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Why President Salva Kiir Must Go Now or Must Be a Ceremonial President!

“Let me explain it in better terms why President Salva Kiir must go now or must be a ceremonial President if the IGAD really mean to bring a durable peace to South Sudanese and to the rest of East Africa countries as whole”

By Brig Gen Isaac Nhial Wich Lok,

SPLA soldiers matching in Malakal(Photo: file)
SPLA soldiers matching in Malakal(Photo: file)
Oct 4, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — We truly know that many of South Sudanese historian counting on the past like 1991, they are still saying a massacre was committed in Bor. Well, that may be true but allow me to ask these questions.  Let me assume all of you knew the distance between Lou Nuer and Fangak Nuer who were suppose to be the folks that committed what a Dinka Bor call a massacre to Bor people.
The time those two Nuer sections left their homestead to war with Dinka Bor:-
  • Which clans amongst the Dinka Bor did wait for them in their home precisely?
  • If  some did wait were they waiting to fight or waiting as friends?
Before 1991 the C-in-C of the SPLM/A Dr. John Garang deployed bridge star campaign phase one to the side of Bor District, Kapota District, and Torit District.  At the same time he deployed bridge star campaign phase two at the side of Fangak District, Akobo District, and Nasir District. When Dr. Riek Machar and his friend Dr. Lam Akol announce their disagreement with their leader those forces which were deployed in Fangak District, Akobo District, Nasir District and Bentiu District became Dr. Riek and Dr. Lam forces while Dr. John did manage to maintain or to hold on with the others forces of the SPLM/A in South Sudan and in North Sudan.  When Dr. John send CDR William Nyuon to destroy Leer District Dr. Riek’s home in which they did the others forces in Upper Nile decided to go to war with Bor where Dr. John had deployed a large number of the SPLM/A bridge star campaign phase one and comprise with Bor youths fighters to depend Bor Community.
The bridge star campaign phase one and the Bor youths were well armed by Dr. John but not before he disagreed with his junior officers just after he learned that his junior officers announced their disagreement with him. Those who get killed on Dr. John forces were those forces of bridge star campaign phase one and Bor youths.

  • Was that a massacre?
  • what is the meaning of war?
  • why urging their youths to join the fights if don’t go along with what they will face in the front line?
For your acknowledgement Dinka Community do have history of making up a lies story out from the really one. References to ask for confidential are their neighbors Murle community and Mundari community. If there was a civilian massacre graveyart in Bor in 1991, we the Nuer believe that Dinka Bor had collected the skeletons of both side since the fighting toke place in their area. Therefore, we would like to express the same concern again today. When war broke out in Jonglei State military barrack (Malual chot and Panpan diar) division eight led by Major Gen Peter Gatdet, it was between the Nuer military men who feel that their parents, relatives, children, and their lover ones were being genocides by President Kiir and his security organs with other forces who seems to support what had happened in Juba.  And now around the world Dinka Bor chase their usual make up lies story claiming Major Gen Peter Gatdet had kills some innocent in Bor and when further to collect all the dead bodies and buried them in some places together.
The caretaker Lt Gen John Kong Nyuon who was survive a connive plan to get kill by Dinka Bor leaders thinking that if they were manage to kill him those of Greater Fangak Nuer District may not join the war against President Kiir Juba Genocide. They thoughts if they had kill him then the government could have been claims the caretaker of Jonglei State had been killed by Major Gen Peter Gatdet.  The caretaker himself can testify on that if he is man enough but he could never do so. Those who save his life can testify on behalf of the situation. Jonglei State fromer minister of Interior who is now Jonglei State Civil Military Administration or governor on the opposition side the future governor of Fangak State Major Gen Gabriel Duop Lam, Jonglei State Former Commissioners for Fangak County and for tax services Honorable James Maluit Ruach and Jonglei State Director general of Information Dual Bijiek Gony can explain what had happened to caretaker or to them in Bor Town.
Story short, after division eight (8) and division two (2) left the town of Bor, government troops came in and massacre all the Nuer who had remain in town thinking that there are still a government for all tribes in Juba. Now, all those dead bodies of Nuer they have killed in Bor town include Dr. Lul and Colonel Tut Gatpan of prison, are the one they are claiming rights now as they did in 1991. When division eight (8) and division two (2) left Bor for Gatdiang, the town became a government military barrack. The minister of defense Kuol Manyang and minister of information Makue Lueth/Lies came in and urge their youths to fights against the opposition forces in which they did. Kuol and Lueth/lies supply them with bunches of guns and ammunitions, if some of those Dinka youths get kills in the war
  • was that a massacre?
  • Are those youths innocent?
  • what was their reason to join the war?
  • was it just to kills Nuer and never expect anythings on their side?
  • what is the meaning of war according to them?
We know that very many countries around the world are urging Nuer to give up and quite. The question is:-
  • give up and quite on what bases?
  • Or on which agreement?
  • Agreement with who President Kiir or President Yoweri or President Huru?
  • Would they not broke the deal later?
  • Would they not twist the original agreement that will be sign to different agenda that will kill many again later?
Let me explain it in better terms why President Kiir must go now or must be ceremonial President if the IGAD really mean to bring a durable peace to South Sudanese and to the rest of East Africa Countries as whole.  Our semi-government never guided the nation perfectly as it should. You know that South Sudan is a land where every things is priority. What our semi-government plan in to South Sudanese hearts was a division. Each and every tribes was having doubt against others. Equatorian against Nuer and Dinka claiming these two large communities were controlling the government while Dinka against Nuer for power wretling. On the other hand the people of Upper Nile Region and Barh- el- ghazal Region were pointing their fingers to Equatorian, claiming the Equatorian had also control the government and the private sector and NGOs and not allowing to hiring their youths. Dinka Bor on their way against Barh el ghazal. The case study for South Sudan is very zigzag situation. There was no any single community in South Sudan that is hand was clean.
Along the way President Salva Kiir finally heard the claims put to forth by Equatorian communities that Dinka and Nuer had control the government. President Kiir kick out his deputy Dr. Riek Machar and install Mr. Wani Igga from Equatorian as his deputy for two reasons.
  1. Mr. Wani may help him to bring Equatorian communities to his side during election.
  2. Mr. Kiir will be free with Mr. Wani to plan Juba Nuer Genocide as they did.
Equatorian were still didn’t change their way of thinking and did not allow to hire Upper Nile youths and Barh-el-ghazal youths in to private sectors and NGOs for equal employment. Needless to mention that Equatorian communities and Shilluk community has been a middle men for very long time in order to see Nuer and Dinka fighting and killing one another.
         “The role of the President and his deputy”
The role of the President and his deputy is to lead the country but the attitude of the people of South Sudan told me Equatorian leaders are far less to deputizes Dinka leaders because Dinka leaders will look down to them and will not share the really leadership ideology with them but Equatorian leaders can deputizes anyone from the other tribes in South Sudan. I know some will question my article saying
  •  What about now?
I don’t think the Vice President Mr. Wani Igga is doing is own portfolio as really Vice President.   After the really leader former Vice President Dr. Riek Machar left the office things fall apart in the country. In the bottom of my heart I know and am very sure Equatorian leaders can lead our nation in very peace full way if they all realize that they will never get the top job if they still praise Dinka rule. The genocide which toke place around the country against Nuer if not because Nuer man held second powerful position in the nation it should have been happened against Equatorian, if you follow very well the political lives in South Sudan for the last nine years. I hope some of you will mark my word by speaking truths to power.
  • Why do African dictators attempted genocide and succeed during American “Democratic Party” Administration?
Ultimately, the answer are very simple just it is politic, economical policy, and human attitudes. back to South Sudan case, not so long ago just in January 2014 the world realizd that there was no military coup in South Sudan meanwhile President Kiir made a coup to himself and to his own country basicly to committed genocide against Nuer in particular. The baseless claims was nothings and it was just to covered up the genocide which President Kiir and President Yoweri has committed against innocent Nuer in Juba, Bor, Malakal, Bentiu, and Wau (Mapel).
The war has cause so many innocent Nuer lives.  As one of the Nuer General who happened to be one of the SPLM/A In Opposition not by choice because some one push us to do so, let me warn those who plan this war. You will never run away, you will never escape from South Sudan, and you never hide anywhere. The world will bring you back to South Sudan to answer yourselves

  • What is it about? “while facing the book of law”

I know the bank of your justice in the government of South Sudan is bankcurpt but bear in mind the SPLM/A In Opposition or Nuer is full of wisdom to judge from the right and the wronght. Our bank of justice is in its good shape. You will never see us killing Dinka innocent, and that is not even Nuer culture. What we will do, we will kill any men or women that has something to do with Nuer genocide in Juba, Bor, Malakal, Bentiu, and Wau (Mapel).

Let me warn Darpurian rebel, and both SPLM/A North (Nubian and blue Nile. The damaged you have cause to the Nuer Community will never be forgotten. We are asking all of you to leave South Sudan land enough was enough. I know the master mind of the Nuer genocide are in poor shape.  To be fair, they look great physically but they are in mess mentally for they know in the bottom of their hearts what they have done to the Nuer they will not get away with it. Eventhus very many countries want SPLM/A In Opposition or Nuer to give up and quite or enjoying the Nuer genocide but I don’t think that will help them either in South Sudan.
Passively tribalism, corruption, gun, and self-serving elite put our beloving country the three years old nation on half way to died. There  are four points which make this young baby to died.
  1. Tribalism: insteady for each and every elite to put every one to work but chose to empolye only their relatives.
  2. Corruption: insteady our oil became a cancer rather than blessing .
  3. Gun: insteady for our President Kiir, Vice President Wani and their security organs to rule the people of South Sudan by law but chose to rule them by gun.
  4. Self-serving elite: insteady for those self serving elite to serves the people of South Sudan well but chose to serves only themselves and much less for those who gave them a job or elected them to the offices.
The choice is up to those who call themselves government whether they need to save our union or just tear it apart as they did already for the last nine (9) months.  To save our union is to tell President Salva Kiir enough was enough let the new face install peace or if he don’t want to go away let him accept to create a powerful Prime Minister not a office manager like that of Uganda and previous Prime Minister of Kenya. This is the only way our country would avoid full collapse. Make no mistake about that. The SPLM/A In Opposition is not happy to see China government seeking deployment of his troops in South Sudan nor do we want to see them as part of peace keepers in South Sudan. We would like to express our concern over the deployment of its troops because they already been involve supporting the government side with financial and with bunches of guns and ammunition.
  • In which way SPLM/A In Opposition or Nuer would gonna see them as peace keepers?
We think it is the best of our knowledge and worth of what we can request from the world at this time of death in South Sudan. Let we the people of South Sudan deal only with Uganda President and the four countries plus Congo M23 rebel he brought to South Sudan war. Let the President Yoweri know that we do not accept this invasion. We want to appeal to the world body to block what China government and South Sudan government trying to do. We the Nuer has loss already the following figures.   Survey was already done by all four Nuer sectional Chiefs known as Bentiu District Chiefs, Fangak District Chiefs, Akobo District Chiefs, and Nasir District Chiefs. They already acknowledge the loss of seven hundred fifty one thousand seven hundred twenty four (751724).   Meanwhile the remain populations of Nuer people has nothing to lost anymore.  It is up to President Kiir and President Yoweri whether to accept a total peace or continue for Nuer cleansing war.
Liech Nuer (Bentiu District)
  • Bul 97, 987
  • Leek 60, 876
  • Jikany 50, 565
  • Jageah 46, 876
  • Dok 88, 739
  • Nyuong 9, 537
Fangak Nuer (Fangak District)
  • Thiang 45, 986
  • Laak 54, 987
  • Gawaar 60, 976
Lou Nuer (Akobo District)
  • Goon 58, 625
  • Mour 53, 877
East Jikang Nuer (Nasir District)
  • Gajiok 52, 641
  • Gaguang 9, 684
  • Gajack 60, 368
Beyond the atmosphere of all these events, it is unwise for the world leaders to do diplomatic with South Sudan government while the President has divided the country and made genocide. Any peace effort aimed at seeking to preserve unity and harmony of my people must isolate South Sudan President and some of his government officials who played down a divisive language and destructive role in the conflict. I came to know that the world blocked the participation of the Syrian President Bashar Assad from attending UN General Assembly in New York City but allowed South Sudan President Salva Kiir and Uganda President Yoweri, despite being committed a worst human rights abuses and atrocities in South Sudan.
             South Sudan Borders
Shame on the government by trying to scary away the people of South Sudan claiming that Dr. Machar has sold out the land from the government of North Sudan. Look at this, when we were a rebel our borders with North Sudan on the side of Bentiu used to be Kertheal and now Higlige or Panthow. Our border with Kenya used to be Kibase and now Natipal. Our border with Uganda used to be 60 kilometer away from Numile but now Numile.
  • What are those idiot claiming about?
  • Did they real know who sold out our land?
             Nuer and Ethiopian relations
History repeated itself not one, not two, not three but four in times. During Anyanya one, the South Sudan rebel was close to get military aids from Ethiopian government but that assistant was turn down simple because the leader of Anyanya one was Nuer and the Nuer did not take time to think about.  When an Anyuak man by the name Otek form his own military camp, Ethiopian government kick in right away. The same issues happened from A Dinka man Dr. John Garang with Nuer leaders also in 1983, from there Dr. John won with the help of Ethiopian government. In 1991 the same history was repeated itself between Dr. John Garang of Dinka succeeded by Ethiopian government against Dr. Riek Machar of Nuer in Ethiopia and now thing fall apart again. Nuer are always claiming that Ethiopian people are not just a friends but a brothers. Now the question are.
  • Where is the brotherhood Nuer are always claiming?
  • Are Nuers and Ethiopian still brothers?
  • What kind of brotherhood do Nuer and Ethiopian have?
                     Human rights abuses:
Sympathetic significance that a quick flusk of answer to Nuer forces capturing a town of Bentiu rose to the world condemning and sanction Major Gen Peter Gatdet for rescue his own Nuer civilians who were  being genocide by the Dinka regime, Darfurian rebel and Nubian rebel for the last five months December 2013 to may 2014. How come the world could just call us and say you are wrought Nuer people by depending ourselves? Was it good for the world just to say to the Nuer died like that? If there are any Darfurian who get kill in Bentiu town that means that they are soldiers who was participated in the Nuer genocide in Unity State.

  • What care does the world shown to the Nuer?
  • Why the world seem to support genocide in this case?
Now, all the reports are accusing either side by saying the human rights abuses was committed by both Dinka led government and the Nuer led rebel. We haven’t yet gone to any Dinka land. This war was now being fought with in Nuer land meanwhile those who get kill daily and nightly are the Nuer. And still no one seem to acknowledge that fundemantal truths. When we try to fight back against the killers then the world will say no. I don’t get it. When this war started it three days later after Dec 15/ 2013 it was because Nuer were being genocide in Juba and along the way in Bor, in Malakal, in Bentiu, and in Wau (Mapel).Therefore, let me make our Military side clear now because some within our side are always saying we are not fighting for Dr. Riek Machar that was before President Salva Kiir wasn’t genocide Nuer. Now we are became the rebel because he push us to do so. Meanwhile we didn’t do this by our will or choices. In that case we must bring our leaders LT Gen Dr. Riek Machar and LT Gen Lado Gore and all theirs colleagues to Juba by any means. So no doubt that we must be fighting to the last breath of our soul to bring them to that oval offices in Juba, Make no mistake about that.

Network permits, you can reach the author at nhialwichlok@yahoo.com

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