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Members of Lafon Community dancing during a traditional match in Lafon County(Photo credit: Nyamilepedia)
Members of Lafon Community dancing during a traditional match in Lafon County(Photo credit: Nyamilepedia)

Oct 17, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — The Hon. Okach Magiso Agweri, the Commissioner of Lafon County, Torit State would like to pass on his congratulations to the Hon. Governor of Torit State on his appointment,  also the Lafon community who had shown their trust in him.

When he took the oath, he swore to be faithful to the citizens of South Sudan and the Lafon community for whom he will do his best. Since he took over as the Lafon Commissioner he has shown his commitment to the people of Lafon. 

In August 30th-31st he called the two communities of Pari and Lokoya together to conduct peace and reconciliation talks in Torit. It was very successful. The two communities agreed to commit themselves to peace. After that he went on an official trip to Pacidi and Lohiri that on 5/9/2019 to visit the two communities.

He also managed to put together the ruling age group called Daru the Monyomiji and reconciled them. They had been having some differences among themselves but shook hands on 15/9/2019 in Lafon Centre.  Another amazing handshake also happened between Monyomiji of Wiatuo ( Burgilo Payam and Bura ( Marguna Payam).

He was welcomed by all Jo-Pari as a unit when he took over the office as Commissioner of Lafon. All the Lafon people went to receive him. He addressed a public rally on that day.  There will be a final peace and reconciliation move among the ruling age Daru Monyomiji on 15/10/2019.

The issues of Daru have anguished them for a very long time so the commissioner decided to reconcile them. On 29/9/2019 the Lafon community came up with the initiative of collecting stones. Each household would contribute 20 stones to rehabilitate the Lafon-Torit road with the Lafon County local government.

Food Insecurity

The Lafon community is facing a serious problem of food insecurity since their crops were destroyed by the heavy rains and flooding. The women had to walk very long distances to such neighborhoods as Lopit and Lokoya to look for food.

Some families even went to neighboring countries like Uganda to seek resettlement and those who are disabled or old are dying of hunger. There are other challenges such as poor infrastructure. The road from Lafon to Torit is inaccessible due to flooding. Even the Hon. Commissioner had to foot it from Lopit Hill to Lafon on 23/9/2019 as his car and tractor got stuck and broken down. 

All the little food items and school stationary like textbooks were damaged.


There is poor school attendance due to hunger.  A child cannot go to class with an empty stomach. Only three schools out of twelve benefited from the School Feeding Programme (SFP). The Lafon Commissioner appealed to the state government, National government and NGOs to intervene and help the people of Lafon County to rehabilitate and reconstruct the Lafon- Torit road. 

He also promoted educational awareness to provide a feeding program in Lafon County. 

Hon. Okach Magiso Agweri is the Commissioner of the Lafon County. He can be reached for more information directly at Okachagweri2015@gmail.com or at benjaminukongo@gmail.com

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