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SSSAK Should Wind Up, Only Two Months Remaining

By Dak Buoth,

Former SSSAK Vice Chairman Chol Ajok Barec flanked by other South Sudanese student leaders during the media briefing at August 7th Memorial Park in February 2015
Former SSSAK Vice Chairman Chol Ajok Barec flanked by other South Sudanese student leaders during the media briefing at August 7th Memorial Park in February 2015

March 22, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- It is clear to me that an African writer, Youth leader and citizen who tries to avoid the contemporary social and political issues of his country will end up being completely irrelevance like that absurd man in the proverb who leaves his house burning to pursue a rat fleeing from the flame’’ Sir Chinua Achebe.

This acronym SSSAK stands for South Sudan Students’ Association in Kenya. It is a social welfare Association registered under the laws of Kenya. It’s now eleven years old and it’s one of the popular South Sudanese organizations in Kenya. The bona fide members comprised of South Sudanese students studying in universities and colleges all across Kenya.

According to its 2010 constitution, elections are held after every twelve months (1 year). The last poll was conducted in July 2015 at Nairobi safari club hotel where the current ten executive members where elected into office to serve for one year followed by the subsequent election of two council speakers. Election rules and procedures are clearly tabulated in the aforesaid law. Those who are good at arithmetic will prove to us that the current executive members have uninterruptedly spent their good ten months in the office, and they only remain with two months to exit the realm of students’ affairs. Under the same law, the executive committee should form the electoral commission two months prior to the election date and submit the commissioners’ names to the council for vetting and approval.

In view of the forgoing, the current executive should wind up now and hatch the process of appointing the said electoral commissioners which would conduct the forthcoming SSSAK 2016/2017 plebiscite. The next election ought to happen between April and May this year. Should they fail to do that as required by the law, than the council speaker should write formal letter reminding them to do the same within this month of March 2016 in case they forgot to do that honorable task expected of them by members; failure for the speaker to do so, they shall all be accuse of conspiring against the constitution which can lead the loyal members to devised the next cause of action to avoid the continuous violation of the constitution.

However, the questions whether or not they have done bad or worse during the last ten months require a wide argumentative debate, and I will leave that analysis to those who have been privy to their activities. As matter of fact, i have never heard anything they attempted to do nor have I ever attend their meetings.

What they did and or got involved in were mere controversies and not actual activities worth mentioning as achievements. The last time students heard of SSSAK existence was when Mr. Deng Bol published a letter suggesting to the Government in Juba that I, Dak Buoth should be charge for treason without making reference to any law to back up his judgment. He wrote that simply because of the two statements we made which appeared on Paris based Sudan tribune newspapers where we advocate for the immediate release of western equatorial governor Joseph Bakosoro from detention and for accepting President Kiir’s apology for his role in the ongoing conflict. When the president made public apology, we made a rejoinder and asked for accountability and justice for the victims. And because of those reactions Mr. Bol got angered and wrote a venomous letter dressing me down that I’m an illiterate, controversial and loser who should be arrested for not respecting the president. He was demanding me to respect Salva Kiir.

One week after he wrote that letter, he was transported from Nairobi to juba by unknown agents. Upon his arrival, they met the minister of Mining, oil and petroleum at his office. The following day on 23rd February 2016, he was told to address South Sudan television (SSTV). Surprisingly, he misused the opportunity and start making weird understatement accusing the first vice president Dr. Riek Machar of orchestrating coup attempt in December 2013. He said and quote, ‘‘we the South Sudanese students in Kenya are united in condemning the failed coup attempt by Riek Machar’’ The journalist almost grab the microphone from his mouth. All viewers at home and abroad were astonished to hear somebody of his stature exposing his falsehood, ignorance and envy in broad day light without any slightest feeling of shame. His statement was nefarious, reckless, derogatory and divisive. In respond, I invoked what Gabriel Robert once said, ‘we dismissed him as vile one whose moral turpitude we must mourn’

Nearly everyone expected him to know the real version of that ‘coup story’ and why it was devised in the first place. We had said meticulously that the event of 15th December 2013 was not a coup attempt but a coronation of autocracy. So far, those who doctored this false coup claim had already denied it and the case was dismissed and thrown out first by the kangaroo courts in early 2014.Those who were apprehended and falsely accused of being behind the so-call coup, the likes of Prof. Adwok Nyaba, Dr. Majak Agot, Dr. Cirilo Hiting, Eng. Chol Tong and John Luk among others were already exonerated in the judicial trail. In the same vein, Dr. Riek Machar was vindicated in absentia; instead his accusers had reinstated him as first vice president. As such, the case was buried and never to be exhumed.We have informed the world that no such case had happened and they got convinced. Thus, Deng Bol cannot justify a negative on the truth.

I felt very disgusted seeing and hearing Mr. Deng Bol misinforming the public that Riek machar had attempted coup again in 2016. On this issue of coup, I swear to defend Riek Machar because the statement is nonsensical and unfounded, and I’m not alone in dismissing the false allegation. Last week on 12th March, 2016 when I attended ‘’ All South Sudanese organizations meeting at Swan center at Nairobi’s Yaya Center, the Chairman of South Sudan Youth Parliament put to task the Speaker of SSSAK council on the same statement Deng Bol Made accusing Riek falsely on SSTV. He asked the speaker to tell the public whether Deng Intend to say what he said or he was coerced? The speaker responded wisely saying he was present when Deng made that statement but he was shocked and surprised to hear his utterances just like other viewers watching the SSTV.

In the letter he took to Juba, he bragged saying he is an elected chairman of SSSAK founded by Colonel Philip Aguer, the current Governor of Jonglie state. In other words, he was mentioning this to show that he support the creation of 28 states in South Sudan. Perhaps to some fellows around, this can be achievement to them.

Deng Bol’s understatement was really laughable and odd one of all the news in 2016. His utterances and that of Honorable Aguer Lual made me cracked my ribs that night. Aguer announced his defection from SPLM OI and rejoined the government that day. He said his reasons for leaving SPLM IO were because Dr. Riek Machar defected in 1991 and also in 2013, and that he single handedly managed the Movement affairs with Taban Deng and his wife. When we were discussing their stories, I said these are just political greenhorns who just don’t know what they are doing.

One would recall vividly, Aguer Lual was among the last guys to announce their defection to SPLM-IO in 2014. Before he joined THE SPLM IO, i believe he knew that Dr. Riek Machar had defected in 1991 and the accusation that he made a coup in December 2013 was then the trending topic at the time. Moreover, I’m sure he was aware Governor Taban was chief Peace Negotiator already, and by virtue of that, he ought to know that Governor Taban was going to be the senior most than him and as such, he would always be a head by any chance.

On the other hand, after he joined the SPLM IO, Mr. Aguer Lual was appointed as the political adviser to Riek Machar, hence whatever blunder Riek made can be attributed to him. He didn’t tell us the issues he advised Riek on with view to make him perfect and that are ignored to justify his clumsy claims. My views were that, if he was reasonable and sound enough he would have abstained to join Riek in SPLM IO because the said allegations he cited happened before his defection in 2014.

Relatively, Deng Bol was said to soliciting money from government coppers; and that was the reason he spoke out of his conscience. If that be the case, he should be informed that the government has run short of money to financial propagandists. Furthermore, even if the Government was still in dire need of propagandists to defend and parrot any of its ideals; I know Deng Bol would performance dismally because he is naturally weak. He is a person who doesn’t have his own ideals or belief. He is a person who cannot even defend himself let alone defending the established political regime. He is coward who cannot approach an issue from the front, hence, even if he was lured and enticed to do something, I’m sure he can always hit from behind and run.

Deng Bol has perfected a paranoiac behavior. First and foremost, he needs to be resocialize so as to unlearn his cowardice traits. He is not a reliable and realistic gentleman who can tread with you confidently in the valleys and on the mountains with view to achieve certain objective. Early in February he persuaded me to help them review the SSSAK constitution 2010 at least for him to be seen that he has done something for students. I agreed when he said that. Unfortunately, the same week he came back and stabbed me from behind, announcing that I deserve a treason charges. How could he purport to appoint me to review the constitution and same time say I should be killed? I soon realized, he just wanted to compromise me, and for his information nobody can imagine or conceived to compromise me because it is not possible. He can only envy what I do. I learned something from Malcom X, he said if you realized somebody is evil, he is always evil and he will always try to come back for you. I knew he is guys with no thick skin and with no philosophical and ideological balance.

I wish restate herewith or make a few corrections to the article I wrote titled ‘SSSAK insults and exalt me, I opted for the latter’’ that It wasn’t SSSAK that insulted me, it was him Mr.Deng alone. I have great respect for other SSSAK executives the likes of Karbino Awad, Bol Yar, Ayong Ngor, Stephen, Adim Gonyjak, Ayuel Taupiny, Gatmai Ruot and others honorable members. It is Deng Bol himself who is a wound in their flesh and they should treat him psychologically so that they can operate and serve students efficiently. Deng has unknowingly and unashamedly converted SSSAK into political hotbed. He is attacking certain political players in South Sudan with immense prejudice, malice and subjectivity using SSSAK name. Moreover, he is attacking personality of senior South Sudanese citizenry like me by virtue that he is head of that Association which we all invest our precious time in. what he doesn’t know is that he is rotten-head. The great Association of SSSAK is now moving blindly like chicken whose head is cut off. In this article I have only articulate constitutional matters and fair critic on how this Deng has put the Association into disrepute. I considered anything he parroted in my name as personal opinion and not Sssak as institution. You will recall, the group of Deng had been attacking me in papers since 2014/15, they insult me because of the press conference Sssak held in February 2015 at August 7th memorial park, he went and sit with his group saying I have made Photo shop; and that it wasn’t a real conference while he attended the occasion. It is the same libelous paper that Deng has reproduced one year after I left SSSAK.

In ten months, he did not make any difference but rather indifference of what students expected of him. Last year July 2015 when he was sworn in, I delivered a moving speech to over hundreds students audience at Nairobi Safari club hotel. I lecture them on the tradition and philosophy of students’ politics. That students politics is always seen as light through which a society can envision its destiny. That it always toils to impact change in society.  The Policies of student’s politics are always incompatible with the ideals of status quo keepers. It is not complacent but practical and pragmatic in nature. In my speech I advised him to bring a shift in student political landscape; that he should be respectful of Association’s laws and regulations. The Association of students in national political affairs cannot be overruled. Students are deemed intelligent; they are selfless by nature; they love the right and hate the wrong; they are full blooded young men ready to lay down their lives for the sake of their ideal, whether it is patriotism or something as noble as that. Real political thoughts are nourished and nurtured in educational institutions; and students are the cradles of modern political thought.

Yesterday most of our current leaders were active participants in student politics, how come they now oppose the principles which they uphold in their yesteryears. We understand that our foremost role as students is to learn and pass well in our respect disciplines. But this does not mean we should be unconnected with and indifferent to the current affairs of our country.

In reference to the above, I shared with students a story of Frog and Scorpion which I reiterate herein, one day, a scorpion found the frog at the bank of the river. The scorpion requested the frog to carry him to other side of the River; the frog declined telling the scorpion that he might sting him while swimming. The scorpion responds saying he won’t do that. The scorpion pleaded saying how he would sting somebody who is helping him for if he did, they would die together in the water. The Frog got convinced by his justification and it told the scorpion to climb on his up. They start the journey, and when they reach the middle of the River the scorpion soon forgot the promised he made before the journey began. He sting frog’s leg before reaching the destination. The Frog cried and asked the Scorpion why he stings him while he promised never to do that before. The Scorpion reply saying sorry, he didn’t intend to do that, it just a nature and he cannot control the nature. From there they sunk and drown. It is now becoming a nature for African and south Sudanese in particular to violate the laws. In reply Deng said, even if he won’t do much during his tenure, but one thing he was sure of is that the next election would be done exactly the way the constitution prescript. Time has come now, let him constitute an electoral committee before this month end so that SSSAK does not suffer the same way the frog suffers.

In addition, if the current SSSAK members were very active, cognizant and respectful to the constitution, Mr Deng would have been forced to resign in September 2015 shortly after he successfully finished his course in September last year, and we really congratulate him for his academic achievement. Article 14/9 reads clearly that an executive ceased to be member of SSSAK from the day s/he completed his studies. As such, he is currently holding the office unconstitutionally.

Procedurally, if that had been done, the deputy Mr. Karbino Awad could have taken over as acting Chairperson then, and if Mr. Karbino Awad was not available, the council can convene a meeting and decide who should take charge of the Association as they await the by-election to take place. In event the Chairperson and his deputy are not available; the speaker should be in-charge until such a time when the by-elections are held. Nonetheless, the time to conduct by-election has lapse. Thus, what they ought do now is to have electoral commission formed two months prior to the election date as stipulated in the constitution.

Finally, a colleague Mr. Lam advised me in December 25th last year when we were chatting discussing this narratives around Moi international sport center, he said why do I keep bothering myself with SSSAK activities again, that if SSSAK does not have informed and critical guys who can eloquently bring check and balance in the manner the Association is run, just leave it to them because in the end, they will all misunderstood and gang up against me notwithstanding the positive contribution I make. I realized this is partially true, here forth, I shall from today onward make deduction and or avoid talking about this Association until other time deem appropriate.

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