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SPLM-IO Youth League(USA) unite behind the leadership of Cde. Matthew Dobuol Ruon, Chairman of the SPLM/SPLA-YL(USA).

SPLM Youth League 2015-09-17 at 9.05.27 PM

Sept 17, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — On Wednesday evening 5 p.m. Central time, the SPLM-IO Youth League, under the leadership of Dr. Riek Teny, held a joint meeting for the first time and reached a resolution to unite under one leadership. Due to minor political differences and some misunderstanding, the SPLM-IO Youth League has maintained two caucuses. The two sides remained apart until they elected a new leader, Cde. Matthew Dobuol Ruon.

Comrade Matthew was democratically elected on 23 May 2015 to represent to SPLM Youth in the United to States. Ruon is a cadet of Bilpham II; upon his return to the states from Pagak military school, he has been at the centre of SPLM politics and has been working hard to unite the SPLM party. After extensive outreach between the Leadership of the two caucuses, the SPLM Youths finally decided to put their difference aside and agreed to unite under the leadership of Cde. Matthew Dobuol Ruon. This is an act of extraordinary leadership and a good indication of the leaders our country will have tomorrow, and that the Youths are ready to lead themselves.

This is a start of something special; a new type of leadership that comprehends the importance of compromise and unity and put personal interest second The youths took the initiative to settle their differences for sake of unity because Unity is strength. We hope to show South Sudanese leaders and communities that the youths are ready to solve their own problem and shape a better future for our people. This move will strengthen the SPLM Youth League in the United States and the party as a whole because youths are the majority and backbone of the party.

Lastly, the SPLM Youth League invites all South Sudanese youths from all its diversity. We would like to remind our senior leadership in the country to invest in the youth, who have been at the center of all our liberation struggles. We would like to remind our leaders that a country does not invest in its youth is doomed to fail. The time is now to build our country and it starts with putting our youths to school and better health services for the newborn and promoting women education.

Long live South Sudan!

Long live SPLM-IO!

Long Live the Youth!

Signed by: SPLM-IO Youth League Active Members(no particular order)

Matthew Dobuol Ruon

David Mai Tang

Boutrous Silla

Gatluak Geng

Khot Hoth

Bikhan Doyak

Muslim Gore

Nyajuok Gathoth Riek

Nyabang Diew Tut

Chan Koryom

Gatluak Tut Wie

Francis Tonshi

Luak Deng Chuol

Khan Nyuon Kawang

Kang Gatkuoth

Samuel Aro

Alex Lekoka

Nyak Tut

Albino Matal

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