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Salva Kiir: Forgive One Another And Come Together!

The president, Salva Kiir Mayardit, appeals to the citizens at home and abroad to forgive one another and work together, an SPLA soldier monitors peace in South Sudan (photo: supplied
The president, Salva Kiir Mayardit, appeals to the citizens at home and abroad to forgive one another and work together, an SPLA soldier monitors peace in South Sudan (photo: supplied

June 23, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — While addressing the national assembly, Salva Kiir, who sounds too ambitious, pledges to the South Sudanese in the war-torn nation and abroad to forgive one another and come together.

“I humbly appeal to you all, my dear citizens, including our brothers and sisters who are now in opposition, to forgive one another and come together in the spirit of true reconciliation and join hands to work in unity and understanding” Said the commander in Chief, Salva Kiir Mayardit.

The president was addressing the legislative assembly, following an indefinite adjournment of peace talks in Addis Ababa.

Last week the president “drew” new red lines for the armed opposition, despite that the country has been in war for more than six months and now faces collapse.

The red lines would serve as warnings to politicians, whom the president believes want to take his powers by any mean.

Although the president did not specify the forces that plan to take his powers, speculations emerging from Ethiopia reiterate that the mediators may prefer SG Pagam Amum to lead the interim government, a report that is yet to be verified.

Although Pagan has held closed doors meetings with Salva Kiir in Addis Ababa, as he reconsiders joining the Juba government, any chance of him replacing Salva Kiir may never be tolerated. The energized parliament in Juba threatens to defense the thrown at any cost.

“We will never surrender, never …” the parliamentarians chant as Salva Kiir brief them on losing their positions.

This week, however, that tone has changed. The president politely asks the rebels to only forget “seeing themselves in the center” of an interim government that would be formed sooner or later.

“When they talk about the interim government, they see themselves in the center, that they are the ones going to lead that interim government. I don’t think that is the right outlook” Said the politically humbled president.

Salva Kiir, like others in the government, argues that he would neither step down nor allow restructuring of his government, arguing that it would set a “wrong precedent” for the next governments.

“because if we do that — that you dissolve an elected government and you go for an interim government — you will elect another government and the same thing will happen. You are setting a wrong precedent.” Said Mayardit.

The president was referring to 2010 elections, held before South Sudan seceded from the North. Salva Kiir was elected in 2010 to lead the Government of South Sudan(GOSS). To avoid fresh elections for the young nation, Salva Kiir was mandated in 2011, after the country attained its independence.

Senior SPLM elites, like Edward Lino and Dr. Adwok Nyaba, however, have presented stronger arguments against Salva Kiir’s argument, saying that the president was not elected and has gone beyond his legitimate mandates.

“After what happened, the President must be told that he has gone far beyond his mandate, since he was not elected or mandated to lead the nation into his own home-grown-war. Let us note that: Comrade Salva Kiir was elected to lead Southern Sudan to the referendum of 2010, then subsequently mandated to lead the new nation after our independent in 2011, and was not elected.” said the former Abyei chief administrator and a leading elite of SPLM, Edward Lino.

Today South Sudan is independent but its first elections are yet to be scheduled.The president believes that the elections could be postponed for 2 to 3 years, a call that has angered the oppositions and the international community.

The president last week, as he criticizes the people of Greater Equatoria, urges the remaining lawmakers to firmly stand behind him and support him as he leads the toughest journey against the opposing voices. The president assures his inner circle that he will remain in the front.

“We have to be firm and stand together as leaders in the interest of our people and our country. I promise to be in the front and I call upon you to support me in this endeavor,”said Salva Kiir, who faces desertion in the army and parliament.

While facing tough debates from reformists in the oppositions and within his government, Salva Kiir promises his parliament that he would work with them to build a prospering country.

“I promise to work with you to see South Sudan emerge strong economically and politically in the region and Africa at large” Mayardiit said.

The president, however, has dissolved his cabinet and the ruling party, the SPLM, in 2013 and threatens to dissolve the parliament due to rampant corruption, lack of service delivery, tribalism and lack of visions.

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