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Akol Koor petitioned to facilitate removal of Kiir and five VPs

Juba, South Sudan,

July 07, 2021 – The Director-General for Internal Security Bureau at the Ministry of National Security Akol Koor Kuc was petitioned by an internal NSS officer to save South Sudan from returning to another war by “secretly” and “politely” removing President Salva Kiir, and the five Vice Presidents, including Dr. Riek Machar, a leaked document reveals.

South Sudan National Security chief General Akol Koor meeting SPLM-IO leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny [not seen] in Khartoum in 2019 (Photo credit: SSBC)
South Sudan National Security chief General Akol Koor meeting SPLM-IO leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny [not seen] in Khartoum in 2019 (Photo credit: SSBC)
In the document seen by Nyamilepedia and dated May 18, 2020, the officer says the current politicians at the helm of power have betrayed South Sudan and demonstrated an unwillingness to transform the country.

The officer who said he was attached at a national dialogue conference said his observation compelled him into believing that the citizens of the country are yearning for peace and togetherness, something the government is yet to fully deliver.

“As an officer assigned to South Sudan National Dialogue, I have been keenly listening to grassroots’ demands/expectations/complaints during National Dialogue consultations and conferences across [the] 3 regions of South Sudan,” part of the document titled “Top Secret” reads.

“Frankly speaking, we in the government and oppositions are doing just the opposite of what citizens want. South Sudanese collectively need co-existence, services delivery, and peace while our leaders carefully and tactfully invent divisive words to maintain relevancy in the eyes of the public,” it further says.

The officer said the first casualty after the independence of South Sudan was the “Revolution Spirit” and SPLM/A war veterans who took the oath to die in the name of [the] soil adding that the liberators have been neglected.

“Our aging veterans are in a bad shape, very depressed, and have nothing to hope for. They spent their precious youth-hood battling the Khartoum government just to be trashed at last. Death among veterans is at an alarming rate, particularly in recent years because of untreated bullet wounds, depression, and war-related illnesses.

“It’s worth knowing that SPLM/A veterans are not happy because their rights are denied and their dignity robbed. Some of our veterans are abusing alcohol as it is fuelled by the current economic crisis. Their families are torn apart by alcohol addictions, frustrations, and lack of deserved resources,” the document says.

The officer who addresses the national security chief “My Director General” said Kiir, a once outstanding fatherly figure, has become another casualty of the post-independence South Sudan with the influence of bad associates.

“The second casualty is President Kiir. It is undeniable that people around Commander Kiir intentionally brought him and this country down. They are harshly corrupt and helpless to him. They have failed him. Comrade Kiir was more of a parent to the Red Army than just a Commander during our difficult days in the war. He was quick to visit, secure, and monitor wherever we were. God knows what happened to him in J1. Evidently, our President is surrounded by brokers of wolves and hyenas. With that, our man is sinking with the beautiful legacy of liberation,” the officer said.

Commenting on the current state of the peace agreement, the NSS officer said the whole country was another casualty.

“As per the current agreement of Unity Government, the latest casualty of the political divide is the whole nation. Whether they are supporting President Salva Kiir, Dr. Riek, or other opposition leaders, the weight of dangers on them is the same. Our nation is sick, messed up, and troubles are in the land,” the officer says in the document shared on Twitter Wednesday.

“This cartel presidency is a disaster and will not deliver anything to our innocent people. With this presidency, civil servants’ salaries will not be paid, people will rot in POCs, repatriation of our citizens from refugee camps will not happen, soldiers from both SPLM/A and IO will decompose in barracks/cantonments without food and salary. This league at the Presidency will not prioritize services delivery to the public. It is confusing. At this point, there are no IO, opposition, tribe, or IG but few at the presidency against 64 tribes. Who are we protecting?” asks the officer.

“Incompetent companies and corrupt individuals are acquiring road contracts and mining concessions licenses without a clear policy on how South Sudanese will benefit from their Natural Resources meant for future generations. What are we protecting?

“My Director-General, this current Presidency has wrongfully indicted, convicted, and sentenced every citizen in South Sudan, including unborn to death. The verdict is severe.”

In his recommendation, the officer named Kiir and Machar among those who should be removed from the government warning that the leadership could lead the country into another crisis just to win another transitional period with a government accommodating 20 Vice Presidents.

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