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Special Report on Conspiracy Funded By Gen. Akol Koor Kuc,  Hon. Mayiik Ayii Deng, Hon. Abur Chol Chol and Dr Majak DeAgoot Atem 


H.E Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit,

President, Chairman of SPLM,

Commander-In-Chief of the Regular  Armed Forces of the Republic of South Sudan.

Through Hon. James Deng Wal, Executive Director in the office of President, Republic of South Sudan.

By: Republic of South Sudan Nationl Security Service Internal Security Bureau (ISB)

Republic of South Sudan Nationl Security Service Internal Security Bureau (ISB)

March 17, 2021(Nyamilepedia) — To little bit backdate ourselves in recapping your memory, last year in October  and on 30th November 2020, there were two substantial reports written to  your administration for further action and solutions on the ongoing  conspiracy sponsored by Gen. Akol Koor and former Minister in the office of  the president, Mayiik Ayii Deng, Dr. Majak Agoot and their groups members whose doubled theirs involvement against Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial, the current  minister in the office of presidential affairs, as well as other hardcore  members of the SPLM political bureau. The groups decided to involve Gen.  Taban Deng Gai, the Vice President, Hon. Obute Mamur Mete, the minister of  National Security, Hon. Awut Deng Achuil, the minister of General Education  and Instruction, Hon. Salva Mathok Gengdit, Gen. Gregory Vasilis and MD  Bol Ring to mislead the public and your administration that the conspiracy is  not meant to destroy Hon. Nhial Deng alone. Frankly, that is the main reason  why the group intentionally included some hardcore members of the SPLM  political bureau. 

Their propaganda-based war is mainly carried out in the media outlets and  some secret gatherings places in Juba. From its beginning, there was a loose  organization formed after the appointment of Hon. Bona Panek Biar, named  Tonj Short Break Within (TSBW) and many other sites, blogs and WhatsApp  groups they have been using for advancing their war against Hon. Nhial Deng  and other dignitaries whom they purposely included to hide their main bias.  But TSBW and other 19 unknown Facebook blogs were traced, identified in 

which Gen. Akol Koor Kuc, Mayiik Ayii Deng, Kuol Fidel Majok and many  other people were found involved and after that, the discoveries were exposed  to the public and your excellence office is aware of that document submitted  to your office at the end of 2020. 

After they were identified clearly, but recently their groups’ members came up  with new means of advancing their war by creating extra unknown Facebook  pages/accounts namely; 

  1. Justice of South Sudan – Facebook page has 766 followers 
  2. 10 States Daily Reports – Facebook page having 3,256 followers 
  3. 64 Tribes of South Sudan News – Facebook page has 1,127 followers
  4. South Sudan voice of justice – Facebook page 822 followers
  5. Instant News – Facebook page has 2,347 followers 
  6. Juba sun News – Facebook page has 722 followers 
  7. Macham Lang Nhialic – Facebook account having 2,916 followers
  8. Maruop Anei – Facebook account having 798 followers  
  9. Deng Choldit – Facebook account having 3,903 followers 

Here are some names of authors and researchers that are processing nonstop  propaganda-based conspiracy published on the aforementioned Facebook  pages and accounts; 

1) The ISB’s director of Cyber Security Unit Captain Akol Akol Koor Kuc,  Captain Muorwel Manin the Private Secretary of DG Akol Koor and  William Deng Chirillo Chol better known as DC are general coordinators  facilitating writing, reviewing and posting articles on Facebook pages number 1, 2, 3, 5 and number 8 mentioned above. 

2) Maj. Emmanuel Monychol Akop, Garang John Deng, Wek Chol Dior and  Wek Maluil Wek are among researchers, analysts, editors and writers in  Facebook number 2, 3, 5 and Nyamilepedia with several other pages and  WhatsApp groups run by different people of common interests.  

3) Wilfred Akol Ayuel is a researcher and a columnist to Facebook number  3, 4 and his own personal Facebook account Wilfred Akol. 

4) Maruop Anei is among relatives of Gen. Akol Koor in his close  protection, who is a threat expert. 

The abovementioned researchers, authors and editors are working very hard  day and night to destroy Hon. Nhial Deng and other dignitaries to ensure their  groups gain an advantage. Yes, the groups in any way can succeed to remove

Hon. Nhial and other officials as pee their plans but still that can not be  harmful to officials that might get removed but it will impose great dangers on  your great administration and the ruling party Almighty SPLM and the nation. 

Gen. Akol Koor Kuc, Dr. Majak De’Agoot, Hon. Abur Chol Chol, Lt. Col Kuol  Fidel Majok and Hon. Mayik Ayii Deng are the ones providing financial  support facilitating the conspiracies carried out on Hon. Nhial Deng and some  key members of the SPLM political bureau. 

In an actual sense, these guys (groups) have lost their minds. They completely  forgot about the harms that can be done by advertising such as economic  harms, political harms, and cultural harms, moral and religious harms to the  state leave alone your faithful administration in the eyes of the International  Community. They lost some basic ethics and moral principles to the shameful  level of their failing to adhere to the inevitable last holy accountability after  death: Judgment Day in which lottery ticket rest upon Hell or Paradise. No  doubt every one of us will soon or later die, the time or place of our death are  not known yet we are not prepared enough to correct ourselves as well as a lot  of things before we die, because after death, there is no more time for  repentance. So instead of these guys (groups) to put their things right now,  they are daily destroying properties and people who are trying their best to  put things in the right order before they leave the World. 

In conclusion, loses of properties and the lives of people can be saved if your  Excellency office can intervene in this endless conspiracy and order Gen. Akol  Koor and Mayiik Ayii with their group’s members to stop this kind of  dangerous politics around you and take the right side of politics and other  businesses which can beneficial to them, you and community at large. 

This has been observed and reported by the members of the National Security  Service – Internal Security Bureau (ISB) from 3 Departments. This document  won’t be signed due to risks if our signatures get identified by our dishonest  boss DG Akol Koor. We also asked Generals Lual Wek, Christo Thon and  Manyang Manhom to talk to DG Akol Koor and his loyalists who involved to  this conspiracy but it seems DG Akol Koor ignored advice from his colleagues. 

NB: We have repeatedly advised DG Akol Koor and some of his trusted senior  members of ISB on how this conspiracy can be resolved before it causes  another national crisis but DG Akol Koor ignored us. So we were left with  nothing than to forward our reports to the office of His Excellency President  Salva Kiir Mayardit for final decision and lasting solution. This is how the  minor cases of former CDF Gen. Paul Malong, late Kerubino Wol, Peter Biar  and other issues became national problems yet we gave our genuine ideas and recommendations for consideration but DG Akol Koor and his trusted friends  ignored our professional work and took wrong approach as seen in results. 


For your reference, find the below are relevant attachments (screenshots)  taken from all the Facebook pages and accounts including a one article from  one of the people who knows the nature of business of these groups; 

  1. Attachments of articles from Justice of South Sudan – Facebook page:
  2. Attachments of articles and comments from South Sudan voice of justice Facebook page
  3. Attachments of articles from 10 States Daily Reports Facebook Page
  4. Attachments of articles from Macham Laang Nhialic’s Facebook Account
  5. Attachments of articles from Juba sun news Facebook Account
  6. Attachments of articles from Instant News Facebook Account
  7. Attachments of articles from Deng Choldit’s Facebook Account
  8. Attachments of articles from Deng Choldit’s Facebook Account
  9. Attachments of articles from one of the people who are against the activities of  this group called Tonj Short Break Within (TSBW)

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