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BREAKING: The Newly Appointed Director General Chawul Resigns!

Updated at 12: 50Am, Nov 4, 2014(PST)

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Nov 4, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Four weeks after his appointment through a Republican Decree by president SalvaKiir, the Director General of South Sudan TV and Radio, Maj. Gen. Khamis Abdallatif Chawul Lom, resigns.

Through his resignation letter, extended to Nyamilepedia, Maj.Gen Chawul explains the bold decision he took today, 4th November, 2014.

Gen. Khamis narrates how he was prompted to end his employment, in four weeks, due to what he sees as lack of portfolios to influence change in the position he was assigned to by the president.

Despite that the Maj.Gen. was appointed by the President to oversee the state owned television and radio, the powers assigned to the Director General have been allegedly stripped off by the Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Michael Makuei Lueth.

According to Khamis, following numerous Ministerial orders from Hon. Makuei, the Director General received what has happened to be the last order, yesterday.

Hon. Makuei transferred Director Khamis from the position he was assigned to by the President to the Ministry Headquarters.

“On 3rd November 2014, I received ministerial order from Hon. Makuei Lueth, the minister of Information and Broadcasting transferring me from the SSTV and Radio to the Ministry HQ.” Maj.Gen. Khamis said.

Gen. Khamis declined the order on the basis that he was appointed by the President of the Republic and not by the Minister.

“I objected to this order as I was appointed by the President of the Republic and not the rninister.” Gen. Chawul said.

Gen. Chawul believes that the grudge between him and Hon. Micheal Lueth began four weeks ago when he began his assignments in the Ministry.

“I have realized that Minister Makuei Lueth has a vendetta against me. Because since I came to this ministry exactly four weeks ago he has been interfering with my work.” The Maj. Gen. said.

Shortly, after Gen. Khamis began the assignment, the Minister allegedly ordered the new Director General to never appear on the state owned television, SSTV.

Khamis obeyed with hopes to address the ban through the president who appointed him to office, according to his resignation letter.

Makuei further ordered the Director to never order or fire the SSTV staff. Again, he obeyed but reported the matter to President Kiir, who promised to “discipline his minister”, however, the Director General doubts if Makuei was really disciplined!

“First he stops me from appearing on the SSTV and also he asked me not order or fires my staff at the SSTV. I have raised this issue to the President of the Republic who appointed me and he promised to discipline his minister to stay away from my duties.” the Director General Explains in his resignation letter.

Discriminatory Screening of the Nuer Communities and Selective Appointments of Equatorians!

The internal wrangling reached its climax, as stated, when Minister Makuei Lueth ordered the Director General to stop showing the faces of members of Nuer Ethnic Group on the state owned television, SSTV.

The General openly objected the order and instead seek alternative avenues to resolve the matter.

Gen. Khamis consulted and enlighten the senior Nuer Politicians in the government, including ministers, to take any necessary measures against the discriminatory action and selective screening of the Nuer officials on the national television; however, to his surprise “none of the Nuer leaders got the courage to challenge Makuei Lueth”

“Minister Makuei also asked me to stop showing Nuer communities on the national TV, an order which I openly objected to and have alerted some senior Nuer politicians in this government including ministers in order for them to challenge Makuei on this kind of selective behavior. However, none of the Nuer leaders got the courage to challenge Makuei Lueth on these negative government policies.” Gen. Khamis explains.

The Director General also reportedly opposed an order from the Minister to employ more Equatorians, allegedly, because they are more qualified than the Nuer and the Dinka.

“Minister Makuei also wanted me to employ lots of Equatorians as he said that they are the most educated one compared to the Nuer and Dinka working at the SSTV” Khamis continued.

Contrarily, the Director General discovered that most of the Equatorians, intended by the Minister, are agents of the Former Director General, Mustafa Biong. Khamis further believes that some of the Equatoria in such category leak sensitive information to rebels groups in Nairobi, Kenya.

“I also objected to that as I have found out that many of those Equatorians are agents of Mustafa Biong the Former Director General and are still working for him through channeling information to him and the rebel elements in Nairobi.”

Maj. Gen. Khamis attests that he accepted the Presidential appointment in order to serve the nation and fight corruption; however, since he cannot influence such changes under the corrupt systems he opted to resign.

“I accepted the appointed of the President in order for me to serve the nation and fight corruption, since I will not be able to make any change of such corrupt system, I hereby requested your Excellency to accept my resignation from the post of Director General of SSTV and Radio.” The Diretor General resigned.

Maj. Gen. Khamis, despite his resignation, assures the president that he will be ready to serve
anywhere in Salva Kiir government “where there is no corruption.”

Although Hon. Khamis would like to serve the nation in Salva Kiir government, he openly tells the President that his government is full of very corrupt officials, which renders the entire system “too deformed to be reformed”

“Your Excellency, your government is full of very corrupt people and I am sorry to be frank to you that it is too deformed to be reformed” Khamis admits.

The Director General has confidence that the president, at personal level, is doing a better job of keeping the country together, and for such the Major general will not defect the SPLM party and the government.

Gen.Khamis is one of the political detainees, who were detained in December for the alleged coup that later flattered but was immediately released together with Deng Deng, the former Office Manager of Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

“Although I have defected several times to the National Congress Party (NCP), I have publicly returned to mother SPLM and have been with greatest SPLM leaders until I was detained with them. upon released, I decided to remain in the country to prove to all that I was not party to the December 15th 201″3 coup attempt that was designed and executed by Former Vice President Dr. RiekMacharTeny and his in-law Governor Taban Deng Gai.” Khamis said.

The Director ends the Republican appointment with votes of thanks to President Salva Kiir for the employment and further recognizes all the officials who supported him during his one month term.

Phone calls to the alleged author confirm the power struggle within the Ministry, however, it is yet to be confirmed if the Director authored the article. The article bears the following signature!


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