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This is the Nuer Community Global logo
This is the Nuer Community Global logo

Oct 18, 2017 (Nyamilepedia): — Since the first commemoration of the Nuer Juba Genocide in December 2014, the Nuer community leadership has made several attempts to unite its global leaderships through Nuer Community Global Board but due to time and resources such proposal was not achieved within the expected time frame. The attempt to form a Nuer Community Global leadership was a humble response to increasing demands for unity within the Nuer community worldwide. This demand was loudly called for through internet and social media by the intellectuals, social and political leaderships of the Nuer community. Today, we are happy to announce that the Nuer community’s global civil wing has come together and confirmed its commitment to work as one entity through the Nuer Community Global Board.

In brief, the Nuer Community Global Board (NCGB) will act as an international community liaison and will be comprised of Nuer Community leaders worldwide. This civil organization was formed on May 16, 2017 to manage the affairs of the global sub-communities. Among the countries that participated in formation of NCGB are Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Ethiopia, Egypt, Kenya, Netherlands, Norway, Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

The Nuer community leaders worldwide have come a very long way to get to this stage today and we can’t thank the participants enough for their hard work and priceless commitment to see this idea achieved. Although it was not an easy journey, but with hard work, determination, togetherness, willingness and Unity among the Nuer community leaders and Nuer community members, we have reached this far and with strong backing from the community, we hope to sustain and succeed.

The NCGB’s function shall include, but not limited to, conflict resolution, investigation, identifying of developmental gaps, education, facilitating dialogues aimed to foster cooperation and unity among the Nuer community at large, and developing and delivering projects for Nuer community globally.


Unity – the NCGB shall build healthy and peaceful coexistence among the Nuer community and ensure that the Naath nation is empowered and secured from all kind of aggression.


Advocacy and inclusive service delivery – the NCGB will advocate and nurture the well-being of all Nuer community’s members and their families through the provision of inclusive service delivery and support.


Development – The NCGB makes it its top priority to develop the Nuer community culturally, educationally, economically and politically.

Corporation – promotes cooperation among Nuer community through cultural, political and economic activities.

Book Keeping – The NCGB will record and file human rights abuses committed against the Nuer community throughout the armed conflicts and update the community any time it deems necessary.


The names of the Nuer community leaders who formed the Nuer Community Global Board are:

Australia – Maduk Muon Kuony 
Belgium – Koat Diw Gach
Canada – Thomas Tut Kuonnaye
Denmark – Simon Dang Mathiang
Ethiopia – Puoch Jal Nyien
Egypt – James Gatwech Deng
Kenya – Bol Duop Nyuot
Netherlands – Wal Bichiok Wur
Norway – Dak Pal
Sudan – John Gatloth Madeng
South Sudan – Sam Simon Mayen
Uganda – Mai Kuway Deng
United States of America – Michael Gai Chockchock
United Kingdom – William Deng Chang

The president elect of Nuer Community Global Board (NCGB) is Maduk Muon Kuony who is also the current chairman of Nuer Community in Australia. The deputy Chairman of NCGB is John Gatloth Madeng Kier, the popular chairman of Nuer Community in Sudan.

For More Information
Email: nuercgb2017@gmail.com / +61 490-219-985 / +249 918-057-715 / +20 111-004-6012


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