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South Sudanese Lawyer criticizes Intra-SPLM Party signed framework!

Paul Opio on the Left , Mata and the Deputy Chairperson of the SPLM in Opposition (Photo by Gai Manyuon/Nyamilepedia)
Paul Opio on the Left , Matata and the Deputy Chairperson of the SPLM in Opposition (Photo: Gai Manyuon/Nyamilepedia)

Oct 23th, 2014 (Nyamilepedia) — According to Lawyer Paul Opio Both Wityian interview with Nyamilpedia Editorial Team, says the Intra-party dialogue and re-unification of the files and ranks of the SPLM will not solve any problem in the Country.

In the same interview Wityian said, the Dec 15th 2013 which started as SPLM reforms during the convention escalated and went beyond the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) corridors. He said, most of the civilians who died in Juba don’t belong to SPLM. He as well mentioned that White Armies picked up arms in self defense and rescues their brothers, Sisters, mothers and fathers from massacre that took place in Juba.

Today if Kiir and Machar believe that their meeting in Arusha is the sole solution to the South Sudanese crisis then there is still problem, Wityian said.

The current conflict in South Sudan need broader and comprehensive approach by all South Sudanese including the War victims Layer Wityian said.

It’s worth mentioning that, if Arusha Intra- Party SPLM dialogue and the recent signed framework is the way forward, then people are worried because more lives will be lost for the quest of freedom and justice Lawyer Wityian lamented.

The killing of 25,000 Nuer civilians in Juba and exterminations of Nuer ethnic group in Malakal has shown that Kiir is not any longer a trust worthy President said Young Lawyer.

Mr. Wityian added that, there is currently on going exterminations of Nuer civil population both working for government and UN personnel in Upper Nile state by Kiir security and Gen. Olony Militias at the watch of United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS). He said, this shows that UN Mandates has been compromise or being threatens.

Under International Human Right law Article (4) provides that, each state party shall ensure that all acts of torture or brutal and inhuman treatment are offenses under its criminal law.

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