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South Sudanese are not SPLM Party: ‘’Arush deal must not be use as a mean to exploit the vulnerability of 15 December 2013 victims’’

Gariay Yual,


South Sudan warring factions sign a reunification agreement to reunite the warring factions of the ruling party, SPLM(Photo: supplied)
South Sudan warring factions sign a reunification agreement to reunite the warring factions of the ruling party, SPLM(Photo: supplied)

Jan 24, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The yearning in rummage around for peace in south Sudan is not from peacemakers alone and their soon-to-be. Vulnerable persons need peace -real peace. Not individual concentration. Last year 2014, East African Nations emerged, in peace mediation chart- to operate a word ‘’PEACE’’. From the beginning, we look at it as they mean to formulate a young nation back to normal from diminishing tendency. Regrettable Not that!

See? – We South Sudanese-we mean ‘’Peace that bring stability’’. That will re-establish relationship between our communities. That unites the divided one people. Inter-Governmental Authority Development [IGAD], Africa Union {AU} and now Arush deal in Tanzania. Which one among them will bring true peace and Stability, fair dealing and answerability to us? Peace Mediation agencies should use information actions to portray War victims as dignified human beings, not doomed to failure objects or like lose properties.

See? – This conflict instigated in Juba, when Presidential Militias turn against innocent Nuer people.thus, Civil Uprising materialize against architects- the President Salva Kiir himself, on a question of why killing vulnerable citizens? With political reason –nobody know. Atrocities demonstrated against one ethnicity; who are not members of one political party. As a witness to such kind, and as well as you read on Media, Some victims were underages-they can’t even be qualifying for political party membership. Some victims are aged who with more reasoning, had never interested to join political life. Thousands of them are homewives, cultural dancers, artists, traders, students, civil servants, professionals.

It shock countless seeing the Arush agreement come up with the issue of blessing perpetrator and the persons behind. Guilty party of innocents’ souls. The President who staged a coup to his government every times. And telling some individuals -to declare themselves as coup makers?

To make you ware. Fighters at the side of SPLM-IO (In Opposition) are solely nationals. Civilians armed themselves against the regime who massacred civilians. Not because he is a president – not because he is SPLM Chairman – not because he is a Dinka –not because they weren’t vote for him- not because he is from SPLM Party. Not because they are from other political party. Not because they area Nuer ethnics?

It hurted so much! When the one voted in’ as president killed voters – murdered sibling at one, brothers together, Sisters in group. Mutilating lactating mothers, pregnancies and aged without fundamental reasons. It hurt so much seeing Slava Kiir and his government calling every Nuer member a Rebel! Widows, widowers, orphans, disablies, traumatize people of Nuer in UNMISS Protection Sites and other regional Refugee camps. Damn!!

It hurt so much seeing national television aka ‘’SSTV’’ persistently preaching tribalism – uttering hatred between communities in a young nation. A mouth loads of hate speeches! God? Shut it Down-Shut it Down. God!

It is morally wrong and heartless; seeing President mocking at troubled community. Sending bribery committee to the same victims. Poisoning them, Offering low-priced blood money to them in order to obliterate remembrance of deceases- to come back home. He forget that he burn the homes, villages. He destroyed farms. He looted whole cattle and valuable belonging! He doesn’t care on their life to any further extent. Sadly!

Juba government is fighting civilians. White army and other SPLA [including other organized forces] are not members of SPLM Political Party. South Sudanese are not SPLM. Consequently, Arush agreement is increasing spoil and anguish of people of South Sudan. Vigilantly, Arush deal must not be use as a mean to exploit the vulnerability of 15 December 2013, victims. It is at this instant used to further political creeds- not only SPLM membership, also of Salva Kiir? A betrayals’ of deceased?

Generally, reunification of SPLM Party will not stop war in the country. We need a real PEACEMAKER!

Gariay is a South Sudanese living inside the country. Get in touch with him via ggyual@gmail.com

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A'bure January 25, 2015 at 3:21 am

Gariay I am impressed with your points. I agree with you that the killing of South Sudanese (for me they are not Nuer per se but South Sudanese) in Juba in Dec 2013 should not be just confined to one party issue. I need true transparency and accountability for the murder that happened in Juba. Up to now I cannot forget the images of the children, women and civilians who are murdered in cold blood in Mangateen. Till todate I can’t believe my imagination that a President can use his tribes men to massacre in this contemporary world with impunity. South Sudanese must rise up and fight for their freedom, equality and democracy.

bgatwech January 25, 2015 at 7:45 am

Gariay Yual,

Your article is a heartbreaking brother. What you had discussed and mentioned in your article are true to the best of my knowledge. The Nuer who were massacred in Juba discriminately were not all Riek supporters and some of them would have never vote for Riek if election had to take place. What kind of government on the earth kill one day to 1 year old children, what kind of government kill blind, women, pregnant women, disable, and other vulnerable people on basis of their tribal affiliation. How would the families of victim feel when seeing Kiir still being president in the next several years a head.


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