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South Sudan’s Salva Kiir Vowed Not To Reverse The Creation of 28 Tribal States!

Salva Kiir, the incumbent president of South Sudan and commander in chief of SPLA-Juba faction (Photo: file)
Salva Kiir, the incumbent president of South Sudan and commander in chief of SPLA-Juba faction (Photo: file)
Jan 19, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- Responding to Armed Opposition leader’s statement of not going to Juba unless Salva Kiir revoke the creation of 28 states and evacuate all the security inside Juba to outside the city as per the agreement. Salva Kiir Mayardit on Sunday vowed never to reverse the decree that created 28 states referring to such a demand as a “wishful thinking” or rather “an Imaginery joke aiming to undermine the demand of the people of south Sudan.”
The president’s latest remarks put the hope of peace implementation process into a big dillemma. According to many government supporters, any discussion shouldn’t touch the calls to reverse 28 states since it is a “redline”.
A reliable source speaking to Nyamilepedia Correspondent claimed the president already drawn-out a plan to deal with those thinking to provoke his spirit of peace and those undermining the effort to take government closer to the people.
“The president made it very clear when visited by section of Jieng Council of Elders that he will never revoke the decree by any chance despite forces threatening to push him change his mind.”
According to the source,
“Mr. President is convinced by his decision to preserve such an act as part of his legacy. So, giving up to this popular demand is like he is rewarding the enemies and sacrificing his legacy for the people he defeated.”
South Sudan crisis killed tenths of thousands, displaced more than 1million to the neighboring countries while more than 200, 000 civilians under the protection of the UNMISS inside the country. Recently, the humanitarian agencies put more than 4 millions to risk if facing food insecurity.
The peace signed in August by the warrying factions is currently facing obstacles. The creation of the 28 states by the President is one focus in point.
Elbow Chuol is a Nyamilepedia Correspondent. He can be reached for more comments at elbow.chuol@gmail.com

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Editorial Team


Tolio January 19, 2016 at 2:25 pm

28 states in side South Sudan need not be problem. Abyei, Heglig and other areas are still awaiting problems to get from Khartoum. No demarcation of borders between Uganda,Kenya and Ethiopia. A lot of work is being impeded here. Dr Machar and his team should come to Juba for vice presidency and their given ministerial positions. Constitutional amendments should be done as one government of national unity in face to face setting.

Daniel Amum January 19, 2016 at 10:52 pm

It seems that most of the Southerners never see the implication of creation of 28 states. First, it is unconstitutional, second, it is against the spirit of Peace Agreement signed by President Kiir himself. Third, it will wider tribal gap which was created by imposed war. Fourth, the people who argued in favor of creation are not honest with themselves, how did they came to term it as popular demand by citizens, when they didn’t made referendum to ask public opinions in order to justify their claims.
The one which wasproposed by Opposition was rejected by the same Government for sake of peace and it was suspended to be discussed during Unity Transitional Government. In fact the first people who rejected that proposal was the President Kiir himself, now how come it becomes popular when it was initiated by him. His warmongers supporters were against the proposal, and even they prevented the discussion of matter publicly in Juba, and they were threatening those who support the creation of Federal system in South Sudan with death.
Southerners, you better stand up for your right for President Kiir and JCE are interested to institute Jieng dynasty in South Sudan. In case southerners failed to see the hidden agenda, then after you allowed this evil creation to go unchallenged. Take it from me that Jieng language will be introduced as national language in South Sudan. Look critically the community that support the creation of 28 states is Jieng, why?
Honestly, the communities that support Jieng agenda will be used to fight the war against the communities that rejected the creation of 28 states as enemies of the state. In first place they are not enemies of the state but enemy of Jieng destructive project. When you finished killing yourselves with others communities that denounced the creation, then the master will eliminate all of you. These are facts, some southerners are still ignorant about Jieng project. Open you eyes and observe for yourself.

chidong diu January 20, 2016 at 11:31 am

south Sudan has now been turned in to center of corruption by kiir and the so called jieng council of elders.
This issue of the creation of the 28 states in the country cannot be determined as a progress or an improvement of development. But a corruption and a violation of peace. kiir is just being led astray by the so called jieng elders to impose on the people what is not public demand. But their own interests. kiir has been leading the country around the hospital and now it is already in the hospital and is about to be put in grave.

Well. let it di. Dr. Machar is on the way coming to resurrect it from the death. The man of justices. approachable, gentle in heart and mind. the man of no discrimination, oppression, demotion and humiliation. he is the center of peace, institute and democracy. H e will always innovate several fantastic ideas for the development of the republic of south Sudan. kiir has already failed and has lost his legitimacy in the same way. So let him act according to the interests of the jieng elders and he must know that the time is very very very very limited.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ January 20, 2016 at 1:26 pm

Daniel Amum,

you have said everything needed. We are on stand by, no body is going to accept the 28 tribal states. People like tolio thought every body is foolish. To be honest, we must work for peace according to the peace agreement which was signed according to the 10 states not the 28 states. And if this peace agreement fail, so let us all see how we burn down this country. Enough is enough.

tolio, if you know that abeyei is an waiting problem, how do you fail to see that dividing South Sudan into tribal states is a big problem which will not give us chance to solve the abeyei problems? If the dinka want Heglig and abeyei, then the dinka themselves must keep the country United without corruption, massacre, land grabbing, rapping. This 25 000 innocent Citizens killed in Juba could make a good force to liberate Abeyei. But you poor tolio can not see beyond than the good meal you get in Juba. You thought abeyei is already in juba. Not yet please, you must go to liberate abeyei and hegligh not just saying their names while you have already escaped, you idiot and stupid cow.

Khot Malieth January 21, 2016 at 12:57 am

I think most of Dinka people will take the full responsibility of their actions and support of looming danger(genocides) that will engulf the South Sudan , especially the Dinka land because this time not only the Nuer will go for the revenges but Shilluks and the tribes of Great Equatoria will take part in the carnages as well; this is because God makes them blind and unreasonable and arrogant for their unavoidable punishment that God place on them


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