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You started it and we will finish it “The Nuer”!!

By Kuoth Deng Bayak,


Nuer people from South Sudan perform for people gathered following rehearsals for independence celebrations in Juba, South Sudan, Tuesday, July 5, 2011. South Sudan declared independence from the north on Saturday.
Nuer people from South Sudan perform for people gathered following rehearsals for independence celebrations in Juba, South Sudan, Tuesday, July 5, 2011. South Sudan declared independence from the north on Saturday.

Nov 17, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — We, the Nuer, military, economically, politically and humanly is our way of life and that is why we call ourselves “Naath”. So then this description of Isaiah 18:1-10 literally has it all and the book called “The Nuer” published by Evan Pritchard and wrote by many anthropolists, said it loud and clears about the tall and smooth skin people and being feared near and far and right before you go all the way to read other pages you will find this prophetic foretold message that ,the now event is not accidental and there is core nucleus performers they are “The Nuer” Nuer can exist and resist any opponent to this point period. If you understand the prophetic message Isaiah18:1-10 and Ngundeng Bong detailing it all how it will happened unless you being distracted on the message you can come to your comprehension vision and mission and for your notice don’t look farther for Dr.Riek Machar is the fulfillment with no doubt because this event is mostly about the “The Nuer” right before your eyes it happened.

You started it” don’t panic” we are in the same boat and but I know don’t which side of the boat are you on now.

Militarily: The Nuer is ready anytime, anywhere so they resist and exist in the world of living unless the creator prohibited not to do so and if not we are not comparison to any tribe around the world. That is why South Sudan became number 14 in military strategies in Africa within three years if it Independent. The Nuer is prepared well at their earliest ages to fight no matter what other think.

Politically: The Nuer manages to live with each other and the neighboring tribes peacefully and normally unless others violate our cultural norms and as well as responding and we first engaged with Neighbors, with no sneaking to assault prior to that action of war.

Economically: The Nuer are blessed with the land that islivestocks, fisheries, agriculturally, viable and sustainable for all animal grassing and more to mention some and but on top of that we sit on vast oil of South Sudan resources.

Humanly: The Nuer are humanly treating one another in manner of understanding toward their culture and the same as their neighbors in which if we the Nuer doing the same thing then our neighbor is always should be ourselves “means nobody ought to stand before us or call our neighbor” that is we call ourselves “Neiti Naath” so we forgive, but forgotten what could be stumbling block between us and neighbors or any other human being.

Look at these incidents or mess done by this regime of South Sudan and will not be forgotten.

*attacking unarmed men, women and children supposedly being protected

*Feeding fellow kin with other dead kin flesh carnavalizing the Nuer like no imagination since then at the genesis of existing

*Burning child and mother without mercy to vulnerable and innocent ones as if they were armed

*Trim old woman in Bentiu area of Panyijiar and left to cook by sun alive

*uncovered the graves of both RIP General Paulino Matip and Emma Machar in Mayom and Leer counties mercilessly as if they will come back to live again and act like living

*Killing of Nuer soldiers siding with Government after a battle is lost by South Sudan government in every occasion and so what is the reason behind?

*Nuer men are being taken as wives by Dinka men while they are the same soldiers supporting and fighting alongside with them to protect the government interest

*Attacking the UNMISS by Government soldiers to take out the Nuer who ran for their lives and world body is silent, neither IGAD, AU, UN, EU or US say anything about what to be done with that prodigals elites or children running away with every resources of the government or land of South Sudan to embezzled and /or bribes other powerful countries to crash the Nuer

Here is the thing you all South Sudanese understood and as well as the whole world that the Nuer tribe is very strong with the help of Almighty above militarily,politically,economically and humanly considering that the war started with Nuer being attacked by the government of South Sudan we resisted it and still exist for eleven months still will continue stand firm and no much food, clean water, no good weapons, and but still we think we can forgive but not forgotten by any of the Nuer and any Nuer siding with Government you understand you already abandoned us make sure from any Bumas, Payams, County, State and Federal governments you will not be welcome and regain your posts for very same reason and we really closed those doors for your opportunities so what happened to all Nuer the dead and living Nuer is unforgotten event and will not go away soon it take time. We will be watching and doing the same manner otherwise miracles happened.

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Manyang Monyjok November 18, 2014 at 12:52 am

Am sorry to comment on this, but we need to tel the trust in this news media and for long time went i started to read it i observe the writers or editors are not having any views on what going on in this country just concentrate as nuer tribe instate of the country what ever tribe in it, to built the nation is not an easy thing need times to reach your nation hope,restated from tribe to tribe, dear writers what you are doing it the history not forgotten and there is a time you will be asked, please for your future and the future of your tribe ( Nuer) or what ever you call your self stop misleading the nuer tribe and the trilbies of South Sudan

Antonyjuol@yahoo.com January 4, 2015 at 4:37 pm

We are nuer people of God


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