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Comparison between massacre on Nuer tribe of South Sudan and Kosovo Alabanians

 What comes first, Results or Exams? And is South Sudan Massacre on Nuer tribe less than Kosovo to be resolved just by shifting positions of government? Are IGAAD, AU, UN, UNSC and TROIKA as simple as such?

By John Juan Dong,

Retired Local Government Officer.

Tanks used in December 2013 by Salva Kiir government demonish and kill civilians in the capital city, Juba. Thousands of Nuer ethnic group in were killed in three days, which trigerred revenges and government led massacres across the three states of Upper Nile(Photo: file)
Tanks used in December 2013 by elements of Salva Kiir government to demolish and target civilians of Nuer origin in the capital city, Juba. Thousands of Nuer ethnic group were killed in three days, which triggered revenges and government led massacres across the three states of Upper Nile(Photo: file)

June 28, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — To begin with, Lives of human beings should not be compared with the life of government. The genocide committed by state government of South Sudan on Nuer tribe in December 2013 and still continues until today the 27th of June 2015 is to me, not less but more worse than what was committed by the Serbian state on Kosovo Albanians in 1999. It can’t neither be compared with that of Darfur’s of Sudan. The massacre on Nuer populations all over in South Sudan focused on, was an organized and systematic mass murder that occurred between 16th and 28th of December 2013. It can only be described as a part of joint criminal enterprise of state political and paramilitary in SPLA H.QS.

Recapping the cases of genocide in other parts of the world, would question the following comparison that shall drive the IGAAD, AU, UN, UNSC and TROIKA whether they should start dividing positions or they first begin cleaning the house for smooth division of its seats? For instance in Kosovo, “ The crime committed by the “Jackals” paramilitary group includes the massacre of 41 people in the Kosovo village of “Kuska” where Serbs rounded up villages, robbed them, separated women and children from men, locked the men in a house and set it on fire in May 1999. The brutality of Serbia’s crackdown promoted NATO to intervene with airstrike to stop the war.”

But in South Sudan thousands of Nuer civilians and not 41 people were murdered in less than a week in Juba capital city the resident of the state government of president Salva Kiir and not in a village like (Kuska of Kosovo) and the world is kept mum. A report from Radio Altamazuj On 25th of May 2015 interviewed Monica an eye witness from the place of massacre in Bentiu town reported that ”My house was burned and my cattle was looted. They even burned our sorghum. Some elders were also burned alive inside their houses. They shot at every one. I saw eight (8) children get shot. I knew three of them. They were little. They were about 5,6 and 10 years old.”

Instead during the same month of May 2015, the Regional heads of the Great Lakes region amazingly rejected the direct participation of Troika countries in the search for peace for South Sudan. Accordingly, they came up with the following resolutions:-

(1) No UN sanction, whether targeted sanctions or arms embargo be imposed on South Sudan.

(2) They affirmed whether true or not the sovereignty and the legitimacy of president Kiir whose government massacred his own citizens. (Quarter of a million citizens without the number of soldiers killed themselves through an instigated coup). Such resolution immediately encouraged and emboldened Kiir’s state government to continue massacring Nuer Civilians during the same month of May 2015 as reported by Monica. The(same from Sudan Tribune news media reported on 1st May 2015 quoting by citizen Garkor Thaak that“ Over 30 civilians were killed when arms civilians and government forces from Mayom, Waraba and Abiemnom attacked Thaknyal, Waak, Tongdool, Turkel and Kotchandut areas on Thursday and Friday. He told Sudan Tribune that all villages were set on fire with over 350 cattle raided by pro government forces. Most of the people who attacked us were civilians from Mayom, Warab, Abiemnom. They were promised by pro government forces to take cattle and women after a successful mission in the rebel-held areas”

Regarding other similar developments during the month of June 2015, government Dinka soldiers went as far castrating young Nuer boys (the Angles of God) in Unity state and were left to bleed till they give up their souls to death. Those who survived have lifelong trauma to experience from being a man to no man. It is a wonder. Is this the situation that if IGAAD, AU, UN, UNSC and the TROLIKA would just want to supervise distribution of posts and not heal such atrocities?

Let us see what happened to Kosovo Massacre and what the world had done.

“Serbs intimidated civilians by snatching small children from their parents, shooting in front of their feet, putting knives at throat and biting them” But in South Sudan they are castrated and killed.

Reflections on Kosovo judgment compared to what is supposed to be:-     

  • Kosovo top defense official, Agim Carku, whose family members were killed ((and)) said “This is not a massacre by a group of paramilitaries that did this on this on their own” he said “This is a massacre that was planned and executed by the state of Serbia.” How then is this different from what we have and continue to experience in South Sudan of Salva Kiir? Is it far from what we have?
  • Judge Snezana Nikolic Garolic said in her reasoning. “The civilians were attacked with the aim of forcing them to leave Kosovo and never come back again. Civilians property was destroyed so they would have nothing to return to, she added.” In South Sudan it is absolutely, the paramilitary troops of Salva Kiir that have done the same to Unity State civilians. It is in media reports that more than half population has been forced to Sudan as refugees and their properties- cattle and other belongings were looted and taken to Warrab state the home of president Kiir and they are left bare-handed with nothing to depend on. As Such horrible situation has scared them that they will of course to prefer to be in Sudan rather to come back and face death.
  • In Kosovo the Indictment said the soldiers “have shown exceptional brutality and ruthlessness by shooting people in their backs and then setting them on fire” Comparatively, is this not the same situation Nuer citizens have faced? Never at all than what have been faced! The Nuer civilians have faced immoral acts than what had been faced by the Kosovo Albanians. Nuer Citizens were and are being put on fire alive. The question is, if that is the indictment legal report document on Kosovo is transparent but then where is the AU Commission of Inquiry Report? Why is it still under hiding? We have the UN and EU humanity in the Kosovo concern we long to see, or it is to be done in the African omnipotence manner far from humanity?.
  • In Kosovo case “11 (eleven) ex-paramilitary members tried for the crimes, two were acquitted. The Unit Commander, Toplica Miladinovic, was among the three defendants sentenced to 20 years in prison. The war crime prosecutor’s office said it would appeal the acquittals and demand harsher punishment for some defendants”. Now the question is, have IGAAD, AU, UN, UNSC, and the TROIKA, established such an important office to harass war crimes still being committed daily by government troops of President Salva Kiir? Or is their priority the re-division of power? Is it not the same power that has caused disaster in the country? Shall the IGAAD, AU, UN, UNSC, and the TROIKA have a new president? I would advise that if the president’s legitimacy still exists, shall the lives lost by the legitimacy be returned? will not return the lost lives he should disappear so that people are not reminded by that deadly legitimacy.

If the US Administration did not back up the Ugandan government armed forces (UPDF) in its efforts to immediately stop the forceful Nuer retaliation after participate in the Nuer massacre in December 2013, the Nuer young generation, being castrated nowadays by the Dinka of Salva Kiir government troops, would have revengefully entered Juba and only God knows the consequences. But if the IGAD Plus is trying to safeguard against this imminent catastrophe, they should ensure that the demands of the aggrieved are satisfactory met before the division of powers otherwise the IGAD Plus has option to kill Nuer further by partaking in genocide.


John Juan Dong,

Retired Local Government Officer.

Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration, Regional and Local Governments.

Sudan Academy and Administrative Sciences, as between June 1986-June 1987.

Contact: Juandong92@yahoo.comuate





     UNSC and the TROIKA

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Isaac Iscariot June 28, 2015 at 4:02 am

you this people the Nuer people, you don’t think for what you done to other people? you don’t think the lives other people are more important like Nuers live?you don’t think when you did something bad or good to someone, you not expect to pay you back? what kinds of human are you? in fact all this things you describing in your article the are all lunatics the never happened anywhere whether in unity state or upper Nile. in reality what is fighting took place in juba within army .the people was been killed are the army not the civilians.

James Droma June 29, 2015 at 4:02 am

Some Dinka killed thousand of Nuer 1991, yet they claim to revenge for 1991 against Nuer people again.
1991 Nuer killed in their thousand even those who were loyalists to them.

Padiet Gahgah June 29, 2015 at 5:25 am

Dear Isaac. can you please watch the youtube of interview of salva kiir of hardtalk by BBC journalist then you come and write nonsense

ISAAC ISCARIOT June 29, 2015 at 11:10 am

we need to accepted the truth, forgot what you watched on you tube, than what was happened in Juba. all south sudanes civilians killed in cross fires,but the calmed made by the enemies of Danish people in is great. no Nuers civilians killed, if some people killed they was in cross fire not intention Nuers people.


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