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SPLM/A (Io) youth league Condemned the disappearances of their activists.

press release

South Sudanese in Cairo, Egypt, commemorate the genocide carried out in Juba(Photo: Sirir)
South Sudanese in Cairo, Egypt, commemorate the genocide carried out in Juba(Photo: Sirir)

Jan 29, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– The SPLM-IO Youth League would like to categorically condemn in the strongest possible terms the kidnapping, arbitrary arrest and possible deportation of our two comrades namely; Dong Luak who is a Human Rights Activist and renowned Lawyer and Hon. Aggrey Idri; a trained economist and a political activist.

It is noted with great concern that the government of Kenya is interfering in the internal affairs of South Sudan and more importantly implementing the dirty agenda of the the rotten fascist regime in Juba to eliminate their critics and political opponents through the agency of financial kickbacks.

Three months from now, the Kenyan Security, known for corrupt practices, with the help of unscrupulous Kenyan MPs arrested and deported James Gatdet, Dr Riek Machar’s mouthpiece who is now languishing and being held incommunicado in the south Sudan security building at Jebel.

We would like again to vocally make it crsytal clear that if the government of Kenya makes the same mistake by deporting these comrades and handing them over to the regime in Juba, yet they are aware of humanitarian law against humanity. history will not forgive them.

The other observation is that Taban,Kiir’s puppet FVP is the sponsor behind the harassment of SPLM-IO political activists living in Nairobi. This is a despicable act and must not be left to continue like that. We call upon the government of Kenya to remember the political ties which stood the test of time and to keep away from the internal conflict of South Sudanese alone.

Kenya has had a bad record on deporting political opponents to their enemies to be executed and a legion of examples speak volumes. At last, we call upon the Amnesty International, Human rights Watch and other humanitarian organisations to convince the Kenyan government to immediately release our comrades without conditions.


Signed by;

Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Ruot – Chairman of National Executive committee for Information and Communication SPLM-IO Youth League

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