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SPLA-IO Captured These Weapons In TunJa, Fashoda State, Upper Nile

By Bol Khan Rom,

Heavy weapons captured by SPLA-IO from Salva Kiir's troops in Tunja(Photo: supplied)
Heavy weapons captured by SPLA-IO from Salva Kiir’s troops in Tunja(Photo: supplied)

June 17, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— Division Seven (7) and Agwellek special division Commanders plus civil government authorities in Phow and Fashoda States have declared a final full scale war against Salva Kiir’s Juba genocidal regime. Phow and Fashoda States’ respective divisions Commanders and their civil authorities are all under and actively loyal to Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurghon, the Chairman and C-in-C of South Sudan Armed Opposition (SPLM/A-IO). The above sample pictorials are the images of BM 40, Urol, APC- Tank, which are some of the heavy military weapons/hardware recently captured by SPLA-IO forces in Tunga from Government forces after the later badly incurred extreme loses both human and materials loses. The numbers of military weapons captured in Tunga on 4th of May 2017 by SPLA-IO forces were then shortly released to the media by SPLA-IO Official Spokesperson Brig. Gen. William Gatjiath Deng.

Heavy weapons captured by SPLA-IO from Salva Kiir's troops in Tunja(Photo: supplied)
Heavy weapons captured by SPLA-IO

And these included:
(1) One (1) Tanks, T-(55) and One (1) Wolit,
(2) Three (3) military Land Cruisers (2) mounted with 12.7 and (1) mounted with 14.5,
(3) One (1) Worrol mounted with 14 (4) Barrels,
(4) two (2) 120 mm,
(5) One (1) D.30,
(6) One (1) BM-40 Barrels,
(7) Ninety one (91) PKM
(8) Two hundred and fifty five (255) AKM-47.  

Speaking to the media outlets notice, Maj. Gen. Samuel Jock Kuach Toch, Division Seven (7) Operation Commander said the SPLA-IO forces were enforced to overreacted against Juba genocidal forces’ continuous offensive attacks on the SPLA-IO defensive positions.

He said the SPLA-IO under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar has been reserving its strengths with an idea that peace approach should have been the only way out of this devastating civil war in South Sudan.

All are now in vain; Salva Kiir does not really want to stop this targeting war on the civil population in South Sudan.

“The genocidal Juba regime forces all this times have been every now and then attacking our defensive positions in Bieh State, Fashoda, Imotong, Wau, Adar, Phow and other States under our control but we never react” He said.

“We never reacted deep into their controlled territories not because we don’t know how to fight and get in to them there but it has been because we thought that Salva Kiir and his militias would one day change their minds and start working for peace. But now it has visibly appears that Kiir will never go for peaceful solution in South Sudan.” He continued.

“Therefore, Phow State’s Division Seven (7), Agwelek special division have now decided to wage a final full scale war against the ruling elites in Juba. What had happened in Tunga on May the 4th 2017 was just a beginning to the end of this final full scale war against him, Salva Kiir and his militias”, Gen Kuach concluded.

Heavy weapons captured by SPLA-IO from Salva Kiir's troops in Tunja(Photo: supplied)
Heavy weapons captured by SPLA-IO from Salva Kiir’s troops in Tunja(Photo: supplied)

In hierarchy order, Division seven (7) is under overall command of Gen. Simon Diang Douth, however, the recent Tunga battle was led by Maj. Gen. Samuel Jok Kuach Toch, Division Operational Commander. And the direct field command of Division Seven (7) forces in Tonga was under Brig. Gen. Gador Luony.

Whilst Agwelek special division under the command of its Maj. Gen. Sebit Danial Nyamujuok. As part of conventional or principled war, Phow State authorities have also announced that there are dozens of war captives who were captured in Tunga battle, now in the State’s custody.

The state government will keep them safe as Prisoners of War (POWS) as the final war, against the tribal dictator, intensifies and continues. Hon. Turuk Ruot Ngumdu, Phow State’s Secretary of Finance and Acting Deputy Governor supervising the Northern counties of the state said Tunga recent past battle signifies a total defeat of Juba’s rogue regime for once and for all.

“We know very well that Salva Kiir/Taban Deng’s forces aim when they came to Tonga was to destroy the town and then proceed to Phow State to do the same. But now, the SPLA-IO in Phow State has declared a final full scale war against him and very soon the state shall be “A Free Zone” of Salva Kiir militias’ malicious activities, particularly in its southern part.” Hon. Turuk said.

“We will cut them out as soon as possible from there so that our civil population remains safe forever in their homes. The SPLA-IO Division Seven (7), the state government and the people have unquestionable capacities to defend the state’s territories, it’s started in Tonga and we are going beyond. The South Sudan Armed Opposition under Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurghon plus its allies in general countrywide and Phow State in particular is more than ready now to bring to an end Salva Kiir’s nasty crimes and crimes against humanity in South Sudan” He continued.

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