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Lou-Nuer Community Leadership Council-UNMISS ‘’ Continuity of the List of Betrayers’’


Juba, Republic of South Sudan

Lou/Bieh Youth in UNMISSS Camp in Juba (Photo: file)
Lou/Bieh Youth in UNMISSS Camp in Juba (Photo: file)

Dec 14, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- In continuation of the work which is being executes by the LNCLC/UNMISS/PoCs in Juba; i.e. the incessant release of the names and identifies of the Lou-Nuer community’ members who have chose money over the life of their own brothers and sisters; we are hereby releasing the second phase of the list.  Meanwhile, the list of the betrayers ally to Salva Kiir’s genocidal government in Juba. We are supplementing the previous list of about 157 names minus six that we have apologized for inconvenience.

Purposely, we make their names available to all our fellows Lou-Nuer community members wherever they are. This is to educate them that, the names and identities of these individuals are to be known for future use to our community.

And, because of the fact that, these names are subjected to further studies, Lou-Nuer Community Leadership Council/UNMISS/PoCs is keen and still welcoming all of your comments, suggestions, additions and corrections to these individuals. We are also appealing to the few that used to appears by mistake to positively react if your name wrongly mixed up with vampires. This is because, mistake always occurs.

Therefore, our board will accept your reaction and may use it to make this work credible. Moreover, the strict care is given to those innocent victims who are currently pursuing their jobs with NGOs, corporate and privates companies whilst staying outside Juba and others government controlled territories.

Name in full:

  1. Brig. Gen. Peter Gatbel Wieh
  2. Amb/Majiok Guandong
  3. Amb/John Pidor Chuol
  4. Lt. Col. Koang Biel Thanypieny
  5. Rev. Ruey Nyak Chuor
  6. Lt. Col. Gatbel Gatluak Chamjok
  7. Lt. Col. Tut Tap Lieth
  8. Lt. Col. Koak Jock Thoan
  9. Lt. Col. Rial Joak
  10. Lt. Col. Gatluak Chuol Gatluak
  11. Lt. Col. Maluit Wuor Diew
  12. Lt. Col. Both Koang Nguth
  13. Maj. Peter Yik Kuel
  14. Rev. Maj. Makuach Ding Lieth
  15. Maj. Kuol Magok Bum
  16. Maj. Tet Diw Luak
  17. Maj. Deng Chuol Kuon
  18. Maj. Gattheep Bhar Juong
  19. Maj. Dak Lual Jock
  20. Maj. Maluth Mayian
  21. Capt. Dak Miak Badeang
  22. Capt. Dak Chot Kang
  23. Capt. Nyang Lual Joak
  24. Capt. Diing Nyak Lual
  25. Capt. Pur Ruot Gatkuoth
  26. Capt. Gatjiek Kuoth Puor
  27. Capt. Mabil Johnson Gony Biliew
  28. Capt. Lony Kuony Nyoak
  29. 1st, Lt. Bol Gatluak Monyjiek
  30. 1st, Lt. Nhial Dual Nhial
  31. 1st, Lt. Thiay Pithiang Ngundeang
  32. 1st, Lt. Tang Ker Bel
  33. 1st, Lt. Chuol Peter Gatkuoth Mathiang
  34. 1st, Lt. Nyajap Peter Gatkuoth Mathiang
  35. 1st, Lt. Lual Chuol Koang
  36. 2nd, Lt. Makuach Jock  Nhial
  37. 2nd, Lt. Bang Chamjock Nhial
  38. 2nd, Lt. Jock Nyakoach Koata
  39. 2nd, Lt. Dorger Wechtuor
  40. 2nd, Lt. Dak Chiok Wang
  41. 2nd, Lt. Chuol Tot Tuel Wanjang
  42. 2nd, Lt. Tutnyang  Top Riek Pany
  43. 2nd, Lt. Pech Nguoth Gach
  44. 2nd, Lt. Ker Golong Lham
  45. 2nd, Chuol Mun Kuny
  46. 2nd, Lt. Gathoth Gach Ruae
  47. Thoknaath Koak Nyuon
  48. Kun Wuor Kuon
  49. Gew Deng Thichuong
  50. Rev. Peter Gatkuoth Dak Nguot
  51. Nhial Bol Nhial
  52. Panom Lul
  53. Lok Wiyual
  54. Chuol Doyak Chuol Dol
  55. Panom Rambang Yor
  56. Tuytuy Nyuon Rak
  57. John Wiyual Kong
  58. Micheal Bhan Jock
  59. Meat Tunguar Meat
  60. Wuor Gatluak Hothnyaang

Notice: The list will continues and, as such, we would still need your comments and continually put correction and adds if you have them.

And Thanks

Mr. Nyuon Kuol Deang.

The Chairman

Mr. Dak Dhieyier Wat

The Secretary General


Juba, Republic of South Sudan

Tell: +211-956127587/+211-956433332

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Nikalongo sanduksanduk December 14, 2015 at 1:41 am

Why don’t we preoccupy ourselves with community emancipation that character assassinating other members of the community? Serving the government or the opposition is a personal choice. Grow up my people, grow up. What are is doing is dividing rather than uniting people. That list of shame as you call it, only portrays how backward our community is. Shame on us

AMEN December 15, 2015 at 7:03 am

It is actually very BAD to accuse your own brothers without genuine evidence, Nuer rebellion cannot exist longer because of their FAKE behaviours of they have wrong tactic wrong method to control their movement.
Please keep on accusing eachother and you will end up spliting in your camp all the time, I cannot join Nuer movement without other tribes.


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