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Dok-phobia in the pretext of Presbyterian Church election!

By Hon. Malek Cook-Dwach;

Members of the Presbyterian Church Congregations during the 34th election of the moderator(Photo credit: supplied/PCOSS)
Members of the Presbyterian Church Congregations during the 34th election of the moderator(Photo credit: supplied/PCOSS)

Dec 5, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — The overdue election of Presbyterian Church result is finally out where Rev. James Makuei declared winner. Congratulations to him for winning the trust of the faithful delegates who were designated from their various Presbyterian Church Sub-Parishes all over the region to constitute the voters in the democratic processes to elect the Moderator. 

The election which was believed to be from Christian Institution was clouded by mixed reactions of who was to be the legitimate voters among the delegates. This argument questioned the free and fairness exercise of the election result. That begs the ultimate answer of NOT due to the fact that the election results were predetermined either through political motivation or compromising the principles meant to be followed for it to be legitimate.

In the previous few weeks, the media was propagated by anti-Dok Nuer haters by calling the entire community with different names for whatever reason they know best, and their justifications are attributed to Dr. Riek Machar SPLM-IO affairs which is totally different with Christian entities.

One could not contemplate their claims but the crimes which surfaced to be committed by Dok seem to be, one of their son Rev. James Kuong Ninrew the old served Presbyterian Church Rev. declared his interest to run in the highest sit of the Presbyterian Church and he was among the faithful contestants which is his eligible rights which have nothing to do to the community where he comes from. On the same token, the whole Dok Community deserves to be respected because their sons and daughters are serving diligently in the different capacities all over this country.

The constitution and the doctrine of church didn’t mention any part or the whole community to be banned from its leadership as portrayed by Facebook war-mongers. The SPLM/A-IO as a party with its military wing has its successes or downfalls that couldn’t be used against any Dok son or daughter who happened to enjoy his/her constitution rights in any sector. Those who are engaging in those cheap political propagandas cannot be tolerated and they will be met with the same forces.

The celebrations which are over-poured on the internet by intellectuals, believers and non-intellectuals on the winning of Rev. James Makuei could be meaningful if it was not taken out of context by those who have ulterior-motives toward Dok as a community. Some narrowed minded alleged that the communities of Eastern Jikany, Lou-Nuer, Leek and Bul were the ones who rejected the Dokenization by Dr. Riek Machar. One may ask, is the Presbyterian Church in the first place only meant for Nuer congregations?

The answer could be “THE BIG NO”.  The church consists of all sixty four (64) tribes from the Republic of South Sudan drawn from their sub-parishes and they are the ones elected the moderator as per I know.

This issue of not differentiating things will lend us nowhere and bring only hates and divisions. Let’s embrace ourselves, let’s embrace peace.

The views expressed therein are my personal preferences and observations not representing the institution where I belong.

Hon. Malek Cook-Dwach

(MP)Transitional National Legislative Assembly-Juba

Leer Constituency

Reachable at malekcook75@gmail.com,

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