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When SPLA Soldiers Were Defeated, They Revenged on Civilians Near Yei


By Wayi Godwill Edward

Regional Spokesperson of the SPLA-I.O,


Forces of SPLA loyal to president Salva Kiir accused of having looted the Mundri county following the recent fighting in the area(Photo: file)
Forces of SPLA loyal to president Salva Kiir accused of having looted the Mundri county following the recent fighting in the area(Photo: file)

Feb 03, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —–In the morning of the 22nd January 2017, Kiir’s tribal and ruthless militias and their allied foreign machineries moved out from their barracks in Yei town and attacked  the SPLA-I.O positions at Jansuk and Minyori areas about 3 Miles Yei-Maridi road. Similarly, in Kajokeji County of Yei River State the ruthless regime militias attempted to attack the valiant SPLA-I.O base at Mondikolo just a couple of miles from Mere Town.

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In response, the SPLA-I.O gallant forces of Division 2B, Sector 8 under the overall command of Lt. Gen. John Kenyi Lo-Buron ambushed, repulsed and pursued them back to the towns with heavy losses. Nine((9) lifeless bodies of Mathiang Anyoor militias were found lain down after the battle around Yei Town and 06 in Kajokeji. A number of AK-47, 4 RPG-7 and 5 PKMs were captured by the gallant SPLA-I.O forces in these triumphs.

Frustrated with the defeats, Kiir’s disgruntled, genocidal and ruthless elements carried out a scale of atrocities against the civil population. They killed 05 civilians in Yei and 06 in Kajokeji after losing the fierce combats.

Additional atrocities committed by them were ill treatment of civilians, setting ablaze their huts, plundering of property and carrying out of mass systematic rape of women and girls. They further burnt into ashes Lutaya Pastoral Center of the Catholic Diocese of Yei and all of its vicinities.

As usual, on the 27th and 28th January 2017, the SPLA-IG tribal and ruthless militias moved out to continue with their outrageous activities to terrorize, pillage and wipe out civilians and their property at Jansuk area located 2 miles away from Yei Town and Mukaya area in Lainya.

They slaughtered dozens of civilians in cold blood, arrested some youth, raped women and girls, while others had to desert their homes during this atrocious move. Kiir’s mafia militias went back to the town with goats, chicken and other valuable belongings of the victimized civilians.

It is obvious that these systematized monstrous and ailing actions are predetermined by the oppressive and criminal regime of the JCE against other ethnic identities for the ongoing popular resistance to their pseudo rule that has displayed no respect to the people of the country.

Signed by

Wayi Godwill Edward,

Spokesperson of the SPLA-I.O 2nd GHQs: Equatoria Region.

Contact: SPLA-IO- GHQS@gmail.com / wayigodwille@yahoo.com

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