signed peace agreement.

A report released by Brig.Gen. Lul Ruai Koang, the military spokesperson for SPLA [in opposition], accuses the government of attacking their positions in multiple fronts despite the peace agreement signed in Addis Ababa by the two leaders.

The allied governments troops are accused of attacking multiple fronts in Upper Nile state.

“On 10-5-2014 starting from 9:00PM to 7:30AM this morning, government troops shelled our defensive positions with heavy artillery at Kaldak,Canal,Wei-Mabor, Khor-Fulus and Phom El Zaraf.” Brig. Gen Lul.

Brig. Gen Lul also accused the government of continued attacks in Unity state.

“On 10-5-2014 at 2:00 AM, Kiir’s forces attacked our positions at Guit County Administrative HQs. However, the attacking forces were repulsed; one APC was captured in good condition. Loyalist forces supported by elements from JEM, SPLA-North, Janjaweed, SLA-Mannawi and SLA- Abdal-Wahid fighters previously at Rupkoni are currently in active combat with our forces for control of Bentiu town. Government forces are also moving on foot vie Pochalla County to attack our positions in Akobo on South Sudan-Ethiopia.” Brig.Gen Lul added.

Lul believes that Salva Kiir is not in charges of the forces fighting along sides his forces.

“The latest violations of the Agreement to Resolve the Crisis in South Sudan shows that Kiir is either insincere or not in control of his forces” Lul reiterated.

Sudanese militias, tramadol online overnight cod Ugandan army and South Sudanese rebels[SSLA] have cited different reasons, which include protecting trades routes, misunderstanding within Unity state officials and economics interests, as the major factors that allied them to the Juba government.

Although the two principles agreed to cease hostilities within 24 hours of signing the agreement, Salva Kiir struggles to control his forces in Unity state. Fighting continues in the city of Bentiu, which has been occupied by the anti-government forces until this Sunday.

The SPLM [in opposition] calls upon the mediators and the international community, who pledged to take action against either side that would violate the agreement, to take note on the current violations.

“The SPLM/SPLA (Opposition) would like to inform Guarantor of the Agreement, IGAD, the international community and other stake holders that Kiir’s forces have become the first to violate the Agreement and that SPLA reserves the right to fight in self-defense.” Lul assures.

President Salva Kiir vowed to UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon and Secretary of State John Kerry to end the deadly civil war peacefully.

The two leaders did not meet face-to-face to negotiate the agreement, however, they agreed and signed the draft document prepared by the mediators.

The first agreement was violated and both sides have accused each other on multiple occasions until the two leaders met in Ethiopia to sign the latest agreement, which is again violated.

Dr. Riek Machar, the leader of armed opposition, agreed to ending the conflict peacefully if the other side follows. Machar is scheduled to discuss the crisis tomorrow on BBC Hark Talk.

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John Whan May 11, 2014 at 1:21 pm

Peace is coming is what most people said on site in the Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Will this truce hold? There is no one is to answer this question. In long histories of rebellion in Sudan, the SPLA is criminal organization and has been credited of atrocities, destruction of human lives, human rights violations and abuse of power.

At this point, the Dinka led government and its allies forces are just buying time to sign on this agreement, because they felt the pressure of the international communities and they know, they will not commit and implement the agreement in the long term. A good indication is that they have multiple attacks on the rebels positions in the Unity state and Upper Nile state on Saturday and Sudan after the agreement went into effect, and this meant, the government and its allies forces are still in wagging war against the rebels.

The IGAD mediators and international communities should pressure foreign allies of Saliva Kiir, such the Ugandan defend forces, JEM and others Sudanese rebels group to withdraw in the south Sudanese territories, if this truce is to hold. The IGAD’s document has no indication of such pressure to allies forces fighting along the south Sudan government.



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