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Islamic Relief South Sudan: Responding To Falsehoods With The Real Story

By Mohammad Shakir,

Islamic Relief South Sudan feeds children in South Sudan (Photo/Islamic Relief South Sudan).
Islamic Relief South Sudan feeds children in South Sudan (Photo/Islamic Relief South Sudan).

 March 04, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- For over 12 years Islamic Relief has been operating in South Sudan and since its independence in 2011 has expanded the areas in which we work which include Central Equatorial State (Juba & Terkerka), Warrap state (Tonj North County) and Narus in the Eastern Equatoria state. We work with partner organizations authorities and local communities delivering emergency relief; food security and livelihood projects and water, hygiene and sanitation projects all with the aim of lifting people out of poverty. During the past year we have supported over 200,000 people through projects like these.

A recent article by a person who claims to be Abdul Hosni contains many inaccuracies about the work of Islamic Relief Sudan and Islamic Relief in general. Islamic Relief is a purely humanitarian organization built on the values of sincerity, compassion and social justice, which we hope to see around the world.

We deliver amazing programs in over forty countries around the world and work to the highest standards of transparency and strive to be accountable to our donors, host governments and communities we serve. In addition, all funds donated for Islamic Relief South Sudan from all around the world, go directly to the South Sudan Office, not via the regional office. Our regional offices in all parts of the world are instrumental in ensuring that field offices are accountable by ensuring that the donations are being spent correctly alongside offering technical support to local offices.

Islamic Relief is amongst the most thorough when it comes to ensuring that donations are spent for the projects and countries they were donated for. Contrary to the allegations, Islamic Relief would not be able to work with agencies from the United Nations, UK Department for International Development, USAID and the European Union if reports were forged or false. Our accounts are independently verified and audited to ensure that every penny is spent in the right way. You can find all our reports available through our website. This is how we can be sure that money has not been stolen by staff, in salaries or otherwise.

Because we are a charity, we have to ensure that we have the right people working in the right jobs to make sure that we are supporting people in South Sudan in the best way possible. In some cases, we have had to make staff changes to increase their capacity. Islamic Relief does not discriminate against employees based on race, religion, gender or ethnicity. We will always strive to get the best person for the job. We ensure diversity in our recruitment and in accordance with our values we treat every human life with dignity, whether they are an employee of Islamic Relief or a beneficiary of our work.

We are proud of the work that our colleagues are doing in South Sudan. They are working in difficult circumstances to provide emergency relief to people have lost their homes and livelihoods; run and support food and employment programs offering skills such as fishing and farming so that people can live in dignity and be empowered; and assist communities facing water shortages by drilling sustainable water sources.

Our work in the Republic of South Sudan would not have been successful or possible without the kind support of its people. We are indebted to their hospitality, generosity and kindness in giving us the opportunity work in their country and work with them to build a better future for all who live there.

Negative baseless articles only harm our efforts to help lift the communities that Islamic Relief is helping in South Sudan. If the author had any good intentions he should have had raised such concerns with our headquarters directly, where we never tolerate anyone taking advantage of the noble work we are trying to do. We look forward to continuing our mission to empower those in poverty and strengthen their resilience to disasters, and provide vital emergency aid when disasters occur.

Mohammad Shakir is International Media Coordinator for Islamic Relief South Sudan, he can reached via Mohammad.Shakir@irworldwide.org

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