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SPLM Representative To The United Nations Strongly Condemns the Kidnapping and Disappearance of Exiled Opposition Officials in Kenya

By Ukuni Michael Paulino,

SPLM Representative UN-New York

Simon Deng, a human rights activist, and other activists at the UN headquarters in New York on March 24th, 2016(Photo: file)
Simon Deng, a human rights activist, and other activists at the UN headquarters in New York on March 24th, 2016(Photo: file)

January 27, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– The Office of the SPLM Representative to the UN strongly condemns the kidnapping and disappearance of the members of the SPLM (IO) in Nairobi-Kenya allegedly carried out by the South Sudan criminal regime supported by elements from the Kenyan security.

I appeal to the UN Secretary General, H.E. António Guterres, to take action to stop the bully of the South Sudan criminal regime.

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Early Tuesday morning, January 24th, we received disturbing reports of the disappearances of Dong Samuel Luak, a lawyer and South Sudanese human rights activist and former Deputy Chairman for Justice and Human Rights, and Aggrey Idri Ezibon, Chairman of the Committee for Humanitarian Affairs.

According to reliable information, the two are detained in undisclosed location by the security in Nairobi. These actions followed a similar act of the kidnapping of James Gadet Dak, SPLM-IO Chairman’s Spokesperson, on November 2nd 2016, and his immediate deportation to South Sudan.

We are concerned that the lives of these two gentlemen are in danger and we are appealing to your office to take immediate action to save their lives. We have made similar calls to H.E. Ban ki-Moon, former UN Secretary General, with regards to the kidnapping of James Gadet Dak and we are disappointed that nothing was done to grant his freedom and now the same is happening and we hope your esteem office with take action for the sake of humanity.

Your Excellency, these kidnappings appear to be yet another conspiracy by the criminal regime in Juba against members of the SPLM (IO). These are serious violations of human rights and must be condemned in the strongest possible terms and the regime must be held accountable.

These gentlemen are being held just because they are members of SPLM (IO), of their beliefs in freedom of speech and association, their calls for political reforms, and their advocacy for equal rights for all.

This is a clear behavior of the authoritarian regime in South Sudan that SPLM (IO) has called for its reforms. The regime does not allow freedom of speech and association and has shown that it can cross borders and harass its citizens within and outside the country, like Kenya, and those countries watch without much actions.

We are concerned that if these behaviors are not addressed and put to stop, there will be more kidnappings of members of SPLM (IO) living in Kenya, thus making the country even unsafe for their families. Kenya and the international community are keeping quiet and promoting a regime that is violating basic human rights and this silence has put the lives of South Sudanese in danger because the regime does not respect the African Union Charter and basic international charters and conventions.

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