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Press release: Save the Nilepet in the hands of the most corrupt Managing Director the world has ever seen.

By Tong Deng Ariath,

South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum,

Bol Ring Murwel, Nile Petroleum Corporation(Photo credit: file)
Bol Ring Murwel, Nile Petroleum Corporation(Photo credit: file)

March 17, 2021(Nyamilepedia) —Dear general public, be informed about your public institution, Nilepet under M.D Bol Ring Muorwel is on its highest corruption scandal committed in the course of last month before his departure to Dubai and now. 

The South Sudan Anti-corruption Forum (SSACF) dedicated its life  to educate masses on how public offices are being run by office holders. It is also our request to you who is reading this article to speak up against corruption and corrupt official as common fight against common enemy

Dear public,

  1. On 17th Feb. 2021, Managing Director Bol Ring conducted a meeting with his closest home area fellows after hearing news that he would be fired before April 2021. In the meeting they agreed  that;

There should be more employment to twic Mayardit people since Eng. Bol Ring is soon exiting the company which was immediately implemented last weeks after He left for Dubai. He arranged the list of 36 people to be employed and ordered human resource managers to call them to sign their permanent contracts which was perfectly done.

  1. The Managing Director swindled 3.7 million USD more in pretext of purchasing corporation cars and computers and used this money to build luxurious apartments in Thongpiny residential area. In case someone would not agree, come and ask one of the marginalized staff of Nilpet Company to take you to where this apartment is, that will be the day you will run mad looking at your current status and the recent status Bol Ring Muorwel equated his life into.
  2. Bol Ring the Managing Director  has opened up 3 shops of gas and gas cylinders in juba diverting some gas from Nilepet corporation to his shops. This  open corruption at public institution should not be tolerated
  3. The Managing Director has signed a contract with one Somalian company for money transfer to be investing the staff salary of Nilepet for two weeks before paying it. That’s why the staff did not get the salary for last month until now.
  4. MD Bol Ring Muorwel is aware to be on his last days as boss of Nilepet and because of that, he swept 35 million USD from the treasury of corporation as you all know from our previous article. This is do or die game of corruption. 
  5. Managing Director of Nilpet Company Eng Bol Ring Muorwel introduced a system that staff would be seeing him in the office only when one has a testing certificate of Coronavirus Free. This has been used as an advantage to him so that other staff not related to him would not be seeing him but being only visited on a frequent basis by his relatives working in the Nilpet Company.
  6. He (Eng. Bol), recently accused his private secretary over how the accurate news of his office and house go out to the public. It was a serious disagreement and quarrel that left his private secretary being sacked from his official duties and position but replaced by Osman Bol who vowed to the Nilpet Company Managing Director of protecting Eng.’s interest.
  7. Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel is on high speed of increasing corruption after having officially received the bad news from the office of the president that he would not spend more months again as his corruption case has been properly registered in presidency. He moved and recruited 27 members from Wun-rok Payam of Twic County, Warrap State. They were the known fishermen around Lol river of Twic County and they are from his clan Padhieu.

Dear Excellency,

Destroying a nation does expect someone to storm the nation with guns but with the highest corruption, that amounts to bring the status and the image of the country down as the country’s economy cripples when million and billions of dollars and South Sudanese pounds are being pocketed by the individuals powerful generals and other lines of blood related manipulation and exploitation of humans.

We are telling you that Bol is corrupting the public resources and you are keeping quiet, how would you wish your people to speak to you? Not everyone that has access to your office but the public or masses can still find you through the media.

Just take Bol Ring Muorwel out and appoint other competent Engineers as there are many in the country. Bol has made enough corruption that can’t be tolerated at all. We informed you of what the public is not happy with and we expect your cooperation. 

                    Best Regards,


Tong Deng Ariath 

President, Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum, Juba-Headquarters.

Email: ssacf2021@gmail.com

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