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Declaration of Defection: Why I Left Salva Kiir’s Kleptocractic Regime and Joined SPLM/A-IO

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By Colonel Gai Chatim Pouch

Colonel Gai Chatim Pouch, a government attache who defects to SPLA/M-IO...
Colonel Gai Chatim Pouch, a government attache who defects to SPLA/M-IO…

Feb 10, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— After a long struggle against my own conscience to represent that rogue ethnocentric police state of Salva Kiir Mayardit as a soldier and diplomat for the last four years, I issue this press statement to inform the people of South Sudan and the public press to declare that I Colonel Gai Chatiem Puoch, have officially joined the people struggle in pursuit of equality and justice spearheaded by the SPLM/A(IO) against Kiir’s kelptocratic ethnocentric police state from February 2, 2017. As mentioned afore, it has been extremely difficult to continue serving Kiir’s regime due to the following major reasons.

1. Institutionalized tribalism:

Unlike all the modern conventional government, the JCE government of the day in Juba is not run by the national public institutions. It is rather a government of the tribe run by the tribal ruling council known as the JCE. Jieng tribalism is thus institutionalized in all of the public national institutions including the national army. This supposedly a national institution for the defense of the territorial integrity of South Sudan has been turned into tribal tool of oppression. It has been become openly a tribal entity and occupation forces grabbing other communities’ lands for the Dinka elites pushing every body against the wall to armed rebellion. Subsequently, millions have been trapped in the forest and are being hunted like animals by the tribal militias who uses states resources and machinery to kill them.

2. State terrorism, human right abuse, genocidal and the ethnocentric policies.

This regime has been pursuing since the year 2013. Through the prevailing culture of impunity, thousands and thousands of innocent citizens are languishing in ghosts’ houses without judicial processes. The regime has gone as far as kidnaping refugees from the neighboring countries and illegally deporting back to Juba.

3. Kleptocratic policies and institutionalized corruption:

Salva Kiir has introduced deep-rooted culture of looting which has paralyzed all the public institutions leading to flagrant failure to provide social services and the infrastructural development in the country. This graft is evident in all the national public institutions dominated by one ethnic group but the National Army turned tribal militia( SPLA) is the most corrupt institution run by corrupt generals who are millionaires.

4. Fascism and political militarism:

Salva Kiir has been building a fascist state without peace and reconciliation program for the nation. In defiance of all the international regional pressures to implement the peace agreement signed in the year 2015, he has violated that agreement with impunity. Despite the economic crisis in the country, the regime is mortgaging the future of the country out to purchase weapons of war. It has been busy soliciting military pacts with foreign countries and mercenaries to execute the ongoing destructive civil war he manufactured to cling to his illegitimate power.


Colonel Gai Chatim Pouch

The Defense Attache` of the Republic of South Sudan to Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

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Changkouth Wal Chuor February 10, 2017 at 11:29 pm

Congratulations Col. Puoch. You are a man of honor and integrity. I value your reasons and you’re right about everything you have mentioned in your declaration letter. Welcome to SPLM/A-IO. Like every soldier and a diplomat, you will always have a place here.

Beek February 11, 2017 at 5:21 am

You had being removed that’s why you defected,more Generals will follow. It was John’s Garang fault to allow so many commanders and Generals even they don’t call themselves by name. I was living with one, very very corrupted. Most of them were from old unite Sudan.

GatNor February 20, 2017 at 7:32 am

These Nuer Generals are nuts. what’s taking them so long to change course? Beek might be right even thought I hate to agree with the guy. These Nuer Generals need to take notes on why General Gadet chooses not to fight his own people and yet not keeping Kiir’s tribal government alive. There is no patriotic stand than that apart from the real issue of perusing the removal of Kiir as a national agenda.


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