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The Ontario Leadership Of Equatorian Caucus Within Splm In Opposition Condemned Equatorian Leaders Within The Juba Government

By Comrade Peter Kleto

Equatorians MPs and Intellectuals debating federal system of governance in past (Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)
Equatorians MPs and Intellectuals debating federal system of governance in past (Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)
December 04, 2014(Nyamilepedia)The Chairman of Equatoria caucus within SPLM in opposition convened an emergency meeting with the leadership on December 04, 2014 to discuss about the plight of Equatorians in South Sudan. The leadership resolved to:

1. Condemned the leaders of Equatoria within the Juba government under Dictator Salva Kiir for not defending their people.

2. Call on the leaders of Equatoria within the murderous regime to make up their minds to either stand and defend the people of Equatoria or lose their legacy and respect from the people of Equatoria who have been standing behind them.

On behalf of the leadership of Equatoria caucus in the Province of Ontario and on my own behalf, I would like to take this opportunity to condemned the Equatorian leaders within the dying Juba government for not standing tall in defense of their people. Equatorian intellectuals and ordinary citizens have been killed, harassed, humiliated and intimidated on daily basis, a case in point is the killing of the former mayor of Yei, the kidnapping of intellectuals in yei and they are nowhere to be found among secret killing that is happening on daily basis. All these horrible acts have not been condemned by any of the Equatorian leaders within the government. This is quite telling that the Equatorian leaders within the one man show are not really there for the people of Equatoria but for their own stomachs. Do the equatorian leaders know that they will be killed by the same regime at anytime, any day? It is better to die in a battle field than to be killed in humiliation. When will you the Equatorian leaders listen to the voices of wisdom?

The leadership under the chairmanship of comrade Peter Kleto appeal to the leaders of Equatoria to come to terms with reality by taking bold steps in order to bring about justice, federal system, equality in South Sudan. It is regrettable and shameful to see innocent Equatorians being murdered and yet no leader speaks about it. It seems the leaders of Equatoria within Juba government have given up on their people because there is no way you can claim to be  leaders and yet you don’t defend them in times of danger. Working with the Juba government under Dictator Salva Kiir will mean that you are prolonging the suffering of the Equatorian people because you are working in a government that is fighting against the interest of the people of Equatoria. The leadership would like to add its voice to all the voices calling for the leadership to take concrete action by joining the people’s resistance movement the SPLM/A in Opposition under the Chairmanship of his Excellency comrade Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

SPLM/A in opposition is the only tool to bring about federal system, democracy, justice, equality and prosperity in South Sudan and the sooner you join, the better it will be in terms of lives and suffering. The suffering of the people of Equatoria Region will continue to increase on daily and hourly basis until the Regime is change. The leadership call upon all of you the leaders of Equatoria to join SPLM/A in opposition in order to shortened the suffering of our people. I also want to inform you the leaders of Equatoria within the Juba government to deeply think beyond your interest and take decision now and not tomorrow because abandoning your community for personal interest will also mean you will be abandon by your own community. The people of Greater Equatoria are closely watching you and this is the right time for the people to see whether you are with them or not. The choice is absolutely yours. Lastly, I want to inform you the governors of the Greater Equatoria to be vigilant about your personal security as advocates of federal system are main target in South Sudan.


Victory Is Certain!

Thank you.

Comrade Peter Kleto


Greater Equatoria Caucus

Leader of Equatoria Caucus

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Joseph Madak Both December 5, 2014 at 7:14 am

The Ontarians in the. SPL M/A IN Opposition welcome your patriotic decision and support you in your appeal to the leaders of the three States of Equatoria namely, The Central Equatoria, Eastern and Western Equatoria to rise up against the brutality of the regime against their citizens.We encourage you and your leadership to start forming a united solid diasporas front with those of Greater Upper Nile and those from Greater Buar Al Ghazal who are already fighting for the down fall of this dictatorial regime of Kiir to face justice.

south sudan true prophert January 4, 2015 at 10:25 am

thank for wake king equatorial leader up, but we equatorial knows ,that its better for a seed and grass to grow together until the harvest time ,south Sudan will not have peace until kiir and marcher step down or until the both die,
if both step down within a 5 year there will be total peace in south Sudan,
god will not support killing,of innocent people,killing is killing is a unpardonable sin, no forgiveness for kiir or marcher,no peace in their leadership ,until Christ come , this is my apostolic voice ,let them both repent and step down and let other bring peace to the children of god in south Sudan, my warning voice to the leader and people of equ and south sudan at large is that let us know who we are and not support any idea that led us to war or killing,


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