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Ultimatum for the Government of South Sudan to come clean after the mass massacre of its citizens in mid December 2013.

By Panoum Kor Chagai,

Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardiit wearing military uniforms afte announcing that he just foiled a coup. Four months later the coup allegation flatered and the politicians arrested were all released due to lack of evidence. The coup campaign died down until last week when Jok Madut ignited it although he lacks evidence(Photo: TVC)
Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardiit wearing military uniforms afte announcing that he just foiled a coup. Four months later the coup allegation flatered and the politicians arrested were all released due to lack of evidence. The coup campaign died down until last week when Jok Madut ignited it although he lacks evidence(Photo: TVC)

Nov 21, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — It is by far the worst case event any Human Rights advocate, representative, and its members ever seen. The Human Rights Watch website stated that, Soldiers (SPLA pro-government) detained, beat, and attacked civilians and civilian property in various locations across the country during 2013 leading to the massacre. The world stood still (in shock) watching and following both on land, on air, on the media, and via verbal communication tools in which undisputed fingers were pointed based on concrete evidence that the Newest country in the world has lost it and heading on the wrong direction. History have taught us globally that human life cannot be replace neither can it be brought back to life after its demise hence death itself is inescapable. Together with ever growing change needed to move forward in the way human foresee the society we adore, the need to improve everything there is, there was, and yet to come beneath it all lay its true colors.


Globally, societies/nations had its share in conflicts, wars, peace, resolutions and most importantly they shared something fundamentally needed to go forward that is accountability and forgiveness. Those two unique attributes are by far the most important strategies in dealing with modern society issues. In reality, dealing with human being is by far harder than dealing with any living organism simply because living organism does not understand your language or position neither do we understand theirs however in comparison, dealing with ourselves is all about the game of strength and ability, the game of showing our true colours and potentially to degrade our opponent. What can we learn from the history? Well I believe we can learn that the human life has no price tag. Ancient buildings have been bulldozed, we (globally) have lost great leaders as an example the humble calm self respected philosopher Socrates the Consolidated Greek philosopher to one of our aggressors like Adolf Hitler in which both have different political and social drive respectively.


An overwhelming percentage of old Sudan citizens with the Christians suited in the South of the country opted for separation from Sudan in 2011 why?
1. The need for freedom,
2. Religious factor is a contributor,
3. Bad law in the United Sudan (Sharia Law) observed by the Christians,
4. Different political opinions,
5. Disagreement over constitution of the old Sudan.
The majority of the people in the South saw nothing positive that can be achieved while the country was still united under one umbrella in which they opted to walk away from. The current ruling party NCP under the military man Omar Hassan El Bashir leading to the acquisition of the Republic of South Sudan was eminent since it was supported intentionally. The Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement SPLM became the main political party wing and Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement SPLA became the nation military army wing. The question still remain largely unanswered and without a doubt, many critics of the country affairs will concluded that South Sudan is heading in the wrong direction in its historical chapter as the New nation of the world.


There is something always seem to ring the bell. When a child make mistake, their mind usually think about what will happen to them. They rush to conclusion, they seek forgiveness whether apologising to their parent or the directed person. This is the way of being accountable for such action caused. How difficult is it that the current ruling Government of South Sudan under the leadership of Salva Kiir Mayardit derail away from such critical attempts to steam off what took place on December 15th 2013 in JUBA in which it subsequently spread like virus to other States of South Sudan? All I could think of right now is the full ignorance and deliberate attempts to dislodge what seem to be beneficial to everyone including those unmentioned current leaders within Kiir regime. South Sudan was on immediate direction towards democracy with its basic fundamental principles such as; freedom, justice, equality, and ability to live a normal life under liberal standard. I have since that day on December in the year of 2013 lost trust on the leadership of the current Government with its operational livelihood in JUBA South Sudan. I am being critic and ever since I was critic about the roles that led to many failures in the country (evidenced) like the embarrassing disappearance of crucial funds to develop the country, criminals getting away unpunished and the whole issue of ethnic division in this very day still real in the country. The people of South Sudan are calling for the Government to be accountable of the massacre, they are calling for the Government to come out clean and explain to them, to the media, international partners and the whole world what exactly took place, what necessary steps was or are being taken by the Government before we mourn the anniversary of the death of our people on December 15th 2014 murdered in cold-blood by criminals and organised gangs.

I want to conclude this opinion/article by strongly arguing my point as in what the world sees as the window of peace in the country and in the region of East Africa. After the country fatal slide into war on one another, IGAD agreed to facilitate the peace between the rival faction of H.E  Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar in which the whole country welcomed including those in rural areas without the exact knowledge of agendas, proposals and directions. The role of IGAD should be crystal clear meaning, the bloc should take steam stand against taking side in which some have seen the current role of IGAD in favour of the Government of South Sudan. As the world is aware, Kiir regime is supported by UPDF under the leadership of Yoweri K Museveni of Uganda backed by Sudan rebels famously known as SPLM/A-North, small faction of SLA, and other mercenaries. This is the whole cause of the country resulting in an unimaginable threat of famine, displacement, diseases, decline of population due to fighting and so on. South Sudan is in need of leaders, and citizens that can both serve as door between the two walls of a house. The blame game must stop, accountability must be practice as there is saying that ‘truth will set you free’.

The author/contributor Panoum Kor Chagai is a concern South Sudanese born residing in Australia. He can be reached via panoumkor@yahoo.com alternatively, on his Facebook account!

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