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The SPLM Youth League Chapter in Egypt Concluded the RED-CARD RALLY

S. Sudanese in Egypt
The picture was taken in front of UN office at Six of October on the 9th of July / Nyamilepedia

July 14, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — On behalf of the Sudan People Liberation Movement Youth League Chapter in Arab Republic of Egypt (SPLM-YL); I would like to address you about how RED CARD RALLY ended. The Red Card Rally is a peaceful demonstration mainly organized by South Sudanese in Cairo-Egypt, Washington DC-USA, Kampala-Uganda, and Melbourne-Australia to remain Salva Kiir Mayardit of the expiration of his term in the office of presidency.

As demonstrated early in the previous article by the name, A CALL TO CELEBRATE 9TH OF JULY, SOUTH SUDAN’S INDEPENDENCE DAY; the objective of the rally is to tell the world that South Sudan is still experiencing injustice, nepotism, tribalism, discrimination, and foreign invasion. We came together to tell the world that WE’RE INDEPENDENCE BUT YET TO BE FREE.

The number of the people attended the Rally were 250 protesters. The Rally was attended by Key leaders such as;

– Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut, SPLM-YL chapter in Egypt chairman
– Lino Simon Ngor, Secretary of training and research of the National office of youth in Pagak
– Lam John Nei, Nuer Students Association chairman
– Gatkuoth Kim Both, the Chairman of Nuer Community.
– Elizabeth Nyakong Simon, Nuer women chairperson
– Riak Gieng Kong, the chairman of Bentiu Community
– Daniel Keck Makuach, the chairman of Cie-lang 
– Tet Rang Teny, Gatjaak Community Chairman

While the protesters were shouting: “RED Caaaaaard, Salva Kiir … Down, Down, Salva Kiir …Federal, Federal, South Sudan…. No, No, for tribalism – No, No for Discrimination …. Where is UN? … South Sudanese are dying,”

One of the United Nation representatives came out to the demonstrators and asked for the person in charge, http://forhealthylives.com that is when a letter condemning the extension of Salva Kiir term in the office was submitted.

The Sudan People Liberation Movement Youth league chapter in Egypt had conducted a very fruitful and historic Rally in the memory of the citizens of South Sudan who had be massacred by the Salva kiir Mayardit and his subordinates on the dark day of December 15 /2013, and on the other hand the citizens of South Sudan who live in the Arab Republic of Egypt have totally and legally declared Salva Kiir, 10 governors, Members of parliament in the national legislative assembly and all the members of Parliaments in the ten states of the Republic as illegitimate and their legitimacy term to run the affairs of the nation have totally and finally ended in the eve of 8th of July 2015 at night and they are no longer recognize as legitimate leaders of the nation.

South Sudanese Youth in Egypt in high moral.
South Sudanese Youth in Egypt raising RED-CARDS

The South Sudanese inhabitants had traveled from all four corners of the Arab Republic of Egypt to join the RED CARD RALLY. The South Sudanese women also did a very tremendous work in the rally, both chairman of the chapter Mr. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut and the chapter Secretary General Mr. Zechariah James Machar did door to door campaign.

At the United Nation Office in Six of October city, most of the clergymen and the south Sudanese leaders from the three regions of the nation gave their freedom speeches to the people in the rally and they have completely and legally declared Salva kiir’s Regime illegitimate.

Puot Tap Riak
Chapter press secretary in the office of the Youth League’s chairman
Email: splmyl.egyptchapter@gmail.com

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