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SPLM- (IO) Australia Welcomes the Ratification of Peace Agreement

By Gatdet Lual Gach

Members of SPLM-IO Australian (Victoria) chapter in a meeting to welcome the ratification of peace agreement(Photo: file)
Members of SPLM-IO Australian (Victoria) chapter in a meeting to welcome the ratification of peace agreement(Photo: file)

Sept 20, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — SPLM/A under the leadership of the Chairman and Commander in Chief Dr Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon signed and adopted the IGAD-Plus Compromise Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan. By virtue, SPLM- In Opposition (IO) Chapter Victoria on Saturday 19 September convened an Extraordinary General Assembly to launch the peace education for all South Sudanese, members and supporters of the Movement residing in Victoria.

The Chapter and the other diaspora organs aims to disseminate information about the agreement and importantly why this is the best chance yet in search for a lasting peace and speedy end to the two-year old civil war.

The Victorian Chapter congratulates Dr Riek Machar for having engineered and steered the negotiations on the major governance and institutional reforms needed in the country. This has only been possibly by the leadership staying true to the values and aspiration of the people of South Sudan who have shown great resilience and courage in a war ravaged society. The vision and mission of the SPLMA-(IO) is the only hope for the people of South Sudan for peace to return and people start rebuilding their lives.

South Sudanese in Australia welcomes the ratification of the Agreement by the SPLM Liberation Council, paving the way for full implementation and mass community education campaign to give peace a chance.

The first education campaign meeting for all South Sudanese in Victoria including members and supporters of the Movement was addressed by the Country Acting-Representative comrade Magai Akochdit who urged the gathering to stand behind the signed agreement and its main reforming principles. It is acknowledged the agreement is far from what the SPLM/A have been demanding but essentially a compromise that grant for key provisions necessary to initiate major governance and institutional reform needed in country.

Cde Magai analysed the governance arrangements including the formation of the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU). “The provisions such as that of the number of ministers in the cabinet and quorum required to pass government business means none of the parties in the government will be able to impose their own will and pass anything through the cabinet without the support of the other parties to the agreement. It basically means the parties will have to cooperate and seek each other’s support to have any program passed”, said Akochdit. This should be and we hope it will be the prevailing spirit. This will foster a spirit of consultation and cooperation as it means any program that is passed must have the support of at least the two major parties. It may also present challenges as in the absence of cooperation can hinder the implementation of the prescribed reforms.

Also presenting was Tito Tut Pal, the Chairman of the Victorian Chapter who analysed the major security reforms and the monitoring and evaluation mechanisms. In particular the role of Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) will be instrumental in making sure the parties to the agreement adhere to the key and prescribed provisions as failure to do may result in the matters being referred to regional and/or international partners including the UN Security Council to seek corrective measures.

Amongst the audience were leaders and representatives of the major community organisations that work hand in hand with the Chapter including the Federation for South Sudanese Associations in Victoria, the Nuer Community in Victoria, Chollo Community of Australia, the Jieng Community of Victoria and Equatorian Community of Australia.

The chapter, working with the Country Coordination Office, will continue to engage the communities to work together foster a spirit necessary to embrace reforms that the country need as it take steps to emerge from a brutal civil war.

Signed by:

Gatdet Lual Gach,

Secretary for Information

SPLM – (IO) Chapter Victoria

Email: Gatdet2012@yahoo.com

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Lojuron September 20, 2015 at 9:08 pm

No any peace unless safety is been in place around Juba

Tolio September 22, 2015 at 7:27 am

It is difficult to guarantee safety not only in Juba but also Nationwide.

Demilitarization of Juba cannot eliminate armed civillian robbers and LRA intruders from continuous bloodbath.

Best solution is to arm every member of each household nationwide and teach them some military survival skills. This is to ensure no one messes with anyone without “Kappaaw and Kaboom”.

Attempts to disarm civilians across the country have failed because these civillians worship AK-47s,machine guns and RPGs as well as refusing to cooperate with authorities carrying out disbarments.

The country might as well be better off giving everyone these guns which they seem to like the best.


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