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Paride Taban message to ‘’today’s parents’’ in his Golden Jubilee speech at Ibonni Parish – Lopa County

By Pentecosta C Eru,


Emeritus, Bishop Paride Taban took to the dancing floor(Photo credits: pentecosta/Nyamilepedia)
Emeritus, Bishop Paride Taban took to the dancing floor(Photo credits: pentecosta/Nyamilepedia)

Dec 12, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The long awaited Golden Jubilee of Emeritus, Bishop Paride Taban was celebrated at St John the Baptist Church, Ibonni Parish – Lopa County on Monday, the 8th of December 2014 under the watch of the incumbent Monsignor or rather the Catholic Administrator, Thomas Oliha Attiyah of the Diocese of Torit and high-profile County (Lopa) dignitaries & delegates. Guess what? It was a mouth-watering celebration!

The celebrations centered on the Feast of Mary, in other words Marian Feast which venerates the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary who cares for us all. Like Her, modern parents should care for their children. The author stresses this very much because today children do not find love in their families as the modern parents spend all their time at work places marrying computers, and every time they come, it will have been too late for them to distribute kisses to them, because by this time, they will have slept.

Today the work places have taken all the time that parents should have spent with their nurslings. Even after coming from work places, most parents branch to drinking places. While in these sipping cocoons, they [fathers/mothers] go about and/ or trade in rumors & politicking forgetting that their children miss them a lot. This behavior of ‘messing around’ at the expense of children has to stop. It has to stop!

The time wasted on these ‘non-familial’ duties could be used to nurse the pubescents who suffer parents-love-drought! No wonder, many of them say boys become thieves, robbers, gamblers, addicted smokers, sleep outside their homes in the nights dubbed ‘lokwililis’ of the time causing nuisance in our already wrecked South Sudan. For girl children, they resort to sinful ways like fornication which break their virginities and miss the points/marks scored by the Mother of Jesus during her time on the Earth; the voluntary sexual intercourse outside marriage that at any point in time contracts them untreatable disease(s) like HIV/AIDs, unwanted pregnancies which could eventually lead to dropping out of school.

This is worrying to a country like ours that needs boys and girls to become responsible peoples in the near future and be able to propel this beautiful land/nation to the next level in terms of development. Development has slowed down due to the current war. God willing, the peace and the love for one another that used to exist amongst us South Sudanese will one day come, so our lovely children wrest the underdevelopment.

The Writer stands fourth if you care to count from the right...
The Writer stands fourth if you care to count from the right…

So, modern parents show your love to your children. As you read above, loved brats produce responsible people for this country. It is crystal clear. Emeritus, Paride Taban message on the Golden Jubilee at St John the Baptist Church, Ibonni Parish to the parents was/is “love your children.” As parents, show your children your love by as put by the UN Peace Prize Award winner (2013) getting a card, and write on it “I love you,” and give it to your child/ren. Do this kind of thing regularly, come and tell us how they felt it. Pretty sure, great! It is said and written, the rest is yours. May God bring the peace and love that once exist amongst South Sudanese!!!

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