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SPLM/SPLA Sioux Falls Chapters Switch Allegiance to SPLM/A in Opposition, under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny!

We, the citizens of the Republic of South Sudan, currently residing in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, declared our support to the SPLM/A in Opposition, under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

Press Release

SPLM:SPLA-Sioux FallsIn the name of our Almighty God and our blessed country South Sudan, Amen

Saturday July 25, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The South Sudanese people of South Dakota declared their support to the SPLM/A in Opposition as a result of failure of Salva Kiir Mayardit’s regime. Salva Kiir has totally destroyed our country because of his leadership ego than providing the services for the young nation. He has been a leader for almost ten years at this point and has never lived up to the promise to make South Sudan a land for freedom, democracy, human right protecting and a prosperous nation on earth.

Instead, Salva Kiir failed miserably and inflicted gross human right abused on his people, exterminating over 22,000 innocent lives in South Sudan, which engulf the whole country in unstoppable civil war. Under Salva Kiir’s leadership, the country has witnessed the worst human catastrophic similar to what had occurred in Rwanda in 1994. Mr. President, you do not love this county as a land, nor do you love habitants of that land; therefore, we switched our support from your regime to the SPLM/A in Opposition that has shown clear ideological differences from what you have been demonstrating to the people of South Sudan for almost ten years now.

In this heinous catastrophic situation you have created in our country, almost 4 million people are already experiencing severe food insecurity in the country, while nearly 1.4 million people have been forced out of their homes. The South Sudanese people of Sioux Falls, South Dakota have condemned the government of Uganda, in strongest term possible, for its participation in helping Salva Kiir’s government in massacring civilians in South Sudan. Again, the people of Sioux Falls, South Dakota have condemned the regime of Salva Kiir for targeting Equatorian people because of voicing their support to the federal system, introduced by the SPLM/A in Opposition.

Mr. Salva Kiir, people of South have just got out of more than 50 years civil war under oppressive regime in the north, and therefore, cannot afford to live under another dictatorship, worse than the previous one. We are tired of war; therefore, Salva Kiir must go. South Sudanese people know better than this and cannot live under this worthless regime anymore. Salva Kiir has been leading the country using the dividing rules policy, nepotism, tribalism, and corruption, which negatively contributed in landed this country where it’s today.

Now, Salva Kiir has concluded his master plan in wiping out Nuer people on the face of earth. This regime has not done a thing, given the poor physical infrastructure, health care, education, roads and security that were in today. We, the people of the State of South Dakota, are sending this message out to all South Sudanese people worldwide that what had happened in South Sudan is not between Dinka and Nuer. Salva Kiir created this war to make it look like it’s between the two brotherly tribes. We must unite forces to get rid of Salva Kiir. We need each other’s in South Sudan, but we do not need a dividing power thirst liability individual to lead us in that country we all love very much.

Finally, we are inviting all South Sudanese to stand united and join the SPLM in Opposition, under the leadership of our brave and visionary leader, Dr. Riek Machar Teny. Dr. Machar has been tirelessly thinking about how to reverse this ridiculous war to democratic solution through federal system. Dr. Machar is a leader who will restore hope and bring a lasting democracy through federalism. A direct quote from Dr. Machar says “South Sudan will be the tiger of Africa; therefore, its citizens will wake up every morning smiling.” This is what we, the citizens of South Sudan want to see happening to us. Our duty is to get rid of this dictator before we realize this dream.

Last, but not least, we would like to congratulate Hon. Reath Muoch Tang for his hard work in reaching out to all the US states, enlightening the South Sudanese community about the genesis of the problem and the way forward. South Sudan Television has not been educating the public about what had happened, instead spreading lies trying to convince the world to believe there was a coup happened. Now that the world has learned it was a fabricated coup, he is educating his like-minded folks that he is still a legitimate president after massacring thousands of his own civilians in the country. We say “NO.”

Thanks you all for reading the declaration of the people of Sioux Falls, South Dakota’s SPLM Chapter.



Signed by:

  1. Cde..Achor Achor Dhel
  2. Cde. Luak Chuol.
  3. Cde. Nyatilingokic
  4. Cde. Jenin Gatnoor.

And many more national and international media outlets

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