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CHAPTER VII: Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission

By Dr. Henry Jembi,

United Kingdom is preparing its troops for a peace keeping mission in South Sudan. Other nations have also sent their first batches(Photo credits: wired.co.uk)
United Kingdom is preparing its troops for a peace keeping mission in South Sudan. Other nations have also sent their first batches(Photo credits: wired.co.uk)

Sept 19, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan deserves to be monitored and directed. Chapterr VII of Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) states:
1. Upon the signing of this Agreement, the IGAD-led Mediation shall initiate the establishment of a Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) within fifteen (15) days whose head quarters shall be in Juba.
2. The membership of the JMEC shall comprise representatives of the Parties to this Agreement, other South Sudanese stakeholders, and regional and international guarantors and partners of South Sudan, as follows:
2.1. The Parties to the Agreement, six (6) members:
2.1.1. GRSS – two (2) representatives,
2.1.2. SPLM/A-IO – two (2) representatives,
2.1.3. SPLM Leaders (Former Detainees) – one (1) representative,
2.1.4. Other Political Parties of South Sudan- one (1) representative.
2.2. Other South Sudanese Stakeholders and Adherents, seven (7) members:
2.2.1 Faith- Based Leaders – two (2) representative,
2.2.2 Women’s bloc– one (1) representative,
2.2.3 CSO – one (1) representative,
2.2.4 Eminent personalities—one (1) representative,
2.2.5 Business groups – one (1) representative,
2.2.6 Youth – one (1) representative.
2.3. Regional Guarantors, eight (12) members):
2.3.1 Ethiopia, (Chair of IGAD) – one (1) representative,
2.3.2 Djibouti- one (1) representative,
2.3.3 Kenya, (Rapporteur of IGAD) – one (1) representative,
2.3.4 Somalia- one (1) representative
2.3.5 Sudan – one (1) representative,
2.3.6 Uganda – one (1) representative,
2.3.7 The AU-HLAHC, five (5) each represented by One (1),
2.3.8 African Union Commission – one (1) representative.
2.4. International Partners and Friends of South Sudan, seven (7) members:
2.4.1 People’s Republic of China – one (1) representative,
2.4.2 Norway– one (1) representative,
2.4.3 United Kingdom – one (1) representative,
2.4.4 United States – one (1) representative, United Nations – one (1) representative, European Union – one (1) representative,
2.4.5 IPF- one (1) representative.
2.5 JMEC shall be chaired by a prominent African personality appointed by the IGAD Assembly of Heads of State and Government in consultation with IGAD-PLUS Partners, and form Committees to facilitate its activities as deemed necessary. JMEC may select deputy Chairs in accordance with the number of the said Committees.
2.6 The terms of reference of JMEC shall be endorsed by the IGAD Assembly.
2.7 An independent secretariat for JMEC shall be established and shall seek administrative international support.
3. The JMEC shall be responsible for monitoring and overseeing the implementation of the Agreement and the mandate and tasks of the TGoNU, including the adherence of the Parties to the agreed timelines and implementation schedule. In case of non-implementation of the mandate and tasks of the TGoNU, or other serious deficiencies, the JMEC shall recommend appropriate corrective action to the TGoNU.
4. The JMEC shall oversee the work of CTSAMM, the Monitoring and Verification Mechanism (and its successor mechanism, the Ceasefire and Transitional Security Monitoring Mechanism), the Economic and Financial Management Authority (EFMA), the Strategic Defence and Security Review Board (SDSRB), the National Elections Commission (NEC), and all other transitional institutions and mechanisms created by this Agreement and established as part of the TGoNU. The CTSAMM, EFMA, the SDSRB, the NEC, CTRH and other institutions and mechanisms created by this agreement shall present regular reports to JMEC for this purpose. Notwithstanding the foregoing, JMEC may request further reports from any transitional institutions and mechanisms, as it deems necessary.
5. The JMEC shall report regularly in writing to the TGoNU Council of Ministers, the Transitional National Assembly, the Chairperson of the IGAD Council of Ministers, the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, the Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the African Union and to the Secretary-General and Security Council of the United Nations on the status of implementation of this Agreement every three (3) months. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Chairperson of JMEC may report and recommend for remedial actions on critical issues that may arise during the implementation of the Agreement to those bodies at any time.
6. Following the establishment of the TGoNU, within one month JEMC and TGoNU shall negotiate and define functions that the TGoNU may cede to JMEC to break deadlocks and ensure implementation.
7. JMEC shall hold regular meetings at least once every month and may convene extra-ordinary meetings as may be dictated by the situation.
8. Decisions of the JMEC shall be by consensus, failing of which a simple majority shall prevail.
9. The quorum of the JMEC shall be eighteen (18), of which at least 10 of the members shall be from South Sudan and the other 8 from regional and international group.

South Sudan deserves to be monitored and directed. Do you know why? Because its sons went astray of their vision and objectives they fought for all this long period of struggle. The vision and objectives have become unrealized and most the pioneers had fallen down without inculcating them properly into the minds and hearts of the future cadres. The luminous names that we have been hearing have become the most hectic to the vision and objectives set for the people of South Sudan. They had turned them into trade, business and game of their own gain instead of working for the people and with the people, they did the opposite deliberately.

As a result, the whole nation falls apart and it has become a toy in the hands of other people who are after their own interest, they never mind about your sickness, agony and dilemma. They are only after their own grow and what you have and do not know how to use them for yourself and your people who are dying of diseases, hunger and lack of security. Can a strong man surrender to a weak man? Can a man who has right given up his right without concert reasons?

Nonetheless, South Sudan deserves to be monitored by the outsiders who know how to do and run their affairs without causing suffering to their own countrymen like us South Sudanese. We used the power that we attained wrongly and against our own people that you are supposed to pay attention to and deliver services to them. Unfortunately, most you who had given power by the people acted wickedly against the same people who trusted you and stood by your side while you had been seeking for power.

What do you think the people would say and do to you when another chance show up? That’s chance is very near and soon it will prevail in the political atmosphere in South Sudan, then what would you say and do again to the people that you have deceived and cheated politically. For sure, you come with new strategy, however, what would be the color and the smell of your new strategy? Do you think that those people are stones and bamboozles? No, maybe you are the one, this time repentance and apology will never save you from your wicked and hoodwink actions.

To be monitored and directed are not welcome everywhere instead we should always learn to avoid such system by focusing on our actual unity and legitimate system of ruling that will rescue us from being monitored and guided by others whose ultimate aim is control us and our resources. The more we think inside the box, the more we experience misunderstanding, disagreement and political tensions and worries. And those tensions and worries may soon develop into negative political chaos and tribulations and the end result is definitely acknowledged as we have witnessed in December 2013.

Systematic massive killing of both civilians and soldiers conducted by the same soldiers and civilians from the other side either intended or in self defense. And the phenomenon spread and expanded all over the country surprisingly, later on it turned into tribal hub and on account of  past historical factor between the two opponents in South Sudan. During those days, the country has lost many of its innocents, modest and  noble sons and daughters for no good reasons at all, but in order for certain South Sudanese to keep their positions, powers and wealth. You can keep your power and wealth, but see how you let the country into the stage of monitoring and guidance of other people instead of us despite our misinterpretation of our domestic political affairs. The household is yours if you are in full control of it, but if someone takes its control, then you are not free to do what you want to do fundamentally.

Let us divide the cake and the barbecue equally among ourselves, so as to avoid further misreading and misconception among ourselves, which will absolutely keep us away from regional and international intervention. Let us plan together how to build South Sudan, work together to bring genuine understanding to our people and authentic interpretation about our general affairs.  Rome is not build in one day so South Sudan will never be built in one day, but we need years to build it and it should be build on positive dimensions  and perspectives. That’s a country where the entire citizens are fit in, care for and develop by the same government  without favoring others and  undermining some, but identical call and bandaging the wound of the whole one family, community and nation.

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