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The Electoral Committee Official Report On Nuer Community Election Conducted At St. Francis Church In Kampala – Uganda On The 24th August, 2015

By Gatluak Khot,

August 30, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Nuer Community in Uganda was formed in 1992 with a view to promoting unity and peace among the Nuer and working for their welfare. It then became the overall umbrella under which the four States of Bieh, Latjor, Phow and Lich lie. Its elections are conducted every after two years tenure.

Much as democracy is naturally engraved into the Nuer Community culture, the leadership has always been determined by casting of votes, right from this chairmanship sequence: John Jok Nguot, Gatluak Gey, Yohanese Riek Bijiek, John Jok Duom and Samuel Gai Kuinin.

As far as the election processes are concern, the outgoing leadership headed by Gai Kuinin established the Electoral Committee (EC) on the 16th January, 2015 prior to dissolution of its body on the 27th January, 2015. Here come their names: Kang Deng Ruey            (Chairman), Gatluak Khot Keat (Secretary General), Jal Duop Yang (Finance Secretary), George Machar (Information Secretary), Thiey Gai (Speaker), Bith Gatwech Yiech (Returning Officer), Khor Chuol Rut (Organizer), Rev. John Yual Nguth (Advisor) and Elizabeth Nyaruot Biel (       Advisor).

The election observers comprise four States Chairmen: Juma Wechtuor from Bieh, Tayin Kong from Phow, Both Gatwech from Lajor, and Puok Ruach from Lich and elders representatives from each State namely: Nhial Hoth Chung from Bieh, Andrew Thok Gol from Latjor, Nyawargak Nyang Kiey from Phow and Koang Woi from Lich

The Electoral Committee started to carry on with the task entrusted on them. Election bylaws were set in conjunction with the Nuer Community constitution to guide the process. The election was then scheduled to take place on 14th February, 2015; an exercise which ended up premature due to time factor. The election was called off from then till its recent conduct on 24th August, 2015. The positions contested for were: Chairperson by Stephen Gai Kak and Nyoat Biliu Babuoth, Secretary General by Lino Kawai Kuer and Riek Tap Riek, Finance Secretary by Kuol Majiok Rambang and Tuach Gordon, and Culture and Sport Secretary by Jacob Nyir Khan and David Chan Kulang.

Required by the election procedures, voters started arriving at the polling hall between 9:00 AM and 1:15 PM after which the entrance was ultimately closed. The voting started from 1:20 PM to 6:30 PM. No sooner had all the voters casted their ballots, than the counting commenced from 6:45 PM till late night. The tallied results were added up for various positions so as to determine the winners. The final results read as follow: Chairperson: Stephen Gai Kak had 404 votes and Nyoat Biliu Babuoth had 409 votes, Secretary General: Lino Kawai Kuer had 342 votes and Riek Tap Riek had 405 votes, Finance Secretary: Kuol Majiok Rambang had 387 votes and Tuach Gordon had 319 votes, Culture and Sport Secretary: Jacob Nyir Khan had 390 votes and David Chan Kulang had 361 votes.

Subsequently, the Electoral Committee Chairman officially declared winners the following:

Name                                                              Position

Nyoat Biliu Babuoth                                       Chairperson

Riek Tap Riek                                               Secretary General

Kuol Majiok Rambang                                Finance Secretary

Jacob Nyir Khan                                           Culture and Sport Secretary

The election was conducted in a free and fair atmosphere as different agents signed to confirm its credibility. Heretofore, it is our full anticipation as the Electoral Committee that the runners up candidates accept the results as they promised in their campaign speeches. The EC recommends that the newly elected body works to promote the existing unity and peace among the community members.

The Chairman elect with his team will be ushered in on the 3rd September, 2015. From that onset, the body will serve the community and work with other South Sudanese communities in Uganda for a period of two years (2015 – 2017) granted by the constitution.

The EC Chairman                                                                            The EC Secretary General

Kang Deng Ruey                                                                              Gatluak Khot Keat

Contact: gluakkhot@gmail.com

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