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The SPLM/SPLA Youth League in United States Urges Leaders To Sign The Peace Agreement on the Dateline

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August 14, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The SPLM/SPLA Youth League in United States (SPLM/SPLA-YL(USA) welcomes the IGAD-Plus Compromise Peace Proposal to bring the much needed peace to South Sudan, which has been devastated by war for the last 20 months.

The country has witnessed heinous crimes against humanity most of which have been committed against youths and women. Peace must return so that people can rebuild their lives. It is very critical that we end the suffering of women and children through the signing of this proposed compromise peace by the provided dateline.

The SPLM/ SPLA-YL(USA) condemns those who protest against peace, particularly the Jieng Council of Elders(JCE). No country of 64 tribes should be led by a council that doesn’t have full representation of its diversity and believe that it will bring tangible peace.

The IGAD-plus compromise peace proposal is not perfect, but it is something we can work with to bring sustainable peace to the country.

The IGAD-plus peace proposal is a chance that provides a window of opportunity for south Sudanese to come together and have a meaningful dialogue, and begin the process of reconciliation.

Certainly, tribal extremists on both sides will reject this deal and opt to take power through the barrel of the gun. Enough is enough…the international community is running out of patience, and the people of South Sudan are tired of war.

This perpetual violence must come to an end; we cannot keep placing innocent lives in danger one day after another. We must also like to remind South Sudanese that the peace that will come will be a peace for us and not the international community; that alone should be a key motivator for all of us to support peace.

We want to reiterate that the SPLM/SPLA has always been for peace and is ready to sign a compromise deal for sustainable peace. The SPLM/SPLA-YL(USA) would like to take this opportunity to express its deepest gratitude to IGAD-plus for working so hard to bring us substantial peace.

Nyajuok Gathoth Riek

Secretary of Information

SPLM/SPLA Youth League (USA)

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