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We Are Not Nuer by Name But in all Aspects of Life!

The Solution To South Sudan Conflicts

By Beny Bol, and Brother Noah K. James,


The Nuer White Army in a military campaign in Upper Nile State (Photo: Nyamilepedia version)
The Nuer White Army in a military campaign in Upper Nile State (Photo: Nyamilepedia version)

Nov 29, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — You have heard in social media that some people are claiming that “we are sick of  Nuer rebellion, sick of Dr. Riek Machar … we are sick of” without healing themselves. These people like Arabs North of Nimeri are asking like strangers: what freedom are these people fighting for? Some are even pretending that there has been no marginalization in South Sudan when Equatoria live as squatters and laborers on their own land.

These crooks of Salva Kiir are asking many silly questions because they have no clue of what is destroying the country. But this behavior is never new in the history of struggle. The self-imposed masters always claim to be fair even when they are not. For example, the Salva Kiir Dinka regime has taken 93% of ambassadorial and ministerial positions in the country. Their children are cheating the national exams and listing themselves as bright in the whole nation although Salva Kiir, Malong Awang, Marial Chinoug and many others who are dominating Salva Kiir’s government dropped out of school in primary or never went to school. This article will answer most of their ignorance and clearly outline the near future that they fail to see.

Many people who have been misled by the Dinka-leadership of Salva Kiir ask many questions than answers and therefore we will try to be selective in addressing some of these matters. But first pause and reflect on what has been happening in South Sudan for the last ten years and ask yourself if the nightmares of incompetence Salva Kiir were really necessary. Secondly, you must remember that Salva Kiir illegally got into power through unconstitutional means that include the ultimate assassination of Dr.John Garang de Mabior.

For the Nuer tribe, the Nuer, as South Sudanese are saying these days, are fighters not just because they have rebelled Salva Kiir in the past and are currently resisting five countries in the region but because of the historical aspect. As recorded in the history, only the Nuer people of South Sudan and various tribes of Ethiopia, in the entire region, resisted the colonial rules. The Nuer defeated British colony in Nuerland of Sudan despite lack of weapons and better technologies at the time. But like in those days of Britain in which the Nuer managed to bring down a British aircraft with a traditional baton called “widh”, the Nuer sons have continued to defeat well trained regional forces with their sticks and spears in 2014.  This miscalculation of Salva Kiir and Museveni will haunt the people of South Sudan and Uganda for the rest of next generations. Nuer will never extinct but Salva Kiir and the new colonial master of South Sudan Yoweri Museveni will both be defeated no matter how long it takes.

Let me assure anybody who want to be our enemy; we the present Nuer are the same Nuer who resisted the British colony. Some tribes in South Sudan think Nuer tribe will extinct in South Sudan but they are wrong. We warn the insignificant tribes of Shilluck and Mabaan to never take advantage of Museveni’s colonization, this will end and our good neighborhood will remain. We thanks those minor tribes like Anyuak and Murle who have refused to be used by the wicked leadership of coward Salva Kiir Mayardiit. We will continue to co-exist side by side in a reformed Federal Republic of Democratic South Sudan where all the 64 tribes will have equal opportunities to achieve their dreams in their respective region and within the national government.

We urge all of you to think of how far Kiir and Museveni would have reach in setting up their 100-years to rule South Sudan by now if they were not resisted by the freedom fighters. The people of Equatoria would have lost much of their ancestral land by now to Ugandans and foreign companies or to Dinka Bhar el Ghazal. This is already happening but at minimal scale because of the current resistance in Upper Nile region.

To our brothers and sisters of Equatoira of fair minds, this war is not a Nuer-Dinka conflict as most of you are tempted to think. This is your war but you will realize it only if the Nuer give up in resisting these two dictators. By that time, you will try to resist brutal marginalization and land alienation but it will be too late. Central Equatoria will be the seat of your enemy and your borders will be taken up by the UPDF. You will have a zero chance to resist and therefore you will surrender to your enemy, who will then put your people in concentration camps. Think about it before it is too late.

To some of our Dinka brothers in Salva Kiir bench, the wind has changed. The history of Sudan was written in the names of all of us, but the new history is being written in the blood of the Nuer majority and some sub-clans of Dinka, Equatoria and other minorities. This history will never favor any of you no matter how much you try again to steal it. For the last ten years under illiterate leadership of Salva Kiir you have tried to claim the hard-earned history of all South Sudanese and crafted yourself as the heroes. Note, this is the end of all those illusions. You will either accept equality in diversity or the crooks of Salva Kiir will be forced into exile.

The upcoming generations will be constantly reminded that our Dinka brothers sold our country to Uganda after our hard-earned independent to fulfill “burn to rule” prophecy. This is the crudest betrayal of sovereignty and abuse of power in the entire African continent. The greed for power turned some of dinka brothers into monsters who can kill children and women like wild animals. This will never be forgotten in our history.

To the Nei-ti-Naath, we are not Nuer by name but by action as many people in South Sudan have known us. The Nuer has been the strongest tribe in Sudan for the last five centuries after the fall of Nubian Kingdom. But due to lack of unity among the Nuer people, the Nuer heroes have been used to win many wars in Sudan. A good example is the current Maj. Gen. Peter Gatdet Yak who participated as far as in Gulf war in Iraq on the side of Sudan. Maj. Gen.Peter Gatdet after defecting to SPLM in late 1980s was promoted to rank of Captain and was used by Dr. John Garang at his artillery division to capture Juba. Gatdet was later used by the SPLM of Salva Kiir against Kerbino Kwanyin and was recently released from prison to be used against David Yau Yau. This has been a trend in SPLA to these days. The Nuer have always fought and won battles against anyone. As we saw recently, it is Maj. Gen. Gabriel Gatduel Nyakwuai who stopped South Sudan invasion in Heglig after Sudan bombed parts of South Sudan. Today, South Sudan can be bombed countless times by Sudan but without the Nuer only Uganda can warn Sudan. These other cowards will never encounter Arabs. The Nuer have been the shield of South Sudan because they speak in action.

The tragedy of fighting the current proxy war with multi-national forces will not change our homelands, but it will unite us with our ancestral land of Greater Upper Nile. Although it is hard to identify our enemies today because even some Nuer sons and daughters have been bribed by their enemies, after this civil war, South Sudan will be transformed and the people of Greater Upper Nile will return home. The people of Greater Upper Nile will be reunited and peace will reign forever. The current war is a major setback for the people of Greater Upper Nile but it is the only way to prevent South Sudan from slipping into a wrong path of dictatorship and foreign occupation.

Salva Kiir government has failed to restore peace in the country, and will never restore peace as long as Yoweri Museveni is still in power. As it become clear Salva Kiir has endowed all powers in his Dinka tribe as the only way to convince the Dinka to fight for him. This strategy and his Ugandans will keep him in power for a few more months but for sure the conflict will end in Salva Kiir’s disposal. The major challenge to restore South Sudan will be how to reconcile the nation after the destructive and tribal leadership of Salva Kiir as the current chaos will continued to be mounted by the upcoming generations.

The author Beny Bol is a student of Upper Nile University and Brother Noah is a SPLA-IO Commanding General in Northern Upper Nile, they can be reached at Augustine211@hotmail.co.za and khor2013@hotmail.com.

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AMEN December 4, 2015 at 6:55 am

Telling nosense to public is not good, Bible said that tell the true and the true will set free. riek machar,s Nuer rebellion cannot RULE completely. infact they will rule themsleves in the state level but not national level because they are not capable of ruling the nation since they are foof lover,

Tut December 4, 2015 at 2:24 pm

Amen, your statement is irresponsible one, country won’t go anywhere if you think like that, Nuers will rules in national levels as they are now ruling it , inside your uncle government and in opposition. South Sudan without Nuers would collapse as it is now on such a stages. We better changes such a false beliefs or no one would enjoys the hard-won independent from North of the old country(Sudan). Your uncle is dealing with well educated Nuers who know what they are up to and not Riek Machar alone like those old days.

John GR Malual December 5, 2015 at 7:02 am

Indeed those of AMEN and Ayuiu Makuac know very well that Nuer in South Sudan is the only one tribe deemed headache by Dinka tribe. In this crisis, Shilluks proved to be politically brilliant and brave in confrontation. This is the only remedy for Dinkanization which is the chronic disease in our country. Equatorians are good in underground politics, which can never sooth this epidemic aka Dinkasm.


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