What Next After 28 States’ Scam

By Gabriel Gadet,

The Map of Newly Created 28 States (Photo: Extracted).
The Map of Newly Created 28 States (Photo: Extracted).

Jan 07, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) —- South Sudan Government has been and still to be situating hurdles and obstacles along the passages that could lead to smooth implementation of the signed peace deal. These manners and behavior have been apparently setback to public demand as situation has reached to a moribund state; insecurity, killing, hunger and displacement of civilians. However, the decision taken by government creating and expanding the existing 10 states to new 28 states has been met with mix reactions, whereas people consider it to be basically a division based on tribal lines rather than reserving former coexistence among social fabric.

Creation of 28 states is meager decision that will never see light due to serious disagreement and rejection by both SPLA/M-IO and public masses within the country and in Diasporas as well regardless to their political affiliations and ethnicity. Succinctly, the Compromise Peace Agreement brokered by IGAD and IGAD-plus signed by rival parties in August, 2015 has only recognized the present 10 states. Therefore, the unilateral decision taken by the SPLA/M-IG on such decision is a true violation to CPA2. If at all relentless would bring an end and collapse to the peace deal.

These 28 states are basically divided on tribal basis, allocating lands from other states to the newly formed ones. On such criterion is like setting the entire South Sudan ablaze because land grabs and hijack of resources would promotes conflicts among neighboring states rather than strengthening ties of social relations, acceptance of one another, and widen hatred and greed. Thus I totally described it as a scam and cheap trick to halt peace implementation.

The second scam is obviously to be shown recently in ministerial portfolio selection, whereas the government has open its monster’s teeth demanding all the top ministerial posts to be on its side viz. Defense, Finance, Interior and Foreign Affairs in order to have upper hand in everything. This is also another clear violation to agreement’s procedures and provisions articulated in the peace document. Leave alone the step taken yesterday by alleging unfounded strike at Juba International Airport so as to block and delayed coming of chairman of Join Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (JMEC) at the time meeting was prior arranged to be conducted on the same date. To justify this; where have you heard in South Sudan a public sector would have gone in strike, NOT in Republic of South Sudan it has never happened and I doubt such move will not arise and went in peace, many of us know better why?

Finally, these are few but not the least of scams and tactics representing momentum trials by the regime to arrest peace implementation. Moreover I am leaving you to predict what will be next scam after creation of 28 states.

The writer is a concerned South Sudanese living in Uganda, he can be reached through riakwonbil45@gmail.com

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