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South Sudan Naath Community In Ethiopia Rejects IGAD Power Sharing Proposal!

Naath Community Objects Rewarding Dictatorship Through Power Sharing.

Updated at 1:20Am, 16th Nov, 2014(Pacific Time)

Leaders of South Sudan's warring factions greet at the signing of a roadmap agreement in Ethiopia in May 2014(Photo: file)
Leaders of South Sudan’s warring factions greet at the signing of a roadmap agreement in Ethiopia in May 2014(Photo: file)

Nov 14, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan Nuer Community in Ethiopia denounces the recently proposed power sharing arrangement between president Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the former Vice President.

“We, the South Sudanese Nuer communities in Ethiopia are dismayed by the IGAD’s recent power sharing proposal for South Sudan.” Mr. Koat Gatkuoth, the president of Nuer Youth Union, said.

“We strongly rejected that power sharing proposal and we call on IGAD to revisit its proposal.” The Union condemns.

The Nuer Youth Union reminds IGAD, TRIOKA and the International community that the Nuer ethnic group did not choose to live in “poorly facilitated and congested” camps or flee their own country out of their will.

The union concludes that this power sharing arrangement does not address what massacred thousands innocent Nuer people, who were collected door-to-door and killed between December 16th – 19th within the capital city, Juba.

The Nuer community acknowledged that the Nuer people who are confined to UNMISS camps have lost everything; their property, houses and other basic needs but the president, who should care, show no sympathy at all.

“Instead Salva Kiir is laughing at the suffering of Nuer IDPs and accusing the 86% women and children of hiding guns and refusing to leave the camps. Where does he wants them to go when their houses are destroyed or occupied by his Dinka Bhar el Ghazal.” reads the statement.

“Since the creation of Nuer, our children and women never sleep in dirty water. This is not a choice any human being can make. IGAD must address theroot causes, and bring Salva Kiir to account. Make no mistake, we are ready to die fighting for our rights” The community strongly emphasized.

The Nuer Ethnic group believes that they have trusted the president, enough, until he voluntarily organized a “fake coup, accompanied by massacres, to terminate their population in the country”.

“We wonder why IGAD should tend to reward a murderer who has committed gross human rights violations and crime against humanity in the country. Kiir should not be rewarded for having committed massacre against the Nuer ethnic group.” The Union reiterates.

According to the Nuer community report, “the power sharing proposal is a conspiracy against the innocent Nuer civilians who were massacred in Juba by Kiir’s private militia, and to the many other Nuer civilians who are now living in horrible conditions in various UNMISS camps in the South Sudan”

The South Sudanese Nuer in Ethiopia believes that Salva Kiir was directly involved in recruiting a tribal militia that committed the Juba massacres and therefore he must be held accountable.

“To the awareness of IGAD and the international communities, Kiir has ordered the massacres of more than 20,000 innocents Nuer civilians in Juba through his private militia that he recruited with the motive to commit genocide.” the statement reads.

“The conflict that engulfed the country since December 15, 2013 is being caused by him and he should be held responsible for it”the community said

The community urges IGAD not to impose power sharing deal as a solution without addressing the root causes of the conflict.

The Union demands that an independent tribunal must be set up to bring all those who are implicated in the conflict to account.

“IGAD should not rush into power sharing by ignoring the root cause of the conflict and the justice system. Rushing into power sharing is the waste of resources on none essential issues yet ignoring vital ingredients for peace, namely, “addressing’ the roots cause of the conflict and the ‘justice”.”

The community reaffirms that the problem of South Sudan is not about power sharing, and for a lasting peace to return to the country, IGAD must not impose any power sharing before addressing the conflict.

The Naath Ethnic group urges the regional bloc to pursue Salva Kiir to step down if any peace is to be realized in the country.

“We would like to make it clear that if IGAD power sharing proposal is intended to bring peace, Kiir should step-down. Hence, we will accept peace that addresses the root cause of the conflict and justice.”The Union statement reads.

“We take this opportunity to reiterate that we remain committed to peace in South Sudan; provided that Salva Kiir must resign. As such, we are hereby calling on all peace loving South Sudanese youths to join us in the call for a lasting peace.” the report concludes.

You can reach the president of Nuer Youth Union, Mr. Koat Gatkuoth Thoat, at koat_gatkuoth@yahoo.com


To: H.E Hailemariam Dessalegn, Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the Chairperson of the IGAD Assembly

Amb. Seyoum Mesfin, IGAD, Chief Mediator for South Sudan

Mr. Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of United Nations

Dr. Dlamini Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, Chairperson of the African Union Commission

Mr. Donald Booth, US Especial Envoy for South Sudan and Sudan

Members of Troika

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