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SPLA-IO Reports On Fighting in Morobo County, Yei River State

Maj. Gen. Mabieh Ghar, the Overall Commander of SPLA-IO Division 8 in Yei River State(Photo: file)
Maj. Gen. Mabieh Ghar(midle), the Overall Commander of SPLA-IO Division 8 in Yei River State posting for a picture in the past in Northern Upper Nile before transferred to Equatoria(Photo: file)
April 14, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— Updates from the field confirm that SPLA-IO forces in brigades 1 and 4 of Division 2B-Sector 8 conducted successful operations against Juba regime militia in Morobo County of Yei River State during the period between March 28 and  April  07-2017.
In the mornings of March 28-29, 2017, the aforementioned SPLA-IO brilliant forces commanded by Brig. Gen. Sebit Allison and Brig. Gen. Asiki Samson under the overall division 8 Commander Maj. Gen. John Mabien intercepted, ambushed and repulsed an organized attack from Mathiang Anyoor militia at Alero and Gulumbi areas in Morobo County.
The government militia had planned to launch an attack on SPLA-IO positions in these areas so to allow them have access to carryout scorched earth policy against the civil population living in these territories.
The two fights that lasted averagely 3 hours resulted in the death of 42 regime militiamen and 18 of them were severely wounded. Three SPLA-IO soldiers were slightly wounded in the said battles.
The SPLA-IO brave  fighters destroyed three land cruisers mounted with 12 and two wolits tanks.
On 05.04.2017, a force of about 15 regime militia were spotted by SPLA-IO forces as they tried to invade Dudulabe village located a couple of kilmeters North of Kaya town with an intention to commit additional genocidal atrocities against the non-Dinkacivilians in this area.
The gallant freedom fighters ambushed them and killed three on spot. The remnants were pursued towards their confinement inside Kaya town.
Again, on 07.04.2017 the government tribal Mathiang Anyoor militia who moved from their base some few Kilometres South of Morobo town to loot food and iron sheets of civilians ended up being ambushed by SPLA-IO fighters in the area.
As a result,  thirty coward Mathiang Anyoor militia were killed and five were wounded. While four SPLA-IO soldiers were wounded and are under treatment.

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