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The Deliberate Efforts by the Government of the Republic of South Sudan to Undermine the Implementation of South Sudan Peace Agreement

To: The Chair of IGAD-Plus, C/o H.E Hailemariam Dessalegn, Prime Minister of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

H.E. Festus G. Mugae, Chairman of the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC)

cc The President, UN Security Council
From: South Sudanese Equatorian Community Leaders in the Diaspora:

1.     Mr. Federico Awi Vuni, Chair, Equatorian Community in the UK

2.     Mr. Kwaje Lasu, President, Equatorian South Sudanese Community Association, USA

3.     Mr. Joseph Modi, President, Equatorian South Sudanese Community Association, Canada

4.     Mr William Orule, Chairperson, Equatoria Community & Welfare Association, NSW, AUSTRALIA

Your Excellencies,

7th Jan, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- We, the Equatorian Leaders of South Sudan in the Diaspora, are concerned about the deliberate efforts by the Government of the Republic of South Sudan to undermine the implementation of Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan. The Government of the Republic of South Sudan has embarked on establishing 28 states in the country, and has appointed respective states governors, thus nullifying the existing 10 states. This action is a serious violation of the peace agreement. It must not be tolerated by guarantors of the peace agreement and ultimately the African Union Peace and Security Council, and the UN Security Council.

In order to safeguard the full implementation of the peace agreement, we call upon the guarantors of the peace agreement to put into action the threats stipulated in the UNSC resolution 2252 (2015) for violating the peace agreement by any party to the agreement. The resolution states:

“… to consider all appropriate measures, as demonstrated by its 3 March 2015 unanimous adoption of resolution 2206 (2015), against those who take action that undermines the peace, stability, and security of South Sudan, including those who prevent the implementation of these agreements”;

The creation and implementation of the 28 states by the Government of the Republic of South Sudan with counsel from Dinka tribal council of elders has hidden agenda to entrench future domination of Dinka tribe in the country. The Government has allocated 14 of the 28 states in the country to one tribe (Dinka), while the rest of 63 tribes share the remaining 14 states. This is a gross inequity designed by the Government. There have been no valid criteria to justify the allocation of the 28 states.

The creation of the 28 states was a deliberate act of derailing the peace agreement. The Government of South Sudan is supposed to focus on the implementation of the agreement, specifically the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) and Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU).

The Government of the Republic of South Sudan would like her people to believe that the creation of 28 states in the country was a popular demand. The fact is that there was no public consultation or referendum on the proposal. The Government cannot produce evidence on proportion of the population that supported or rejected the establishment of the 28 states. The creation of the 28 states in the country was carried out by Presidential decree on 2nd October 2015, which was condemned by Equatorian Leaders in the Diaspora in their press release dated 4th October 2015 on the grounds that it was undemocratic, unconstitutional, and against the peace agreement.

The President of South Sudan declined to address the nation on 31st December 2015; instead, he held a closed door meeting with the tribal Jieng Council of Elders (JCE). The actions of the president do not respect the people who voted him into office.

In addition, the South Sudanese National Security has continued to intimidate citizens and they are clamping down on freedom of speech. Newspaper editors, politicians and academicians have been arrested without charges and their whereabouts are unknown.

The Way Forward:

  1. We ask the guarantors of the peace agreement to press on the Government to reverse its decision on the establishment of 28 states in the country, and to stick to the 10 states recognised in the agreement. Future modalities of Governance system and number of states will be determined by all stakeholders during the TGoNU, following a proper process of consultation. The peace agreement should be implemented fully, both in letter and spirit.
  2. If the Government fails to reverse the 28 states it has created, then the following course of actions should be undertaken:
    1. Application of sanctions, as per UN Security Council Resolution 2252 (2015) against the Government for undermining the implementation of the peace agreement.
    2. South Sudan should be administered under UN Trusteeship for the next 3-5 years. The Government formed should be composed of technocrats. The Status of Chair of JMEC should be upgraded to Governor General of South Sudan.
    3. The exclusions from Government of individuals who are suspected of having been involved in gross human right violations during the recent war in South Sudan.

We, the undersigned representatives of Equatorian Leaders in the Diaspora, call upon your immediate action to save the peace agreement from imminent collapse.


Thank you.

Mr. Federico Awi Vuni


Equatorian Community in the UK


Mr. William Orule

Equatoria Community & Welfare Association, NSW


Mr. Kwaje M. Lasu, MPH, RCP.
Equatoria South Sudanese Community Association-USA (ESSCA-USA)


Mr. Joseph Modi


Equatoria South Sudanese Community Association-Canada (ESSCA- Canada)




For correspondence: Mr. Federico Awi Vuni; livi.hope@yahoo.co.uk

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Gat.darwich January 7, 2016 at 7:51 pm

Very commendable letter Greater Equatoria leaders in diaspora. Killer NyanKiir and Jenges Council of Evils can not should be permitted to the annexation of the patriots, 63 tribes’ lands to the Jenges period.

All peace loving friends of the South Sudan must take good note of this legitimate call

Sambala Kutekimang January 7, 2016 at 10:07 pm

Ha ha, Mr. Diaspora, you make alot of ineffective noise in the Hotels in the diaspora or nice bungalows in Europe while your tribes men are already at a level of rats threaten by a cat. Today is 28 states game to take your lands, next would be the displacement of all the Equotorians to the numbering countries while the educated like you are just making noise in the diaspora, you will soon find your grandma in uganda or kenya while your whole land is taken as a grazing land. Equotorians lacks leaders who could back thier noise with real patriotic acts.I wish we can multiply ladu Gore, Bakasoro, Mumur, Thomas by 10 to make an effect. let me ask you, When Isaac Mumur tried to stand for his people he was cornered for years, what did you do to rescue him ? nothing. Now Bakasoro is connered what have you done? nothing. So better keep quite, dont pretend and shame us. Your Noise in the Diaspora is tantamount to nothing but more harm to Equotorians. We better wait for God to intervene on our Behalf like the children of Isreal from the hand of Pharoah. so stop nonsense of rhetoric like ” I condemn” ” Sanctions” etc while things on the ground are different.
have a good luck diaspora Equotoria Leaders.

Duku January 8, 2016 at 12:02 am

A leaders that opted to be ruled by foreigners. Even where you are living there in America injustice still exists.
We should learn to addesss our problems as brothers and sisters. Instead preaching hatred and running away from responsibilities.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ January 11, 2016 at 8:21 am

Kutekimang and Duku,

I agree with you. we are facing the most KLEPTOCRATIC REGIME known the jenge. This people believe in gun not democratic process. we must think about this. good that people are aware of this but let us not wait for God.


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